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Discover Life
370 kinds match

Acanaloniidae  [popup]
Acartophthalmidae  [popup]
Achilidae  [popup]
Aclerdidae  [popup]
Acroceridae  [popup]
Small-headed flies
Agromyzidae  [popup]
Leaf-miner flies
Aleyrodidae  [popup]
Alleculidae  [popup]
Comb-clawed beetles
Alydidae  [popup]
Bean bugs...
Ametropodidae  [popup]
Sand minnow mayflies
Amorphoscelidae  [popup]
Amphizoidae  [popup]
Trout-stream beetles
Anajapygidae  [popup]
Anisopodidae  [popup]
Wood gnats
Anobiidae  [popup]
Death-watch beetles...
Anthericidae  [popup]
Anthicidae  [popup]
Antlike flower beetles
Anthocoridae  [popup]
Minute pirate bugs
Anthomyiidae  [popup]
Anthomyzidae  [popup]
Anthribidae  [popup]
Fungus weevils...
Aphalaridae  [popup]
Aphididae  [popup]
Apioceridae  [popup]
Flower-loving flies
Apionidae  [popup]
Aradidae  [popup]
Flat bugs
Archaeognatha  [popup]
Arctopsychidae  [popup]
Asilidae  [popup]
Robber flies
Asteiidae  [popup]
Cryptochelid flies
Asterolecaniidae  [popup]
pit scales
Attelabidae  [popup]
Leaf-rolling beetles...
Aulacigastridae  [popup]
Aulacigastrid flies
Axiidae_homonym  [popup]
Axymyiidae  [popup]
Axymyiidae flies
Baetidae  [popup]
Baetiscidae  [popup]
Armored mayflies
Behningiidae  [popup]
Tuskless burrowing mayflies
Belostomatidae  [popup]
Giant water bugs
Beraeidae  [popup]
Small eastern caddisflies
Berytidae  [popup]
Stilt bugs
Bibionidae  [popup]
March flies...
Blaberidae  [popup]
Giant cockroaches
Blattellidae  [popup]
German cockroaches...
Blattidae  [popup]
Oriental cockroaches...
Blephariceridae  [popup]
Net-winged midges...
Bombyliidae  [popup]
Bee flies
Bostrichidae  [popup]
Branch and twig borers...
Brachycentridae  [popup]
Humpless casemakers
Brathinidae  [popup]
Grass-root beetles
Braulidae  [popup]
Bee lice
Brentidae  [popup]
Straight-snouted beetles...
Bruchidae  [popup]
Seed beetles
Buprestidae  [popup]
Metallic wood-boring beetles
Byrrhidae  [popup]
Pill beetles
Byturidae  [popup]
Fruitworm beetles
Caenidae  [popup]
Small square-gill mayflies
Calliphoridae  [popup]
Blow flies
Camillidae  [popup]
Camillid flies
Campodeidae  [popup]
Canaceidae  [popup]
Beach flies
Cantharidae  [popup]
Soldier beetles
Carabidae  [popup]
Ground beetles
Carnidae  [popup]
Carnid flies
Cebrionidae  [popup]
Cebrionid beetles
Cecidomyiidae  [popup]
Gall midges...
Cephaloidae  [popup]
False longhorn beetles
Cerambycidae  [popup]
Long-horned beetles...
Ceratopogonidae  [popup]
Biting midges...
Cerophytidae  [popup]
Cerophytid beetles
Ceropidae  [popup]
Chaeteessidae  [popup]
Chamaemyiidae  [popup]
Aphid flies
Chaoboridae  [popup]
Phantom midges
Chelisochidae  [popup]
Black earwig
Chelonariidae  [popup]
Chelonariid beetles
Chermidae  [popup]
pine and spruce aphids
Chironomidae  [popup]
Chloropidae  [popup]
Chloropid flies
Chrysomelidae  [popup]
Leaf beetles...
Chyromyidae  [popup]
Cicadellidae  [popup]
Cicadidae  [popup]
Cicindelidae  [popup]
Tiger Beetles
Cimicidae  [popup]
Bed bugs...
Cisidae  [popup]
Minute tree-fungus beetles
Cixiidae  [popup]
Clambidae  [popup]
Fringe-winged beetles
Clavigeridae  [popup]
Ant-loving beetles
Cleridae  [popup]
Checkered beetles...
Clusiidae  [popup]
Clusiid flies
Coccidae  [popup]
Soft scales...
Coccinellidae  [popup]
Ladybird beetles...
Coelopidae  [popup]
Seaweed flies
Colydiidae  [popup]
Cylindrical bark beetles...
Conopidae  [popup]
Thick-headed flies
Coreidae  [popup]
Leaf-footed bugs...
Corixidae  [popup]
Water boatmen
Cryptocercidae  [popup]
Wood roaches...
Cryptochetidae  [popup]
Cryptochetid flies
Cryptophagidae  [popup]
Silken fungus beetles
Ctenophthalmidae  [popup]
Cucujidae  [popup]
Flat bark beetles...
Culicidae  [popup]
Cupedidae  [popup]
Reticulated beetles
Curculionidae  [popup]
Snout beetles...
Curtonotidae  [popup]
Curtonotid flies
Cydnidae  [popup]
Negro bugs...
Cyladidae  [popup]
The sweetpotato weevil
Cypselosomatidae  [popup]
Cypselosomatid flies
Dactylopiidae  [popup]
Cochineal insects
Dascillidae  [popup]
Soft-bodied plant beetles
Dasytidae  [popup]
Soft-winged flower beetles
Delphacidae  [popup]
Derbidae  [popup]
Dermestidae  [popup]
Derodontidae  [popup]
Tooth-necked fungus beetles
Deuterophlebiidae  [popup]
Mountain midges
Diaspididae  [popup]
Armored scales
Diastatidae  [popup]
Diastatid flies
Dictyopharidae  [popup]
Diopsidae  [popup]
Stalk-eyed flies
Diphlebiidae  [popup]
Dipsocoridae  [popup]
Jumping ground bugs
Dixidae  [popup]
Dixid midges
Dolichopodidae  [popup]
Long-legged flies
Drosophilidae  [popup]
Pomace flies...
Dryomyzidae  [popup]
Dryomyzid flies
Dryopidae  [popup]
Long-toed water beetles
Dytiscidae  [popup]
Predaceous diving beetles...
Elateridae  [popup]
Click beetles
Elmidae  [popup]
Riffle beetles
Empididae  [popup]
Dance flies
Empusidae  [popup]
Endomychidae  [popup]
Handsome fungus beetles...
Enicocephalidae  [popup]
Gnat bugs
Entomobryidae  [popup]
Damp grain springtails
Ephemerellidae  [popup]
Spiny crawler mayflies
Ephemeridae  [popup]
Common burrowing mayflies
Ephydridae  [popup]
Shore flies
Eremiaphilidae  [popup]
Eriococcidae  [popup]
Eriosomatidae  [popup]
Erotylidae  [popup]
Pleasing fungus beetles...
Eucnemidae  [popup]
False click beetles
Euglenidae  [popup]
Antlike leaf beetles
Flatidae  [popup]
Forficulidae  [popup]
Common earwig
Fulgoridae  [popup]
Gelastocoridae  [popup]
Toad bugs
Georyssidae  [popup]
Minute mud-loving beetles
Gerridae  [popup]
Water striders
Grylloblattidae  [popup]
Rock crawlers...
Haglidae  [popup]
Haliplidae  [popup]
Crawling water beetles
Hebridae  [popup]
Velvet water bugs
Heleomyzidae  [popup]
Heleomyzid flies
Helodidae  [popup]
Marsh beetles
Hemipeplidae  [popup]
Hemipeplid beetles
Heptageniidae  [popup]
Heteroceridae  [popup]
Variegated mud-loving beetles
Hilarimorphidae  [popup]
Hilarimorphid flies
Hippoboscidae  [popup]
Louse flies
Histeridae  [popup]
Hister beetles...
Hydrometridae  [popup]
Water measurers
Hydrophilidae  [popup]
Water scavenger beetles
Hydroscaphidae  [popup]
Skiff beetles
Hymenopodidae  [popup]
Hyperoscelididae  [popup]
Hyperoscelidid gnats
Ichnopsyllidae  [popup]
Inopeplidae  [popup]
Inopeplid beetles
Isometopidae  [popup]
Jumping tree bugs
Isoptera  [popup]
Isotomidae  [popup]
Smooth springtails
Issidae  [popup]
Ithyceridae  [popup]
New York weevil
Japygidae  [popup]
Kermidae  [popup]
gall-like coccids
Kinnaridae  [popup]
Labiduridae  [popup]
Common brown earwig
Labiidae  [popup]
Little earwig
Lacciferidae  [popup]
lac scales
Lagriidae  [popup]
Long-jointed beetles
Lampyridae  [popup]
Languriidae  [popup]
Lizard beetles...
Largidae  [popup]
Largid bugs...
Latridiidae  [popup]
Minute brown scavenger beetles
Lauxaniidae  [popup]
Beach flies...
Leiodidae  [popup]
Round fungus beetles...
Lepidoptera  [popup]
Leptinidae  [popup]
Mammal-nest beetles
Leptodiridae  [popup]
Small carion beetles
Leptophlebiidae  [popup]
Prong-gilled mayflies
Leptopodidae  [popup]
Spiny shore bugs
Limnebiidae  [popup]
Minute moss beetles
Limnichidae  [popup]
Minute marsh-loving beetles
Limulodidae  [popup]
Horseshoe crab beetles
Lonchaeidae  [popup]
Lonchopteridae  [popup]
Spear-winged flies
Lucanidae  [popup]
Stag beetles
Lycidae  [popup]
Net-winged beetles
Lyctidae  [popup]
Powder-post beetles
Lygaeidae  [popup]
Seed bugs
Lymexylonidae  [popup]
Timberworm beetles
Machilidae  [popup]
Jumping bristletails
Mackenziellidae  [popup]
Malachiidae  [popup]
Soft-winged flower beetles
Mantidae  [popup]
Mantoididae  [popup]
Margarodidae  [popup]
Giant coccids...
Meinertellidae  [popup]
Rock bristletails
Melandryidae  [popup]
False darkling beetles
Meloidae  [popup]
Blister beetles
Membracidae  [popup]
Mesoveliidae  [popup]
Water treaders
Metallyticidae  [popup]
Micromalthidae  [popup]
Micromalthid beetles
Micropezidae  [popup]
Stilt-legged flies
Microphysidae  [popup]
Microphysid bugs
Miridae  [popup]
Plant bugs...
Monoedidae  [popup]
Monoedid beetles
Monommidae  [popup]
Monommid beetles
Monotomidae  [popup]
Small flattened bark beetles
Mordellidae  [popup]
Tumbling flower beetles
Murmidiidae  [popup]
Murmidiid beetles
Muscidae  [popup]
Muscid flies house fly...
Mycetaeidae  [popup]
Mycetaeid fungus beetles
Mycetophagidae  [popup]
Hairy fungus beetles
Mycetophilidae  [popup]
Fungus gnats
Mydaidae  [popup]
Mydas flies
Nabidae  [popup]
Damsel bugs
Naucoridae  [popup]
Creeping water bugs
Nemestrinidae  [popup]
Tangle-veined flies
Nemonychidae  [popup]
Pine-flower snout beetles
Neoephemeridae  [popup]
Large square-gilled mayflies
Neottiophilidae  [popup]
Nest flies
Nepidae  [popup]
Neriidae  [popup]
Cactus flies
Nitidulidae  [popup]
Sap beetles
Nocticolidae  [popup]
Australian cockroaches
Nosodendridae  [popup]
Wounded-tree beetles
Noteridae  [popup]
Burrowing water beetles
Notodontidae  [popup]
Notonectidae  [popup]
Nycteribiidae  [popup]
Bat flies
Nymphalidae  [popup]
Nymphomyiidae  [popup]
Nymphomyiid flies
Ochteridae  [popup]
Velvety shore bugs
Odiniidae  [popup]
Odiniid flies
Odonata  [popup]
Oedemeridae  [popup]
False blister beetles
Oestridae  [popup]
Warble flies...
Oligoneuriidae  [popup]
Bush legged mayflies
Onychiuridae  [popup]
Blind springtails
Opomyzidae  [popup]
Opomyzid flies
Ortheziidae  [popup]
Ensign coccids
Orthoperidae  [popup]
Minute fungus beetles
Ostomidae  [popup]
Bark-gnawing beetles
Othniidae  [popup]
False tiger beetles
Oxycorynidae  [popup]
Oxycorynid weevils
Pachyneuridae  [popup]
Dark-winged fungus gnats...
Pallopteridae  [popup]
Pallopterid flies
Pamphiliidae  [popup]
Leaf-rolling sawflies...
Passalidae  [popup]
Bess beetles
Pedilidae  [popup]
Pedilid beetles
Pelecorhynchidae  [popup]
Pelecorhynchid flies
Peloridiidae  [popup]
Most primitive homopterans
Pentatomidae  [popup]
Stink bugs...
Periscelididae  [popup]
Periscelidid flies
Perothopidae  [popup]
Perothopid beetles
Phacopteronidae  [popup]
Phalacridae  [popup]
Shining flower beetles
Phasmatodea  [popup]
Stick insects...
Phengodidae  [popup]
Phoridae  [popup]
Humpbacked flies...
Phylloxeridae  [popup]
Phymatidae  [popup]
Ambush bugs
Piesmatidae  [popup]
Ash-gray leaf bugs
Piophilidae  [popup]
Skipper flies
Pipunculidae  [popup]
Big-headed flies
Platypezidae  [popup]
Flat-footed flies
Platypodidae  [popup]
Pin-hole borers
Platypsyllidae  [popup]
Beaver parasites
Platystomatidae  [popup]
Picture-winged flies
Pleidae  [popup]
Pleid water bugs...
Poduridae  [popup]
Water springtails
Polyphagidae  [popup]
Sand cockroaches
Potamanthidae  [popup]
Hacklegill mayflies
Pselaphidae  [popup]
Short-winged mold beetles
Psephenidae  [popup]
Water-penny beetles
Psilidae  [popup]
Rust flies
Psychodidae  [popup]
Moth flies...
Psyllidae  [popup]
Jumping plant lice
Ptiliidae  [popup]
Feather-winged beetles
Ptilodactylidae  [popup]
Ptilodactylid beetles...
Ptinidae  [popup]
Spider beetles
Ptychopteridae  [popup]
Phantom crane flies
Pyrgotidae  [popup]
Pyrgotid flies
Pyrochroidae  [popup]
Fire-colored beetles
Pyrrhocoridae  [popup]
Red bugs...
Reduviidae  [popup]
Assassin bugs
Rhagionidae  [popup]
Snipe flies
Rhinophoridae  [popup]
Woodlouse flies
Rhinotoridae  [popup]
Rhinotorid flies
Rhipiceridae  [popup]
Cedar beetles...
Rhizophagidae  [popup]
Root-eating beetles
Rhopalidae  [popup]
Scentless plant bug...
Rhychophoridae  [popup]
Rhynchitidae  [popup]
Tooth-nosed snout beetle
Rhysodidae  [popup]
Wrinkled bark beetles
Richardiidae  [popup]
Picture-winged flies
Ripiphoridae  [popup]
Wedge-shaped beetles...
Ropalomeridae  [popup]
Ropalomerid flies
Saldidae  [popup]
Shore bugs
Salpingidae  [popup]
Narrow-wasted bark beetles...
Sarcophagidae  [popup]
Flesh flies
Scaphidiidae  [popup]
Shining fungus beetles
Scarabaeidae  [popup]
Scarab beetles
Scathophagidae  [popup]
Dung flies
Scatopsidae  [popup]
Minute black scavenger flies
Scenopinidae  [popup]
Window flies
Schizopteridae  [popup]
Jumping ground bugs
Sciaridae  [popup]
Dark-winged fungus gnats...
Sciomyzidae  [popup]
Marsh flies
Scolytidae  [popup]
Bark or Engraver beetles...
Scutellaridae  [popup]
Shield bugs
Scutelleridae  [popup]
Shield bugs...
Scydmaenidae  [popup]
Antlike stone beetles...
Sepsidae  [popup]
Black scavenger flies
Silphidae  [popup]
Carrion beetles...
Silvanidae  [popup]
Flat grain beetles...
Simuliidae  [popup]
Black flies or buffalo gnats
Sminthuridae  [popup]
Globular springtails
Sphaeriidae  [popup]
Minute bog beetles
Sphaeritidae  [popup]
False clown beetles
Sphaeroceridae  [popup]
Small dung flies
Sphindidae  [popup]
Dry-fungus beetles
Staphylinidae  [popup]
Rove beetles
Stratiomyidae  [popup]
Soldier flies
Streblidae  [popup]
Bat flies
Strongylophthalmyiidae  [popup]
Strongylophthalmyiid flies
Synneuridae  [popup]
Synneurid gnats
Syrphidae  [popup]
Hover flies...
Tabanidae  [popup]
Horse flies...
Tachardiidae  [popup]
Tachinidae  [popup]
Tachinid flies
Tanyderidae  [popup]
Primitive crane flies
Tanypezidae  [popup]
Tanypezid flies
Telegeusidae  [popup]
Telegeusid beetles
Tenebrionidae  [popup]
Darkling beetles
Tephritidae  [popup]
Fruit flies
Tethinidae  [popup]
Tethinid flies
Thaumaleidae  [popup]
Solitary midges
Thaumastocoridae  [popup]
Royal palm bugs
Therevidae  [popup]
Stiletto flies
Throscidae  [popup]
Throscid beetles...
Thyreophoridae  [popup]
Thyreophorid flies
Thysanoptera  [popup]
Tingidae  [popup]
Lace bugs
Tipulidae  [popup]
Crane flies
Trichoceridae  [popup]
Winter crane flies
Tricorythidae  [popup]
Little stout crawler mayflies
Trixoscelididae  [popup]
Trixoscelidid flies
Tropiduchidae  [popup]
Ulidiidae  [popup]
Picture-winged flies
Veliidae  [popup]
Broad-shouldered water striders...
Vermileonidae  [popup]
Xylomyidae  [popup]
Xylomyid flies
Xylophagidae  [popup]
Xylophagid flies
Zoraptera  [popup]

REMAINING (number with state)
Insect group
 Coleoptera (123)
 Diptera (110)
 Hemiptera (78)
 Ephemeroptera (15)
 Mantodea (8)
 Orthoptera (7)
 Blattaria (6)
 Collembola (6)
 Dermaptera (4)
 Lepidoptera (4)
 Archaeognatha (3)
 Embioptera (3)
 Trichoptera (3)
 Odonata (2)
 Siphonaptera (2)
 Grylloblattodea (1)
 Hymenoptera (1)
 Isoptera (1)
 Phasmatodea (1)
 Thysanoptera (1)
 Zoraptera (1)