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86 kinds match in llp


Adalia bipunctata  [popup]
Two-spotted lady beetle...
Anatis labiculata  [popup]
Fifteen-spotted lady beetle...
Anatis lecontei  [popup]
Anatis mali  [popup]
Eye-spotted lady beetle...
Anatis rathvoni  [popup]
Anisosticta bitriangularis  [popup]
Axion plagiatum  [popup]
Axion tripustulatum  [popup]
Azya orbigera  [popup]
Brachiacantha albifrons  [popup]
Brachiacantha bollii  [popup]
Brachiacantha decempustulata  [popup]
Brachiacantha decora  [popup]
Brachiacantha tau  [popup]
Brachiacantha testudo  [popup]
Brachiacantha ursina  [popup]
Brachiacantha uteella  [popup]
Calvia quatuordecimguttata  [popup]
Cream-spotted lady beetle...
Chilocorus cacti  [popup]
Chilocorus circumdatus  [popup]
Chilocorus kuwanae  [popup]
Chilocorus orbus_fraternus_complex  [popup]
Chilocorus stigma  [popup]
Twice-stabbed lady beetle...
Coccidula lepida  [popup]
Coccinella alta  [popup]
Coccinella californica  [popup]
Coccinella monticola  [popup]
Coccinella novemnotata  [popup]
Nine-spotted lady beetle...
Coccinella septempunctata  [popup]
Seven-spotted lady beetle...
Coccinella transversoguttata  [popup]
Transverse lady beetle...
Coccinella trifasciata  [popup]
Three-banded lady beetle...
Coelophora inaequalis  [popup] Coleophora inaequalis
Common australian lady beetle...
Coleomegilla maculata  [popup]
Spotted lady beetle...
Cryptolaemus montrouzieri  [popup]
Mealybug Lady Beetle...
Curinus coeruleus  [popup]
Cycloneda munda  [popup]
Polished lady beetle...
Cycloneda polita  [popup]
Cycloneda sanguinea  [popup]
Diabrotica undecimpunctata  [popup]
Spotted cucumber beetle...
Diomus terminatus  [popup]
Epilachna borealis  [popup]
Squash beetle
Epilachna varivestis  [popup]
Mexican bean beetle...
Exochomus aethiops  [popup]
Exochomus childreni  [popup]
Halmus chalybeus  [popup]
Steelblue lady beetle...
Harmonia axyridis  [popup]
Multicolored Asian lady beetle...
Harmonia dimidiata  [popup]
Hippodamia arctica  [popup]
Hippodamia caseyi  [popup]
Hippodamia convergens  [popup]
Convergent lady beetle...
Hippodamia glacialis  [popup]
Hippodamia moesta  [popup]
Hippodamia parenthesis  [popup]
Parenthesis lady beetle...
Hippodamia quinquesignata  [popup]
Hippodamia sinuata  [popup]
Hippodamia tredecimpunctata  [popup]
Thirteen-spotted lady beetle...
Hippodamia variegata  [popup]
Variegated lady beetle...
Hippodamia washingtoni  [popup]
Hyperaspis bigeminata  [popup]
Hyperaspis connectens  [popup]
Hyperaspis fastidiosa  [popup]
Hyperaspis gemma  [popup]
Hyperaspis inflexa  [popup]
Hyperaspis octavia  [popup]
Hyperaspis pantherina  [popup]
Hyperaspis quadrioculata  [popup]
Hyperaspis quadrivittata  [popup]
Hyperaspis signata  [popup]
Hyperaspis undulata  [popup]
Macronaemia episcopalis  [popup]
Mulsantina hudsonica  [popup]
Mulsantina picta  [popup]
Myzia pullata  [popup]
Naemia seriata  [popup]
Neoharmonia venusta  [popup]
Olla v-nigrum  [popup]
Paranaemia vittigera  [popup]
Propyleae quatuordecimpunctata  [popup]
Fourteen-spotted lady beetle...
Psyllobora borealis  [popup]
Psyllobora parvinotata  [popup]
Psyllobora renifer  [popup]
Psyllobora vigintimaculata  [popup]
Twenty-spotted lady beetle...
Scymnus loewii  [popup]
Scymnus rubricaudus  [popup]
Subcoccinella vigintiquatuorpunctata  [popup]
Tetraopes femoratus  [popup]
Milkweed borer

REMAINING (number with state)
Abdomen main color
 Orange (30)
 Black (28)
 Red (28)
 Yellow (18)
 Brown (4)
Abdomen pattern
 Spots (66)
 Striped (18)
 Banded (15)
 Solid (12)
 Mottled (9)
Abdomen spot number
 Over 7 (30)
 0 (24)
 1-2 (20)
 5-7 (20)
 3-4 (13)
Band present
 No (70)
 Yes (13)
Eyespots present
 No (46)
 Yes (1)
Pronotum collar pattern
 No (42)
 Yes (39)
Pronotum main color
 Black (58)
 Yellow (13)
 Red (11)
 White (8)
Pronotum main pattern
 No spots (29)
 Light spots (24)
 Complex (21)
 Black spots (13)
Pronotum spot number
 0-1 (45)
 2 (31)
 Over 2 (16)
Z, Body length mm
 4.00 - 6.20 (2)
 3.00 - 4.75 (1)
 3.75 - 5.00 (1)
 over 6.2 (1)
Z, M-shaped Pronotum Pattern
 Incomplete (2)
 Complete (1)
Z, Metasterna color
 Red (2)
 Yellow (2)
 Dark (1)
Z, converging lines on pronotum
 No (25)
 Yes (4)
Z, parenthesis shaped spot
 No (26)
 Yes (6)
Z, yellow markings
 No (1)
 Yes (1)