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Discover Life
462 kinds match

Alces alces  [popup]
Ammospermophilus harrisii  [popup]
Harris Antelope Squirrel
Ammospermophilus interpres  [popup]
Texas Antelope Squirrel
Ammospermophilus leucurus  [popup]
White-tailed Antelope Squirrel
Ammospermophilus nelsoni  [popup]
Nelsons Antelope Squirrel
Ammotragus lervia  [popup]
Barbary Sheep...
Antilocapra americana  [popup]
Antilope cervicapra  [popup]
Antrozous pallidus  [popup]
Pallid Bat
Aplodontia rufa  [popup]
Mountain Beaver
Arborimus albipes  [popup]
White-footed Vole
Arborimus longicaudus  [popup]
Red Tree Vole
Arborimus pomo  [popup]
Sonoma Tree Vole
Arctocephalus townsendi  [popup]
Guadalupe Fur-Seal
Axis axis  [popup]
Axis Deer
Baiomys taylori  [popup]
Northern Pygmy Mouse
Balaena mysticetus  [popup]
Bowhead Whale
Balaenoptera acutorostrata  [popup]
Minke Whale
Balaenoptera borealis  [popup]
Sei Whale
Balaenoptera edeni  [popup]
Brydes Whale...
Balaenoptera musculus  [popup]
Blue Whale
Balaenoptera physalus  [popup]
Fin Whale
Bassariscus astutus  [popup]
Berardius bairdii  [popup]
North Pacific Bottle-nosed Whale
Bison bison  [popup]
American bison...
Blarina brevicauda  [popup]
Northern short-tailed shrew...
Blarina carolinensis  [popup]
Southern Short-tailed Shrew...
Blarina hylophaga  [popup]
Elliots Short-tailed Shrew
Bos taurus  [popup]
Domestic cattle...
Boselaphus tragocamelus  [popup]
Brachylagus idahoensis  [popup]
Pygmy Rabbit
Callorhinus ursinus  [popup]
Northern Fur-Seal
Canis familiaris  [popup]
Feral dog
Canis latrans  [popup]
Canis lupus  [popup]
Gray Wolf...
Canis rufus  [popup]
Red Wolf
Capra hircus  [popup]
Capra ibex  [popup]
Castor canadensis  [popup]
American Beaver
Cervus elaphus  [popup]
Cervus nippon  [popup]
Sika Deer
Cervus unicolor  [popup]
Sambar deer
Chaetodipus baileyi  [popup]
Baileys Pocket Mouse
Chaetodipus californicus  [popup]
California Pocket Mouse
Chaetodipus eremicus  [popup]
Chihuahuan Desert Pocket Mouse
Chaetodipus fallax  [popup]
San Diego Pocket Mouse
Chaetodipus formosus  [popup]
Long-tailed Pocket Mouse
Chaetodipus hispidus  [popup]
Hispid Pocket Mouse
Chaetodipus intermedius  [popup]
Rock Pocket Mouse
Chaetodipus nelsoni  [popup]
Nelsons Pocket Mouse
Chaetodipus penicillatus  [popup]
Sonoran Desert Pocket Mouse
Chaetodipus spinatus  [popup]
Spiny Pocket Mouse
Choeronycteris mexicana  [popup]
Mexican Long-tongued Bat
Clethrionomys californicus  [popup]
Western Red-backed Vole
Clethrionomys rutilus  [popup]
Northern Red-backed Vole
Condylura cristata  [popup]
Star-nosed Mole
Conepatus leuconotus  [popup]
Eastern Hog-nosed Skunk...
Corynorhinus rafinesquii  [popup]
Rafinesques Big-eared Bat...
Cryptotis parva  [popup]
Least Shrew
Cynomys gunnisoni  [popup]
Gunnisons Prairie-dog
Cynomys leucurus  [popup]
White-tailed Prairie-dog
Cynomys ludovicianus  [popup]
Black-tailed Prairie-dog
Cynomys parvidens  [popup]
Utah Prairie-dog
Cystophora cristata  [popup]
Hooded Seal...
Dama dama  [popup]
Fallow Deer
Dasypus novemcinctus  [popup]
Nine-banded Armadillo
Delphinapterus leucas  [popup]
White Whale...
Delphinus capensis  [popup]
Long-beaked Saddleback Dolphin
Delphinus delphis  [popup]
Short-beaked Saddleback Dolphin
Dicrostonyx groenlandicus  [popup] Summer
Lawrence Island Collared Lemming
Dicrostonyx groenlandicus  [popup] Winter
Lawrence Island Collared Lemming
Dicrostonyx hudsonius  [popup] Summer
Lawrence Island Collared Lemming
Dicrostonyx hudsonius  [popup] Winter
Lawrence Island Collared Lemming
Dicrostonyx richardsoni  [popup] Summer
Lawrence Island Collared Lemming
Dicrostonyx richardsoni  [popup] Winter
Lawrence Island Collared Lemming
Didelphis virginiana  [popup]
Virginia Opossum
Diphylla ecaudata  [popup]
Hairy-legged Vampire
Dipodomys agilis  [popup]
Agile Kangaroo Rat
Dipodomys californicus  [popup]
California Kangaroo Rat
Dipodomys compactus  [popup]
Gulf Coast Kangaroo Rat
Dipodomys deserti  [popup]
Desert Kangaroo Rat
Dipodomys elator  [popup]
Texas Kangaroo Rat
Dipodomys heermanni  [popup]
Heermanns Kangaroo Rat
Dipodomys ingens  [popup]
Giant Kangaroo Rat
Dipodomys merriami  [popup]
Merriams Kangaroo Rat
Dipodomys microps  [popup]
Chisel-toothed Kangaroo Rat
Dipodomys nitratoides  [popup]
Fresno Kangaroo Rat
Dipodomys ordii  [popup]
Ords Kangaroo Rat
Dipodomys panamintinus  [popup]
Panamint Kangaroo Rat
Dipodomys simulans  [popup]
Dulzura Kangaroo Rat
Dipodomys spectabilis  [popup]
Banner-tailed Kangaroo Rat
Dipodomys stephensi  [popup]
Stephens Kangaroo Rat
Dipodomys venustus  [popup]
Narrow-faced Kangaroo Rat
Enhydra lutris  [popup]
Sea Otter
Eptesicus fuscus  [popup]
Big Brown Bat
Equus asinus  [popup]
Feral Ass
Equus caballus  [popup]
Feral Horse
Erethizon dorsatum  [popup]
Common Porcupine
Erignathus barbatus  [popup]
Bearded Seal
Eschrichtius robustus  [popup]
Gray Whale
Eubalaena glacialis  [popup]
Black Right Whale...
Euderma maculatum  [popup]
Spotted Bat
Eumetopias jubatus  [popup]
Northern Sea-Lion
Eumops glaucinus  [popup]
Wagners Mastiff Bat
Eumops perotis  [popup]
Western Mastiff Bat
Eumops underwoodi  [popup]
Underwoods Mastiff Bat
Felis catus  [popup]
Domestic Cat...
Feresa attenuata  [popup]
Pygmy Killer Whale
Geomys arenarius  [popup]
Desert Pocket Gopher
Geomys attwateri  [popup]
Attwaters Pocket Gopher
Geomys breviceps  [popup]
Bairds Pocket Gopher
Geomys bursarius  [popup]
Plains Pocket Gopher
Geomys knoxjonesi  [popup]
Jones Pocket Gopher
Geomys personatus  [popup]
Texas Pocket Gopher
Geomys pinetis  [popup]
Southeastern Pocket Gopher
Geomys texensis  [popup]
Llano Pocket Gopher...
Glaucomys sabrinus  [popup]
Northern Flying Squirrel
Glaucomys volans  [popup]
Southern Flying Squirrel
Globicephala macrorhynchus  [popup]
Short-finned Pilot Whale
Globicephala melas  [popup]
Long-finned Pilot Whale
Grampus griseus  [popup]
Rissos Dolphin...
Gulo gulo  [popup]
Halichoerus grypus  [popup]
Gray Seal
Hemitragus jemlahicus  [popup]
Himalayan Tahr
Histriophoca fasciata  [popup]
Ribbon Seal...
Hyperoodon ampullatus  [popup]
North Atlantic Bottle-nosed Whale
Idionycteris phyllotis  [popup]
Allens Big-eared Bat
Kogia breviceps  [popup]
Pygmy Sperm Whale
Kogia sima  [popup]
Dwarf Sperm Whale
Lagenodelphis hosei  [popup]
Frasers Dolphin
Lagenorhynchus acutus  [popup]
Atlantic White-sided Dolphin
Lagenorhynchus albirostris  [popup]
White-beaked Dolphin
Lagenorhynchus obliquidens  [popup]
Pacific White-sided Dolphin
Lasionycteris noctivagans  [popup]
Silver-haired Bat
Lasiurus blossevillii  [popup]
Western Red Bat
Lasiurus borealis  [popup]
Eastern Red Bat
Lasiurus cinereus  [popup]
Hoary Bat
Lasiurus ega  [popup]
Southern Yellow Bat...
Lasiurus intermedius  [popup]
Northern Yellow Bat
Lasiurus seminolus  [popup]
Seminole Bat
Lemmiscus curtatus  [popup]
Sagebrush Vole
Lemmus sibiricus  [popup]
Brown Lemming...
Leopardus pardalis  [popup]
Leopardus wiedii  [popup]
Leptonycteris curasoae  [popup]
Southern Long-nosed Bat
Leptonycteris nivalis  [popup]
Mexican Long-nosed Bat
Lepus alleni  [popup]
Antelope Jackrabbit
Lepus americanus  [popup] Summer
Snowshoe Hare
Lepus americanus  [popup] Winter
Snowshoe Hare
Lepus arcticus  [popup] Summer
Snowshoe Hare
Lepus arcticus  [popup] Winter
Snowshoe Hare
Lepus californicus  [popup]
Black-tailed Jackrabbit
Lepus callotis  [popup]
White-sided Jackrabbit
Lepus europaeus  [popup]
European Hare
Lepus othus  [popup] Summer
Alaskan Hare
Lepus othus  [popup] Winter
Alaskan Hare
Lepus townsendii  [popup] Summer
White-tailed Jackrabbit
Lepus townsendii  [popup] Winter
White-tailed Jackrabbit
Liomys irroratus  [popup]
Mexican Spiny Pocket Mouse
Lissodelphis borealis  [popup]
Northern Right-whale Dolphin
Lontra canadensis  [popup]
Northern River Otter
Lynx canadensis  [popup]
Canada Lynx
Lynx rufus  [popup]
Macaca fuscata  [popup]
Japanese macaque
Macaca mulatta  [popup]
Rhesus Macaque
Macrotus californicus  [popup]
California Leaf-nosed Bat
Marmota broweri  [popup]
Alaska Marmot
Marmota caligata  [popup]
Hoary Marmot
Marmota flaviventris  [popup]
Yellow-bellied Marmot
Marmota monax  [popup]
Marmota olympus  [popup]
Olympic Marmot
Marmota vancouverensis  [popup]
Vancouver Marmot
Martes americana  [popup]
American Marten
Martes pennanti  [popup]
Megaptera novaeangliae  [popup]
Humpback Whale
Mephitis macroura  [popup] Single wide-striped variant
Hooded Skunk
Mephitis macroura  [popup] Thin-striped variant
Hooded Skunk
Mephitis mephitis  [popup]
Striped Skunk
Mesoplodon bidens  [popup]
North Atlantic Beaked Whale
Mesoplodon carlhubbsi  [popup]
Arch-beaked Whale
Mesoplodon europaeus  [popup]
Gervais Beaked Whale...
Mesoplodon ginkgodens  [popup]
Ginkgo-toothed Whale
Mesoplodon hectori  [popup]
Hectors Beaked Whale
Mesoplodon mirus  [popup]
Trues Beaked Whale
Mesoplodon stejnegeri  [popup]
Bering Sea Beaked Whale
Microdipodops megacephalus  [popup]
Dark Kangaroo Mouse
Microdipodops pallidus  [popup]
Pale Kangaroo Mouse
Microtus abbreviatus  [popup]
Insular Vole
Microtus breweri  [popup]
Beach Vole
Microtus californicus  [popup]
California Vole
Microtus canicaudus  [popup]
Gray-tailed Vole
Microtus chrotorrhinus  [popup]
Rock Vole
Microtus longicaudus  [popup]
Long-tailed Vole
Microtus mexicanus  [popup]
Mexican Vole
Microtus miurus  [popup]
Singing Vole
Microtus montanus  [popup]
Montane Vole
Microtus ochrogaster  [popup]
Prairie Vole
Microtus oeconomus  [popup]
Tundra Vole
Microtus oregoni  [popup]
Creeping Vole
Microtus pennsylvanicus  [popup]
Meadow Vole
Microtus pinetorum  [popup]
Woodland Vole
Microtus richardsoni  [popup]
Water Vole
Microtus townsendii  [popup]
Townsends Vole
Microtus xanthognathus  [popup]
Yellow-cheeked Vole...
Mirounga angustirostris  [popup]
Northern Elephant Seal
Molossus molossus  [popup]
Velvety Free-tailed Bat
Monachus tropicalis  [popup]
West Indian Monk Seal
Monodon monoceros  [popup]
Mormoops megalophylla  [popup]
Ghost-faced Bat...
Mus musculus  [popup]
House Mouse
Mustela erminea  [popup] Summer
Mustela erminea  [popup] Winter
Mustela frenata  [popup]
Long-tailed Weasel
Mustela nigripes  [popup]
Black-footed Ferret
Mustela nivalis  [popup]
Least Weasel
Mustela nivalis  [popup] Summer
Least Weasel
Mustela nivalis  [popup] Winter
Least Weasel
Mustela putorius  [popup]
European Ferret
Myocastor coypus  [popup]
Myodes gapperi  [popup]
Southern Red-backed Vole...
Myotis auriculus  [popup]
Southwestern Bat
Myotis austroriparius  [popup]
Southeastern Bat...
Myotis californicus  [popup]
California Bat
Myotis evotis  [popup]
Long-eared Bat
Myotis grisescens  [popup]
Gray Bat...
Myotis keenii  [popup]
Keens Bat...
Myotis leibii  [popup]
Eastern Small-footed Bat...
Myotis lucifugus  [popup]
Little Brown Bat...
Myotis sodalis  [popup]
Indiana Bat...
Myotis thysanodes  [popup]
Fringed Bat
Myotis velifer  [popup]
Cave Bat
Myotis volans  [popup]
Long-legged Bat
Myotis yumanensis  [popup]
Yuma Bat
Napaeozapus insignis  [popup]
Woodland Jumping Mouse
Nasua narica  [popup]
White-nosed Coati
Neofiber alleni  [popup]
Round-tailed Muskrat...
Neotoma albigula  [popup]
White-throated Woodrat
Neotoma cinerea  [popup]
Bushy-tailed Woodrat
Neotoma devia  [popup]
Arizona Woodrat
Neotoma floridana  [popup]
Eastern Woodrat
Neotoma fuscipes  [popup]
Dusky-footed Woodrat
Neotoma lepida  [popup]
Desert Woodrat
Neotoma magister  [popup]
Appalachian Woodrat...
Neotoma mexicana  [popup]
Mexican Woodrat
Neotoma micropus  [popup]
Southern Plains Woodrat
Neotoma stephensi  [popup]
Stephens Woodrat
Neovison vison  [popup]
American Mink...
Neurotrichus gibbsii  [popup]
Shrew Mole
Notiosorex crawfordi  [popup]
Desert Shrew
Nycticeius humeralis  [popup]
Evening Bat
Nyctinomops femorosaccus  [popup]
Pocketed Free-tailed Bat
Nyctinomops macrotis  [popup]
Big Free-tailed Bat
Ochotona collaris  [popup]
Collared Pika
Ochotona princeps  [popup]
American Pika
Ochrotomys nuttalli  [popup]
Golden Mouse
Odobenus rosmarus  [popup]
Odocoileus hemionus  [popup]
Mule Deer...
Odocoileus virginianus  [popup]
White-tailed Deer
Ondatra zibethicus  [popup]
Common Muskrat
Onychomys arenicola  [popup]
Mearns Grasshopper Mouse
Onychomys leucogaster  [popup]
Northern Grasshopper Mouse
Onychomys torridus  [popup]
Southern Grasshopper Mouse
Orcinus orca  [popup]
Killer Whale
Oreamnos americanus  [popup]
Mountain Goat
Oryctolagus cuniculus  [popup]
European Rabbit
Oryx gazella  [popup]
Oryzomys couesi  [popup]
Coues Rice Rat
Oryzomys palustris  [popup]
Marsh Rice Rat
Ovibos moschatus  [popup]
Ovis aries  [popup]
European Mouflon Sheep
Ovis canadensis  [popup]
Mountain Goat
Ovis dalli  [popup]
Dalls Sheep...
Pagophilus groenlandicus  [popup]
Harp seal...
Panthera onca  [popup]
Pappogeomys castanops  [popup]
Yellow-faced Pocket Gopher...
Parascalops breweri  [popup]
Hairy-tailed Mole
Pecari tajacu  [popup]
Collared Peccary
Peponocephala electra  [popup]
Melon-headed Whale
Perognathus alticola  [popup]
White-eared Pocket Mouse...
Perognathus amplus  [popup]
Arizona Pocket Mouse
Perognathus fasciatus  [popup]
Olive-backed Pocket Mouse
Perognathus flavescens  [popup]
Plains Pocket Mouse
Perognathus flavus  [popup]
Silky Pocket Mouse
Perognathus inornatus  [popup]
San Joaquin Pocket Mouse
Perognathus longimembris  [popup]
Little Pocket Mouse
Perognathus merriami  [popup]
Merriams Pocket Mouse
Perognathus parvus  [popup]
Great Basin Pocket Mouse
Peromyscus attwateri  [popup]
Texas Mouse
Peromyscus boylii  [popup]
Brush Mouse
Peromyscus californicus  [popup]
California Mouse
Peromyscus crinitus  [popup]
Canyon Mouse
Peromyscus eremicus  [popup]
Cactus Mouse
Peromyscus gossypinus  [popup]
Cotton Mouse
Peromyscus gratus  [popup]
Osgoods Mouse
Peromyscus keeni  [popup]
Keens mouse...
Peromyscus leucopus  [popup]
White-footed Mouse
Peromyscus maniculatus  [popup]
Deer Mouse
Peromyscus melanotis  [popup]
Black-eared Mouse
Peromyscus merriami  [popup]
Merriams Mouse...
Peromyscus nasutus  [popup]
Northern Rock Mouse
Peromyscus pectoralis  [popup]
White-ankled Mouse
Peromyscus polionotus  [popup]
Oldfield Mouse
Peromyscus truei  [popup]
Pinon Mouse
Phenacomys intermedius  [popup]
Western Heather Vole
Phenacomys ungava  [popup]
Eastern Heather Vole
Phoca largha  [popup]
Spotted Seal
Phoca vitulina  [popup]
Harbor Seal
Phocoena phocoena  [popup]
Harbor Porpoise
Phocoenoides dalli  [popup]
Dalls Porpoise
Physeter catodon  [popup]
Sperm Whale...
Pipistrellus hesperus  [popup]
Western Bat
Pipistrellus subflavus  [popup]
Eastern Bat...
Plecotus townsendii  [popup]
Townsends Big-eared Bat
Podomys floridanus  [popup]
Florida Mouse
Procyon lotor  [popup]
Common raccoon...
Pseudorca crassidens  [popup]
False Killer Whale
Puma concolor  [popup]
Mountain Lion...
Puma yagouaroundi  [popup]
Pusa hispida  [popup]
Ringed Seal
Rangifer tarandus  [popup]
Rattus norvegicus  [popup]
Norway Rat
Rattus rattus  [popup]
Black rat...
Reithrodontomys fulvescens  [popup]
Fulvous Harvest Mouse
Reithrodontomys humulis  [popup]
Eastern Harvest Mouse
Reithrodontomys megalotis  [popup]
Western Harvest Mouse
Reithrodontomys montanus  [popup]
Plains Harvest Mouse
Reithrodontomys raviventris  [popup]
Salt-marsh Harvest Mouse
Scalopus aquaticus  [popup]
Eastern Mole
Scapanus latimanus  [popup]
Broad-footed Mole
Scapanus orarius  [popup]
Coast Mole
Scapanus townsendii  [popup]
Townsends Mole
Sciurus aberti  [popup]
Aberts Squirrel
Sciurus arizonensis  [popup]
Arizona Gray Squirrel
Sciurus aureogaster  [popup]
Mexican Gray Squirrel
Sciurus carolinensis  [popup]
Eastern Gray Squirrel
Sciurus griseus  [popup]
Western Gray Squirrel
Sciurus nayaritensis  [popup]
Mexican Fox Squirrel
Sciurus niger  [popup]
Eastern Fox Squirrel
Sigmodon arizonae  [popup]
Arizona Cotton Rat
Sigmodon fulviventer  [popup]
Tawny-bellied Cotton Rat
Sigmodon hispidus  [popup]
Hispid Cotton Rat...
Sigmodon ochrognathus  [popup]
Yellow-nosed Cotton Rat
Sorex alaskanus  [popup]
Glacier Bay Water Shrew
Sorex arcticus  [popup]
Arctic Shrew
Sorex bairdi  [popup]
Bairds Shrew...
Sorex bendirii  [popup]
Pacific Water Shrew...
Sorex cinereus  [popup]
Cinereus Shrew...
Sorex dispar  [popup]
Long-tailed Shrew...
Sorex fumeus  [popup]
Smoky Shrew
Sorex gaspensis  [popup]
Gaspe Shrew
Sorex haydeni  [popup]
Haydens Shrew
Sorex hoyi  [popup]
Pygmy Shrew
Sorex longirostris  [popup]
Southeastern Shrew
Sorex lyelli  [popup]
Lyell Shrew
Sorex merriami  [popup]
Merriams Shrew
Sorex monticolus  [popup]
Dusky Shrew...
Sorex nanus  [popup]
Dwarf Shrew
Sorex ornatus  [popup]
Ornate Shrew
Sorex pacificus  [popup]
Pacific Shrew
Sorex palustris  [popup]
Common Water Shrew...
Sorex preblei  [popup]
Prebles Shrew
Sorex pribilofensis  [popup]
Pribilof island shrew...
Sorex sonomae  [popup]
Fog Shrew
Sorex tenellus  [popup]
Inyo Shrew
Sorex trowbridgii  [popup]
Trowbridges Shrew
Sorex tundrensis  [popup]
Tundra Shrew
Sorex ugyunak  [popup]
Barren Ground Shrew
Sorex vagrans  [popup]
Vagrant Shrew
Sorex yukonicus  [popup]
Alaska tiny shrew
Spermophilus armatus  [popup]
Uinta Ground Squirrel
Spermophilus beecheyi  [popup]
California Ground Squirrel
Spermophilus beldingi  [popup]
Beldings Ground Squirrel
Spermophilus brunneus  [popup]
Idaho Ground Squirrel
Spermophilus canus  [popup]
Columbia Plateau Ground Squirrel
Spermophilus columbianus  [popup]
Columbian Ground Squirrel
Spermophilus elegans  [popup]
Wyoming Ground Squirrel
Spermophilus franklinii  [popup]
Franklins Ground Squirrel
Spermophilus lateralis  [popup]
Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel
Spermophilus mexicanus  [popup]
Mexican Ground Squirrel
Spermophilus mohavensis  [popup]
Mohave Ground Squirrel
Spermophilus mollis  [popup]
Great Basin Ground Squirrel
Spermophilus parryii  [popup]
Arctic Ground Squirrel
Spermophilus richardsonii  [popup]
Richardsons Ground Squirrel
Spermophilus saturatus  [popup]
Cascade Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel
Spermophilus spilosoma  [popup]
Spotted Ground Squirrel
Spermophilus tereticaudus  [popup]
Round-tailed Ground Squirrel
Spermophilus townsendii  [popup]
Townsends Ground Squirrel
Spermophilus tridecemlineatus  [popup]
Thirteen-lined Ground Squirrel
Spermophilus variegatus  [popup]
Rock Squirrel
Spermophilus washingtoni  [popup]
Washington Ground Squirrel
Spilogale gracilis  [popup]
Western spotted skunk
Spilogale putorius  [popup]
Eastern Spotted Skunk...
Stenella attenuata  [popup]
Pantropical Spotted Dolphin
Stenella clymene  [popup]
Clymene Dolphin
Stenella coeruleoalba  [popup]
Striped Dolphin
Stenella frontalis  [popup]
Atlantic Spotted Dolphin
Stenella longirostris  [popup]
Spinner Dolphin
Steno bredanensis  [popup]
Rough-toothed Dolphin
Sus scrofa  [popup]
Feral Pig...
Sylvilagus aquaticus  [popup]
Swamp Rabbit
Sylvilagus audubonii  [popup]
Desert Cottontail
Sylvilagus bachmani  [popup]
Brush Rabbit
Sylvilagus floridanus  [popup]
Eastern Cottontail
Sylvilagus nuttallii  [popup]
Mountain Cottontail
Sylvilagus obscurus  [popup]
Appalachian Cottontail
Sylvilagus palustris  [popup]
Marsh Rabbit
Sylvilagus transitionalis  [popup]
New England Cottontail
Synaptomys borealis  [popup]
Northern Bog Lemming
Synaptomys cooperi  [popup]
Southern Bog Lemming
Tadarida brasiliensis  [popup]
Brazilian Free-tailed Bat...
Tamias alpinus  [popup]
Alpine Chipmunk
Tamias amoenus  [popup]
Yellow-pine Chipmunk
Tamias canipes  [popup]
Gray-footed Chipmunk
Tamias cinereicollis  [popup]
Gray-collared Chipmunk
Tamias dorsalis  [popup]
Cliff Chipmunk
Tamias merriami  [popup]
Merriams Chipmunk
Tamias minimus  [popup]
Least Chipmunk
Tamias obscurus  [popup]
California Chipmunk
Tamias ochrogenys  [popup]
Yellow-cheeked Chipmunk
Tamias palmeri  [popup]
Palmers Chipmunk
Tamias panamintinus  [popup]
Panamint Chipmunk
Tamias quadrimaculatus  [popup]
Long-eared Chipmunk
Tamias quadrivittatus  [popup]
Colorado Chipmunk
Tamias ruficaudus  [popup]
Red-tailed Chipmunk
Tamias rufus  [popup]
Hopi Chipmunk
Tamias senex  [popup]
Allens Chipmunk
Tamias siskiyou  [popup]
Siskiyou Chipmunk
Tamias sonomae  [popup]
Sonoma Chipmunk
Tamias speciosus  [popup]
Lodgepole Chipmunk
Tamias striatus  [popup]
Eastern Chipmunk
Tamias townsendii  [popup]
Townsends Chipmunk
Tamias umbrinus  [popup]
Uinta Chipmunk
Tamiasciurus douglasii  [popup]
Douglas Squirrel
Tamiasciurus hudsonicus  [popup]
Red Squirrel
Taxidea taxus  [popup]
American Badger
Thomomys bottae  [popup]
Bottas Pocket Gopher
Thomomys bulbivorus  [popup]
Camas Pocket Gopher
Thomomys clusius  [popup]
Wyoming Pocket Gopher
Thomomys idahoensis  [popup]
Idaho Pocket Gopher
Thomomys mazama  [popup]
Western Pocket Gopher
Thomomys monticola  [popup]
Mountain Pocket Gopher
Thomomys talpoides  [popup]
Northern Pocket Gopher
Thomomys townsendii  [popup]
Townsends Pocket Gopher
Thomomys umbrinus  [popup]
Southern Pocket Gopher
Trichechus manatus  [popup]
Tursiops truncatus  [popup]
Bottle-nosed Dolphin...
Urocyon cinereoargenteus  [popup]
Common Gray Fox...
Urocyon littoralis  [popup]
Island Gray Fox
Ursus americanus  [popup]
Black Bear...
Ursus arctos  [popup]
Grizzly Bear...
Ursus maritimus  [popup]
Polar Bear
Vulpes lagopus  [popup]
Arctic Fox...
Vulpes macrotis  [popup]
Kit fox...
Vulpes velox  [popup]
Swift Fox
Vulpes vulpes  [popup] Black phase
Red Fox
Vulpes vulpes  [popup] Cross phase
Red Fox
Vulpes vulpes  [popup] Red phase
Red Fox
Zalophus californianus  [popup]
California Sea-Lion...
Zapus hudsonius  [popup]
Meadow Jumping Mouse
Zapus princeps  [popup]
Western Jumping Mouse
Zapus trinotatus  [popup]
Pacific Jumping Mouse
Ziphius cavirostris  [popup]
Goose-beaked Whale

REMAINING (number with state)
Antler shape
 Cylindrical (7)
 Palmate (3)
Baleen color
 Black (1)
 Yellowish white (1)
 Yellowish, purplish (1)
Beak present, whales and dolphins
 Yes (14)
 No (8)
Beak project more than 75 mm beyond forehead
 Yes (8)
 No (5)
Body all white
 No (6)
 Yes (4)
Body form
 Slender (11)
 Robust (2)
Body length
 More than 95 mm (6)
 Less than 95 mm (1)
Body length, Kangaroo Rat
 Less than 130 mm (5)
 More than 130 mm (1)
Body length, Neotoma
 More than 175 mm (3)
 Less than 175 mm (1)
Body pattern yellowish
 No (1)
 Yes (1)
Body side line well marked
 Yes (4)
 No, absent (1)
Body side with orange
 No (15)
 Yes (1)
Body side with yellow
 No (1)
 Yes (1)
Body top pattern
 Solid (332)
 Striped (40)
 Spotted (17)
 Banded (8)
Body white stripe number
 2 (2)
 More than 2 (2)
 1 (1)
Claw present
 Yes (385)
 No (76)
 Hair (409)
 Other (49)
 Bone-like (1)
 Spine (1)
Dorsal fin color
 Black (1)
 Black and white (1)
Dorsal fin present
 Yes (25)
 No (7)
Dorsal fin shape
 High, round (3)
 Low, falcate (1)
Ear color
 Other (2)
 Black (1)
 White (1)
Ear shape
 Point (7)
 Round (3)
Ear size
 Small (3)
 Enlarged (2)
 Medium (1)
Ear size from crown, Kangaroo Rat
 Less than 15.5 mm (3)
 More than 15.5 mm (1)
Ear size from notch
 Less than 87 mm (2)
 More than 87 mm (2)
Ear size relative to foot length, Peromyscus
 Less than 75% (6)
 75% of more (2)
Ear size, Peromyscus
 Less than 22 mm (1)
 More than 22 mm (1)
Ear size, Pocket Mouse
 Less than 9 mm (3)
 More than 9 mm (1)
External ear
 Present (409)
 Minute (90)
 Absent (50)
Flipper present
 No (397)
 Yes (62)
Flipper size
 Less than 1/4 of body length (5)
 1/4 of body length or more (1)
Foot color relative to body top
 Same as (249)
 Lighter than (161)
 Darker than (32)
Foot hoof number
 2 (26)
 1 (2)
Front foot 1st and 2nd digits longer than 3rd
 Yes (5)
 No (1)
Fur color reddish
 No (1)
 Yes (1)
Fur type
 Short, coarse, with no underfur (2)
 Soft, dense, with underfur (2)
 Mice, Rats, Voles & Shrews (175)
 Others (171)
 Herbivores (123)
 Marine (64)
 Hunters (45)
 Terrestrial (413)
 Marine (64)
 Freshwater (6)
Hand present
 No (456)
 Yes (2)
Head pattern
 Solid (332)
 Striped (32)
 Masked (16)
 Other (5)
 Spotted (4)
 Banded (1)
Hoof present
 No (433)
 Yes (28)
Horn shape
 Unbranched (14)
 Branched (9)
 Branched, bifurcated (1)
Horns curving extensively
 No (11)
 Yes (3)
Mammae number
 8 (13)
 6 (11)
 4 (5)
Nails well developed
 Yes (8)
 No (2)
Neck vertebrae free
 No (20)
 Yes (1)
Nose color yellowish
 No (4)
 Yes (2)
Nose pad diameter
 Less than 25.4 mm (1)
 More than 25.4 mm (1)
Nose shape
 Pointed, mouse-like (73)
 Blunt, vole-like (39)
 Very pointed, shrew-like (38)
 Not leaf-like (31)
 Leaf-like (1)
 Star (1)
 North America WEST (377)
 Canada (188)
 Mexico (179)
 North America EAST (144)
Range in Canada
 British Columbia (134)
 Quebec (92)
 Alberta (86)
 Manitoba (86)
 Saskatchewan (82)
 Nova Scotia (75)
 Yukon (75)
 Ontario (74)
 Northwest Territories (72)
 New Brunswick (68)
 Newfoundland (62)
 Labrador (58)
 Prince Edward Island (44)
Range in U.S.A.
 California (207)
 Oregon (156)
 Texas (154)
 New Mexico (148)
 Washington (147)
 Arizona (138)
 Utah (120)
 Colorado (119)
 Nevada (118)
 Wyoming (115)
 Idaho (109)
 Montana (106)
 Virginia (98)
 North Carolina (97)
 Oklahoma (96)
 Georgia (94)
 South Carolina (92)
 South Dakota (89)
 Nebraska (88)
 Kansas (85)
 Maryland (83)
 North Dakota (81)
 Alaska (80)
 New Jersey (80)
 New York (80)
 Alabama (78)
 Massachusetts (78)
 Connecticut (77)
 Delaware (77)
 Florida (77)
 Minnesota (76)
 Tennessee (76)
 Louisiana (75)
 Maine (75)
 Pennsylvania (75)
 Kentucky (72)
 Mississippi (72)
 Missouri (72)
 New Hampshire (72)
 West Virginia (71)
 Wisconsin (69)
 Illinois (67)
 Rhode Island (66)
 Indiana (65)
 Iowa (65)
 Arkansas (62)
 Ohio (59)
 Vermont (59)
 Michigan (57)
 District of Columbia (31)
 Hawaii (12)
 Puerto Rico (4)
Rear foot bottom hairy
 No (10)
 Yes (9)
Rear foot bottom pad number
 6 (18)
 4 (3)
 5 (1)
Rear foot length
 Less than 35 mm (18)
 More than 32 mm (16)
 Less than 32 mm (2)
 More than 35 mm (1)
Rear foot length, Kangaroo Rat
 Less than 42 mm (2)
 More than 42 mm (1)
Rear foot length, Microtus
 Less than 21.5 mm (1)
 More than 21.5 mm (1)
Rear foot length, Neotoma
 Less than 40 mm (1)
 More than 40 mm (1)
Rear foot length, Perognathus
 Less than 20 mm (6)
 More than 20 mm (2)
Rear foot length, Peromyscus
 24 or less (1)
 25 or more (1)
 Less than 19 mm (1)
 More than 19 mm (1)
Rear foot toe number
 5 (10)
 4 (7)
Rear leg pattern
 Solid (55)
 White stripe (7)
Rear legs much bigger than front legs
 No (83)
 Yes (42)
Rear legs much enlarged for jumping
 Yes (40)
 No (21)
Rump with spines or bristles
 No (5)
 Weakly developed (4)
 Strongly developed (3)
Skeleton baculum
 Well developed (7)
 Vestigial (2)
Skeleton baculum base width contained
 More than 7 times in baculum length but less than 8 (5)
 More than 7 times in baculum length (3)
 Less than 7 times in baculum length (1)
 More than 8 times in baculum length (1)
Skull auditory bullae enlarged
 Moderately (19)
 Excessively (18)
 No (1)
Skull auditory bullae rounded
 No (1)
 Yes (1)
Skull basilar length
 More than 67 mm (4)
 Less than 67 mm (2)
Skull crest pronounced
 No (11)
 Yes (2)
Skull greatest length, Peromyscus
 Less than 28 mm (2)
 More than 28 mm (1)
Skull infraorbital canal shape
 V (83)
 Oval (4)
Skull infraorbital opening enlarged
 No (7)
 Yes (1)
Skull infraorbital opening piercing zygomatic plate of maxillary
 No (45)
 Yes (22)
Skull interparietal breadth
 Less than 4 mm (2)
 More than 4 mm (2)
Skull interparietal fused with parietals
 Yes (12)
 No (9)
Skull interpterygoid fossa width
 More than 3.5 mm (2)
 Less than 3.5 mm (1)
Skull mandible coronoid process
 Reduced (18)
 Well developed (1)
Skull mandible rear with a step
 No (5)
 Yes (2)
Skull maxillary tooth row convergent posteriorly
 No (24)
 Yes (4)
Skull molar teeth triangular
 No (43)
 Yes (37)
Skull molar tooth row length
 Less than 3.9 mm (1)
 More than 3.9 mm (1)
Skull nasal bones shape
 Long, slender (2)
 Short, broad (1)
Skull palate anteriorly emarginated
 No (3)
 Slightly (3)
 Yes (3)
Skull palate posteriorly emarginated or concave
 No (1)
 Yes (1)
Skull palate rear margin shape
 V (3)
 U (2)
Skull palate rear with lateral pits
 Yes (5)
 No (3)
Skull palate with lateral grooves
 No (5)
 Yes (2)
Skull posterior palatine foramina position relative to anterior palatine foramina
 Midway between anterior foramina and posterior edge of palate (16)
 Closer to posterior of palate (1)
Skull postorbital process
 Concave dorsally (8)
 Convex dorsally (4)
 Triangular (3)
 Quadrate (1)
Skull postorbital process projecting at right angle to long axis of skull
 No (33)
 Yes (6)
Skull pterygoid rear shape
 Nearly straight (4)
 Curved (1)
Skull rostrum abruptly arched in front of molars
 Yes (7)
 No (4)
Skull rostrum shape
 Long and narrow (2)
 Short and broad (1)
Skull rostrum shape viewed from above
 Curved inward at tip (3)
 Triangular (1)
Skull rostrum wider than basioccipital is long
 No (2)
 Yes (2)
Skull shape subrectangular dorsally
 No (21)
 Yes (4)
Skull supraorbital notch
 Obsolete (1)
 Prominent (1)
Skull supraorbital ridge
 None (22)
 Not prominent (12)
 Prominent (4)
Skull supraorbital ridge anterior extension is
 Less than half length of posterior extension (8)
 More than half length of posterior extension (1)
Skull supraorbital ridges fused in interorbital region
 No (6)
 Yes (3)
Skull zygomata twisted
 Yes (28)
 No (11)
Snout length
 Short (9)
 Long (2)
Snout set off from forehead
 No (12)
 Yes (2)
 Native (433)
 Introduced (27)
Tail bottom is white
 No (1)
 Yes (1)
Tail bottom white striped
 Yes (3)
 No (1)
Tail bottom with dark stripe
 No (1)
 Yes (1)
Tail dark rings complete below
 No (1)
 Yes (1)
Tail distinctly bicolor
 Yes (2)
 No (1)
Tail hair
 Regular (234)
 Bushy (78)
 Bushy tip (37)
 No tail (37)
 No hair (35)
 Horse-like (1)
 Spine (1)
Tail is longer than head and body
 No (1)
 Yes (1)
Tail length
 Long (211)
 Short (91)
 Stump (56)
 No tail (36)
 More than 50 mm (3)
 Less than 50 mm (2)
Tail length relative to head and body length
 Less than 110% (4)
 Less than 50% (1)
 More than 110% (1)
 More than 50% (1)
Tail length, Perognathus
 57 mm or more (3)
 56 mm or less (2)
Tail length, Peromyscus
 Less than 91 mm (4)
 More than 91 mm (4)
 Less than 60 mm (1)
 More than 60 mm (1)
Tail length, shrews
 More than 40% of body length (27)
 Less than 40% of body length (3)
Tail midway bottom dark stripe wider than above white stripe
 No (1)
 Yes (1)
Tail pattern
 Solid (212)
 Striped (137)
 No tail (36)
 Dark tip (29)
 Light tip (23)
 Spotted (4)
 Ringed (3)
Tail penicillated
 No (2)
 Yes (2)
Tail reaches interfemoral membrane
 Barely (28)
 Well beyond (4)
 No (3)
Tail shape
 Not laterally compressed (27)
 Laterally compressed (2)
Tail tip color
 Black (7)
 Black and white (6)
 White (3)
 White with gray center (1)
Tail top main color
 Brown (3)
 Black (2)
 White (2)
Tail white stripe wider than dark stripe
 No (1)
 Yes (1)
Teeth 1st and 2nd lower molars with distinct labial shelf or ridge
 No (3)
 Yes (1)
Teeth 1st upper molar with anterointernal reentrant angle deep
 No (4)
 Yes (2)
Teeth 2nd upper molar with rounded posterior loop
 No (6)
 Yes (2)
Teeth all alike
 No (414)
 Yes (37)
 No teeth (9)
Teeth along all length of jaw
 No (2)
 Yes (1)
Teeth grooved
 No (7)
 Yes (1)
Teeth incisor pair enlarged
 Yes (238)
 No (220)
Teeth lower incisor size
 Long (28)
 Short (9)
Teeth lower jaw back teeth
 8 (152)
 6 (104)
 10 (90)
 12 (42)
 14 (22)
 16 (1)
Teeth lower jaw incisor number
 2 (273)
 6 (106)
 4 (28)
 8 (2)
Teeth lower jaw molar number
 6 (362)
 4 (27)
 2 (12)
 12 (1)
 8 (1)
Teeth lower jaw premolar number
 2 (159)
 6 (71)
 4 (53)
 8 (31)
 10 (10)
Teeth lower jaw with more than 2 teeth
 No (9)
 Yes (3)
Teeth lower premolar size relative to last molar
 Almost equal (5)
 Much larger (2)
 Much smaller (1)
Teeth molar rooted in adults
 No (19)
 Yes (9)
Teeth present
 Yes (449)
 No (9)
Teeth shape
 Conical (23)
 Compressed (7)
 Spade (2)
Teeth total number
 16 (84)
 20 (67)
 32 (67)
 28 (30)
 30 (21)
 18 (5)
Teeth upper jaw incisor number
 2 (232)
 6 (99)
 4 (57)
 10 (1)
Teeth upper jaw molar number
 6 (346)
 2 (32)
 4 (25)
 12 (1)
 8 (1)
Teeth upper jaw premolar number
 6 (120)
 8 (32)
 10 (10)
 12 (1)
 14 (1)
Teeth upper molar cusp number
 2 (66)
 3 (3)
Throat groove number
 More than 2 (6)
 2 (1)
Throat grooved
 Yes (7)
 No (2)
Upper incisors grooved
 No (35)
 Yes (35)
Upper jaw back teeth
 10 (120)
 12 (101)
 6 (97)
 8 (93)
 14 (8)
 16 (1)
Upper jaw toothless
 No (24)
 Yes (12)
Wing present
 No (421)
 Yes (40)