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Discover Life
4629 kinds match

Abditomys latidens  [popup]
Luzon broad-toothed rat
Abrawayaomys ruschii  [popup]
Abrocoma bennetti  [popup]
Abrocoma boliviensis  [popup]
Bolivian chinchilla rat
Abrocoma cinerea  [popup]
Ashy chinchilla rat
Acerodon celebensis  [popup]
Sulawesi fruit bat
Acerodon humilis  [popup]
Talaud fruit bat
Acerodon jubatus  [popup]
Golden-capped fruit bat
Acerodon leucotis  [popup]
Palawan fruit bat
Acerodon lucifer  [popup]
Panay golden-capped fruit bat
Acerodon mackloti  [popup]
Sunda fruit bat
Acinonyx jubatus  [popup]
Acomys cahirinus  [popup]
Cairo spiny mouse
Acomys cilicicus  [popup]
Asia minor spiny mouse
Acomys cinerasceus  [popup]
Gray spiny mouse
Acomys ignitus  [popup]
Fiery spiny mouse
Acomys kempi  [popup]
Spiny mouse
Acomys louisae  [popup]
Spiny mouse
Acomys minous  [popup]
Crete spiny mouse
Acomys mullah  [popup]
Mullah spiny mouse
Acomys nesiotes  [popup]
Cyprus spiny mouse
Acomys percivali  [popup]
Spiny mouse
Acomys russatus  [popup]
Golden spiny mouse
Acomys spinosissimus  [popup]
Spiny mouse
Acomys subspinosus  [popup]
Cape spiny mouse
Acomys wilsoni  [popup]
Spiny mouse
Aconaemys fuscus  [popup]
Chilean rock rat
Aconaemys sagei  [popup]
Rock rat
Acrobates pygmaeus  [popup]
Feathertail glider...
Addax nasomaculatus  [popup]
Aepeomys fuscatus  [popup]
Aepeomys lugens  [popup]
Aepyceros melampus  [popup]
Aepyprymnus rufescens  [popup]
Rufous bettong...
Aeretes melanopterus  [popup]
North chinese flying squirrel...
Aeromys tephromelas  [popup]
Black flying squirrel...
Aeromys thomasi  [popup]
Flying squirrel...
Aethalops alecto  [popup]
Pygmy fruit bat
Aethomys bocagei  [popup]
Rock rat
Aethomys chrysophilus  [popup]
Red rock rat
Aethomys granti  [popup]
Rock rat
Aethomys hindei  [popup]
Rock rat
Aethomys kaiseri  [popup]
Rock rat
Aethomys namaquensis  [popup]
Namaqua rock rat
Aethomys nyikae  [popup]
Nyika rock rat
Aethomys silindensis  [popup]
Silinda rock rat
Aethomys stannarius  [popup]
Tinfields rock rat
Aethomys thomasi  [popup]
Rock rat
Agouti paca  [popup]
Agouti taczanowskii  [popup]
Mountain paca...
Ailuropoda melanoleuca  [popup]
Giant panda...
Ailurops ursinus  [popup]
Bear cuscus...
Ailurus fulgens  [popup]
Red panda...
Akodon aerosus  [popup]
Akodon affinis  [popup]
Akodon albiventer  [popup]
Akodon azarae  [popup]
Akodon bogotensis  [popup]
Akodon boliviensis  [popup]
Akodon budini  [popup]
Akodon cursor  [popup]
Akodon dayi  [popup]
Akodon dolores  [popup]
Akodon fumeus  [popup]
Akodon hershkovitzi  [popup]
Akodon illuteus  [popup]
Akodon iniscatus  [popup]
Akodon juninensis  [popup]
Akodon kempi  [popup]
Akodon kofordi  [popup]
Akodon lanosus  [popup]
Akodon latebricola  [popup]
Akodon lindberghi  [popup]
Akodon longipilis  [popup]
Akodon mansoensis  [popup]
Akodon markhami  [popup]
Akodon mimus  [popup]
Akodon molinae  [popup]
Akodon mollis  [popup]
Akodon neocenus  [popup]
Akodon nigrita  [popup]
Akodon olivaceus  [popup]
Akodon orophilus  [popup]
Akodon puer  [popup]
Akodon sanborni  [popup]
Akodon sanctipaulensis  [popup]
Akodon serrensis  [popup]
Akodon siberiae  [popup]
Akodon simulator  [popup]
Akodon spegazzinii  [popup]
Akodon subfuscus  [popup]
Akodon surdus  [popup]
Akodon sylvanus  [popup]
Akodon toba  [popup]
Akodon torques  [popup]
Akodon urichi  [popup]
Akodon varius  [popup]
Akodon xanthorhinus  [popup]
Alcelaphus buselaphus  [popup]
Alces alces  [popup]
Alionycteris paucidentata  [popup]
Mindanao pygmy fruit bat
Allactaga balikunica  [popup]
Balikun jerboa
Allactaga bullata  [popup]
Gobi jerboa
Allactaga elater  [popup]
Small five-toed jerboa
Allactaga euphratica  [popup]
Euphrates jerboa
Allactaga firouzi  [popup]
Iranian jerboa
Allactaga hotsoni  [popup]
Allactaga major  [popup]
Great jerboa
Allactaga severtzovi  [popup]
Allactaga sibirica  [popup]
Mongolian five-toed jerboa
Allactaga tetradactyla  [popup]
Four-toed jerboa
Allactaga vinogradovi  [popup]
Allactodipus bobrinskii  [popup]
Allenopithecus nigroviridis  [popup]
Swamp monkey...
Allocebus trichotis  [popup]
Hairy-eared dwarf lemur...
Allocricetulus curtatus  [popup]
Allocricetulus eversmanni  [popup]
Alouatta belzebul  [popup]
Red-handed howler monkey...
Alouatta caraya  [popup]
Black howler monkey...
Alouatta coibensis  [popup]
Coiba howler monkey...
Alouatta fusca  [popup]
Brown howler monkey...
Alouatta palliata  [popup]
Mantled howler monkey...
Alouatta pigra  [popup]
Mexican black howler monkey
Alouatta sara  [popup]
Bolivian red howler monkey
Alouatta seniculus  [popup]
Red howler monkey...
Alticola albicauda  [popup]
Alticola argentatus  [popup]
Alticola barakshin  [popup]
Alticola lemminus  [popup]
Alticola macrotis  [popup]
Alticola montosa  [popup]
Alticola roylei  [popup]
Alticola semicanus  [popup]
Alticola stoliczkanus  [popup]
Alticola stracheyi  [popup]
Alticola strelzowi  [popup]
Alticola tuvinicus  [popup]
Amblonyx cinereus  [popup]
Oriental small-clawed otter...
Amblyrhiza inundata  [popup]
Blunt-toothed mouse
Amblysomus gunningi  [popup]
Golden mole...
Amblysomus hottentotus  [popup]
Hottentot golden mole...
Amblysomus iris  [popup]
Zulu golden mole
Amblysomus julianae  [popup]
Golden mole
Ametrida centurio  [popup]
Little white-shouldered bat
Ammodillus imbellis  [popup]
Ammodorcas clarkei  [popup]
Ammospermophilus harrisii  [popup]
Antelope squirrel...
Ammospermophilus insularis  [popup]
Espiritu santo island antelope squirrel...
Ammospermophilus interpres  [popup]
Texas antelope squirrel...
Ammospermophilus leucurus  [popup]
White-tailed antelope squirrel...
Ammospermophilus nelsoni  [popup]
Antelope squirrel...
Ammotragus lervia  [popup]
Amorphochilus schnablii  [popup]
Smoky bat
Anathana ellioti  [popup]
Madras tree shrew...
Andalgalomys olrogi  [popup]
Andalgalomys pearsoni  [popup]
Andinomys edax  [popup]
Anisomys imitator  [popup]
Squirrel-toothed rat
Anomalurus beecrofti  [popup]
Scaly-tailed squirrel
Anomalurus derbianus  [popup]
Scaly-tailed squirrel...
Anomalurus pelii  [popup]
Scaly-tailed squirrel...
Anomalurus pusillus  [popup]
Dwarf scaly-tailed squirrel
Anonymomys mindorensis  [popup]
Mindoro rat
Anotomys leander  [popup]
Anoura caudifer  [popup]
Tailed tailless bat...
Anoura cultrata  [popup]
Tailless bat
Anoura geoffroyi  [popup]
Tailless bat
Anoura latidens  [popup]
Broad-toothed tailless bat
Anourosorex squamipes  [popup]
Mole shrew...
Antechinus bellus  [popup]
Fawn antechinus...
Antechinus flavipes  [popup]
Yellow-footed antechinus...
Antechinus godmani  [popup]
Atherton antechinus...
Antechinus laniger  [popup]
Antechinus leo  [popup]
Cinnamon antechinus
Antechinus melanurus  [popup]
Black-tailed antechinus...
Antechinus minimus  [popup]
Swamp antechinus...
Antechinus stuartii  [popup]
Brown antechinus
Antechinus swainsonii  [popup]
Dusky antechinus...
Antechinus wilhelmina  [popup]
Lesser antechinus
Anthops ornatus  [popup]
Flower-faced bat
Antidorcas marsupialis  [popup]
Antilocapra americana  [popup]
Antilope cervicapra  [popup]
Antrozous dubiaquercus  [popup]
Antrozous pallidus  [popup]
Pallid bat
Aonyx capensis  [popup]
African clawless otter...
Aonyx congicus  [popup]
Congo clawless otter...
Aotus azarai  [popup]
Night monkey...
Aotus brumbacki  [popup]
Night monkey
Aotus hershkovitzi  [popup]
Night monkey
Aotus infulatus  [popup]
Feline night monkey...
Aotus lemurinus  [popup]
Lemurine night monkey...
Aotus miconax  [popup]
Andean night monkey...
Aotus nancymaae  [popup]
Night monkey...
Aotus nigriceps  [popup]
Black-headed night monkey
Aotus trivirgatus  [popup]
Northern night monkey...
Aotus vociferans  [popup]
Noisy night monkey...
Aplodontia rufa  [popup]
Mountain beaver
Apodemus agrarius  [popup]
Striped field mouse
Apodemus alpicola  [popup]
Alpine field mouse
Apodemus argenteus  [popup]
Small japanese field mouse
Apodemus arianus  [popup]
Persian field mouse
Apodemus chevrieri  [popup]
Field mouse
Apodemus draco  [popup]
South china field mouse
Apodemus flavicollis  [popup]
Yellow-necked field mouse
Apodemus fulvipectus  [popup]
Yellow-breasted field mouse
Apodemus gurkha  [popup]
Himalayan field mouse
Apodemus hermonensis  [popup]
Hermon field mouse
Apodemus hyrcanicus  [popup]
Caucasus field mouse
Apodemus latronum  [popup]
Sichuan field mouse
Apodemus mystacinus  [popup]
Broad-toothed field mouse
Apodemus peninsulae  [popup]
Korean field mouse
Apodemus ponticus  [popup]
Black sea field mouse
Apodemus rusiges  [popup]
Kashmir field mouse
Apodemus semotus  [popup]
Taiwan field mouse
Apodemus speciosus  [popup]
Large japanese field mouse
Apodemus sylvaticus  [popup]
Long-tailed field mouse
Apodemus uralensis  [popup]
Ural field mouse
Apodemus wardi  [popup]
Field mouse
Apomys abrae  [popup]
Luzon cordillera forest mouse
Apomys datae  [popup]
Luzon montane forest mouse
Apomys hylocoetes  [popup]
Apo forest mouse
Apomys insignis  [popup]
Mindanao montane forest mouse
Apomys littoralis  [popup]
Mindanao lowland forest mouse
Apomys microdon  [popup]
Small luzon forest mouse
Apomys musculus  [popup]
Least forest mouse
Apomys sacobianus  [popup]
Long-nosed luzon forest mouse
Aproteles bulmerae  [popup]
Fruit bat
Arborimus albipes  [popup]
Arborimus longicaudus  [popup]
Arborimus pomo  [popup]
Archboldomys luzonensis  [popup]
Isarog shrew mouse
Arctictis binturong  [popup]
Arctocebus aureus  [popup]
Golden angwantibo
Arctocebus calabarensis  [popup]
Calabar angwantibo...
Arctocephalus australis  [popup]
South american fur seal...
Arctocephalus forsteri  [popup]
New zealand fur seal...
Arctocephalus galapagoensis  [popup]
Fur seal...
Arctocephalus gazella  [popup]
Antarctic fur seal...
Arctocephalus philippii  [popup]
Juan fernandez fur seal...
Arctocephalus pusillus  [popup]
South african fur seal...
Arctocephalus townsendi  [popup]
Guadalupe fur seal...
Arctocephalus tropicalis  [popup]
Subantarctic fur seal...
Arctogalidia trivirgata  [popup]
Small-toothed palm civet...
Arctonyx collaris  [popup]
Hog badger...
Ardops nichollsi  [popup]
Tree bat
Ariteus flavescens  [popup]
Jamaican fig-eating bat
Artibeus amplus  [popup]
Large fruit-eating bat
Artibeus anderseni  [popup]
Fruit-eating bat
Artibeus aztecus  [popup]
Aztec fruit-eating bat
Artibeus cinereus  [popup]
Fruit-eating bat
Artibeus concolor  [popup]
Brown fruit-eating bat
Artibeus fimbriatus  [popup]
Fringed fruit-eating bat
Artibeus fraterculus  [popup]
Fraternal fruit-eating bat
Artibeus glaucus  [popup]
Silver fruit-eating bat
Artibeus hartii  [popup]
Velvety fruit-eating bat
Artibeus hirsutus  [popup]
Hairy fruit-eating bat
Artibeus inopinatus  [popup]
Honduran fruit-eating bat
Artibeus jamaicensis  [popup]
Jamaican fruit-eating bat
Artibeus lituratus  [popup]
Great fruit-eating bat
Artibeus obscurus  [popup]
Dark fruit-eating bat
Artibeus phaeotis  [popup]
Pygmy fruit-eating bat
Artibeus planirostris  [popup]
Flat-faced fruit-eating bat
Artibeus toltecus  [popup]
Toltec fruit-eating bat
Arvicanthis abyssinicus  [popup]
Abyssinian grass rat
Arvicanthis blicki  [popup]
Grass rat
Arvicanthis nairobae  [popup]
Nairobi grass rat
Arvicanthis niloticus  [popup]
African grass rat
Arvicanthis somalicus  [popup]
Arvicola sapidus  [popup]
Arvicola terrestris  [popup]
Asellia patrizii  [popup]
Trident leaf-nosed bat
Asellia tridens  [popup]
Trident leaf-nosed bat
Aselliscus stoliczkanus  [popup]
Trident bat
Aselliscus tricuspidatus  [popup]
Trident bat
Atelerix albiventris  [popup]
Four-toed hedgehog...
Atelerix algirus  [popup]
North african hedgehog...
Atelerix frontalis  [popup]
Southern african hedgehog...
Atelerix sclateri  [popup]
Somali hedgehog...
Ateles belzebuth  [popup]
White-bellied spider monkey
Ateles chamek  [popup]
Chamek spider monkey...
Ateles fusciceps  [popup]
Brown-headed spider monkey
Ateles geoffroyi  [popup]
Central american spider monkey
Ateles marginatus  [popup]
White-whiskered spider monkey
Ateles paniscus  [popup]
Black spider monkey...
Atelocynus microtis  [popup]
Short-eared dog
Atherurus africanus  [popup]
African brush-tailed porcupine...
Atherurus macrourus  [popup]
Asiatic brush-tailed porcupine...
Atilax paludinosus  [popup]
Marsh mongoose
Atlantoxerus getulus  [popup]
Barbary ground squirrel...
Auliscomys boliviensis  [popup]
Auliscomys micropus  [popup]
Auliscomys pictus  [popup]
Auliscomys sublimis  [popup]
Australophocaena dioptrica  [popup]
Spectacled porpoise...
Avahi laniger  [popup]
Woolly lemur...
Axis axis  [popup]
Axis calamianensis  [popup]
Calamian deer
Axis kuhlii  [popup]
Bawean deer
Axis porcinus  [popup]
Hog deer
Babyrousa babyrussa  [popup]
Baiomys musculus  [popup]
Baiomys taylori  [popup]
Balaena mysticetus  [popup]
Balaenoptera acutorostrata  [popup]
Minke whale...
Balaenoptera borealis  [popup]
Sei whale
Balaenoptera edeni  [popup]
Balaenoptera musculus  [popup]
Blue whale...
Balaenoptera physalus  [popup]
Fin whale...
Balantiopteryx infusca  [popup]
Ecuadorian sac-winged bat
Balantiopteryx io  [popup]
Sac-winged bat
Balantiopteryx plicata  [popup]
Gray sac-winged bat
Balionycteris maculata  [popup]
Spotted-winged fruit bat
Bandicota bengalensis  [popup]
Lesser bandicoot rat
Bandicota indica  [popup]
Greater bandicoot rat
Bandicota savilei  [popup]
Bandicoot rat
Barbastella barbastellus  [popup]
Western barbastelle
Barbastella leucomelas  [popup]
Eastern barbastelle
Bassaricyon alleni  [popup]
Bassaricyon beddardi  [popup]
Bassaricyon gabbii  [popup]
Bassaricyon lasius  [popup]
Bassaricyon pauli  [popup]
Chiriqui olingo...
Bassariscus astutus  [popup]
Bassariscus sumichrasti  [popup]
Bathyergus janetta  [popup]
Namaqua dune mole rat
Bathyergus suillus  [popup]
Cape dune mole rat
Batomys dentatus  [popup]
Large-toothed hairy-tailed rat
Batomys granti  [popup]
Luzon hairy-tailed rat
Batomys salomonseni  [popup]
Mindanao hairy-tailed rat
Bdeogale crassicauda  [popup]
Bushy-tailed mongoose...
Bdeogale jacksoni  [popup]
Bdeogale nigripes  [popup]
Black-footed mongoose...
Beamys hindei  [popup]
Long-tailed pouched rat
Beamys major  [popup]
Greater long-tailed pouched rat
Belomys pearsonii  [popup]
Hairy-footed flying squirrel
Berardius arnuxii  [popup]
Beaked whale...
Berardius bairdii  [popup]
Beaked whale
Berylmys berdmorei  [popup]
Small white-toothed rat
Berylmys bowersi  [popup]
White-toothed rat
Berylmys mackenziei  [popup]
White-toothed rat
Berylmys manipulus  [popup]
Manipur white-toothed rat
Bettongia gaimardi  [popup]
Tasmanian bettong...
Bettongia lesueur  [popup]
Burrowing bettong...
Bettongia penicillata  [popup]
Brush-tailed bettong
Bibimys chacoensis  [popup]
Bibimys labiosus  [popup]
Bibimys torresi  [popup]
Bison bison  [popup]
American bison...
Bison bonasus  [popup]
European bison
Biswamoyopterus biswasi  [popup]
Namdapha flying squirrel...
Blanfordimys afghanus  [popup]
Blanfordimys bucharicus  [popup]
Blarina brevicauda  [popup]
Northern short-tailed shrew...
Blarina carolinensis  [popup]
Southern short-tailed shrew...
Blarina hylophaga  [popup]
Short-tailed shrew...
Blarinella quadraticauda  [popup]
Sichuan short-tailed shrew...
Blarinella wardi  [popup]
Short-tailed shrew...
Blarinomys breviceps  [popup]
Blastocerus dichotomus  [popup]
Marsh deer
Bolomys amoenus  [popup]
Pleasant bolo mouse
Bolomys lactens  [popup]
Rufous-bellied bolo mouse
Bolomys lasiurus  [popup]
Hairy-tailed bolo mouse
Bolomys obscurus  [popup]
Dark bolo mouse
Bolomys punctulatus  [popup]
Spotted bolo mouse
Bolomys temchuki  [popup]
Bolo mouse
Boneia bidens  [popup]
Manado fruit bat
Boromys offella  [popup]
Oriente cave rat
Boromys torrei  [popup]
Cave rat
Bos frontalis  [popup]
Bos grunniens  [popup]
Bos javanicus  [popup]
Bos sauveli  [popup]
Bos taurus  [popup]
Boselaphus tragocamelus  [popup]
Brachiones przewalskii  [popup]
Brachylagus idahoensis  [popup]
Pygmy rabbit...
Brachyphylla cavernarum  [popup]
Antillean fruit-eating bat
Brachyphylla nana  [popup]
Cuban fruit-eating bat
Brachytarsomys albicauda  [popup]
White-tailed rat
Brachyteles arachnoides  [popup]
Brachyuromys betsileoensis  [popup]
Betsileo short-tailed rat
Brachyuromys ramirohitra  [popup]
Gregarious short-tailed rat
Bradypus torquatus  [popup]
Maned three-toed sloth
Bradypus tridactylus  [popup]
Pale-throated three-toed sloth
Bradypus variegatus  [popup]
Brown-throated three-toed sloth
Brotomys contractus  [popup]
Haitian edible rat
Brotomys voratus  [popup]
Hispaniolan edible rat
Bubalus bubalis  [popup]
Water buffalo
Bubalus depressicornis  [popup]
Lowland anoa...
Bubalus mephistopheles  [popup]
Short-horned water buffalo
Bubalus mindorensis  [popup]
Bubalus quarlesi  [popup]
Mountain anoa
Budorcas taxicolor  [popup]
Bullimus bagobus  [popup]
Bagobo rat
Bullimus luzonicus  [popup]
Luzon forest rat
Bunolagus monticularis  [popup]
Riverine rabbit...
Bunomys andrewsi  [popup]
Hill rat
Bunomys chrysocomus  [popup]
Yellow-haired hill rat
Bunomys coelestis  [popup]
Heavenly hill rat
Bunomys fratrorum  [popup]
Fraternal hill rat
Bunomys heinrichi  [popup]
Hill rat
Bunomys penitus  [popup]
Inland hill rat
Bunomys prolatus  [popup]
Long-headed hill rat
Burramys parvus  [popup]
Mountain pygmy possum
Cabassous centralis  [popup]
Northern naked-tailed armadillo
Cabassous chacoensis  [popup]
Chacoan naked-tailed armadillo
Cabassous tatouay  [popup]
Greater naked-tailed armadillo...
Cabassous unicinctus  [popup]
Southern naked-tailed armadillo...
Cacajao calvus  [popup]
Red uakari...
Cacajao melanocephalus  [popup]
Black uakari...
Caenolestes caniventer  [popup]
Gray-bellied shrew opossum
Caenolestes convelatus  [popup]
Blackish shrew opossum
Caenolestes fuliginosus  [popup]
Silky shrew opossum...
Calcochloris obtusirostris  [popup]
Yellow golden mole...
Callicebus brunneus  [popup]
Brown titi...
Callicebus caligatus  [popup]
Booted titi...
Callicebus cinerascens  [popup]
Ashy titi...
Callicebus cupreus  [popup]
Coppery titi...
Callicebus donacophilus  [popup]
Bolivian titi...
Callicebus dubius  [popup]
Dubius titi
Callicebus hoffmannsi  [popup]
Callicebus modestus  [popup]
Modest titi
Callicebus moloch  [popup]
Dusky titi...
Callicebus oenanthe  [popup]
Andean titi
Callicebus olallae  [popup]
Callicebus personatus  [popup]
Masked titi...
Callicebus torquatus  [popup]
Yellow-handed titi...
Callimico goeldii  [popup]
Callithrix argentata  [popup]
Silvery marmoset...
Callithrix aurita  [popup]
White-eared marmoset...
Callithrix flaviceps  [popup]
Buffy-headed marmoset...
Callithrix geoffroyi  [popup]
Callithrix humeralifer  [popup]
Callithrix jacchus  [popup]
White-tufted-ear marmoset...
Callithrix kuhlii  [popup]
Black-tufted-ear marmoset...
Callithrix penicillata  [popup]
Black-pencilled marmoset...
Callithrix pygmaea  [popup]
Pygmy marmoset...
Callorhinus ursinus  [popup]
Northern fur seal...
Callosciurus adamsi  [popup]
Ear-spot squirrel...
Callosciurus albescens  [popup]
Kloss squirrel...
Callosciurus baluensis  [popup]
Kinabalu squirrel...
Callosciurus caniceps  [popup]
Gray-bellied squirrel...
Callosciurus erythraeus  [popup]
Callosciurus finlaysonii  [popup]
Callosciurus inornatus  [popup]
Inornate squirrel...
Callosciurus melanogaster  [popup]
Mentawai squirrel...
Callosciurus nigrovittatus  [popup]
Black-striped squirrel...
Callosciurus notatus  [popup]
Plantain squirrel...
Callosciurus orestes  [popup]
Borneo black-banded squirrel...
Callosciurus phayrei  [popup]
Callosciurus prevostii  [popup]
Callosciurus pygerythrus  [popup]
Irrawaddy squirrel...
Callosciurus quinquestriatus  [popup]
Calomys boliviae  [popup]
Calomys callidus  [popup]
Calomys callosus  [popup]
Calomys hummelincki  [popup]
Calomys laucha  [popup]
Calomys lepidus  [popup]
Calomys musculinus  [popup]
Calomys sorellus  [popup]
Calomys tener  [popup]
Calomyscus bailwardi  [popup]
Calomyscus baluchi  [popup]
Calomyscus hotsoni  [popup]
Calomyscus mystax  [popup]
Calomyscus tsolovi  [popup]
Calomyscus urartensis  [popup]
Caloprymnus campestris  [popup]
Desert rat kangaroo...
Caluromys derbianus  [popup]
Central american woolly opossum...
Caluromys lanatus  [popup]
Western woolly opossum...
Caluromys philander  [popup]
Bare-tailed woolly opossum...
Caluromysiops irrupta  [popup]
Black-shouldered opossum
Camelus bactrianus  [popup]
Bactrian camel
Camelus dromedarius  [popup]
Canariomys tamarani  [popup]
Canary mouse
Canis adustus  [popup]
Side-striped jackal
Canis aureus  [popup]
Golden jackal
Canis familiaris  [popup]
Canis latrans  [popup]
Canis lupus  [popup]
Gray wolf
Canis mesomelas  [popup]
Black-backed jackal
Canis rufus  [popup]
Red wolf
Canis simensis  [popup]
Simian jackal
Cannomys badius  [popup]
Lesser bamboo rat
Cansumys canus  [popup]
Caperea marginata  [popup]
Pygmy right whale...
Capra caucasica  [popup]
West caucasian tur
Capra cylindricornis  [popup]
East caucasian tur
Capra falconeri  [popup]
Capra hircus  [popup]
Domestic goat
Capra ibex  [popup]
Capra nubiana  [popup]
Nubian ibex
Capra pyrenaica  [popup]
Spanish ibex
Capra sibirica  [popup]
Siberian ibex
Capra walie  [popup]
Walia ibex
Capreolus capreolus  [popup]
Western roe deer...
Capreolus pygargus  [popup]
Eastern roe deer
Caprolagus hispidus  [popup]
Hispid hare...
Capromys pilorides  [popup]
Caracal caracal  [popup]
Cardiocranius paradoxus  [popup]
Five-toed pygmy jerboa
Cardioderma cor  [popup]
Heart-nosed bat
Carollia brevicauda  [popup]
Silky short-tailed bat
Carollia castanea  [popup]
Chestnut short-tailed bat
Carollia perspicillata  [popup]
Short-tailed bat
Carollia subrufa  [popup]
Gray short-tailed bat
Carpomys melanurus  [popup]
Short-footed luzon tree rat
Carpomys phaeurus  [popup]
White-bellied luzon tree rat
Carterodon sulcidens  [popup]
Spiny rat...
Casinycteris argynnis  [popup]
Short-palated fruit bat
Castor canadensis  [popup]
American beaver
Castor fiber  [popup]
Eurasian beaver
Catagonus wagneri  [popup]
Chacoan peccary
Catopuma badia  [popup]
Bay cat...
Catopuma temminckii  [popup]
Asiatic golden cat...
Cavia aperea  [popup]
Brazilian guinea pig
Cavia fulgida  [popup]
Shiny guinea pig
Cavia magna  [popup]
Greater guinea pig
Cavia porcellus  [popup]
Guinea pig
Cavia tschudii  [popup]
Montane guinea pig
Cebus albifrons  [popup]
White-fronted capuchin...
Cebus apella  [popup]
Brown capuchin...
Cebus capucinus  [popup]
White-faced capuchin...
Cebus olivaceus  [popup]
Weeping capuchin
Celaenomys silaceus  [popup]
Blazed luzon shrew rat
Centronycteris maximiliani  [popup]
Shaggy bat
Centurio senex  [popup]
Wrinkle-faced bat
Cephalophus adersi  [popup]
Cephalophus callipygus  [popup]
Cephalophus dorsalis  [popup]
Bay duiker
Cephalophus harveyi  [popup]
Cephalophus jentinki  [popup]
Cephalophus leucogaster  [popup]
White-bellied duiker
Cephalophus maxwellii  [popup]
Maxwells duiker...
Cephalophus monticola  [popup]
Blue duiker
Cephalophus natalensis  [popup]
Natal duiker
Cephalophus niger  [popup]
Black duiker
Cephalophus nigrifrons  [popup]
Black-fronted duiker
Cephalophus ogilbyi  [popup]
Cephalophus rubidus  [popup]
Ruwenzori duiker
Cephalophus rufilatus  [popup]
Red-flanked duiker
Cephalophus silvicultor  [popup]
Yellow-backed duiker...
Cephalophus spadix  [popup]
Cephalophus weynsi  [popup]
Cephalophus zebra  [popup]
Zebra duiker
Cephalorhynchus commersonii  [popup]
Cephalorhynchus eutropia  [popup]
Black dolphin...
Cephalorhynchus heavisidii  [popup]
Cephalorhynchus hectori  [popup]
Ceratotherium simum  [popup]
White Rhinoceros...
Cercartetus caudatus  [popup]
Long-tailed pygmy possum...
Cercartetus concinnus  [popup]
Western pygmy possum...
Cercartetus lepidus  [popup]
Tasmanian pygmy possum...
Cercartetus nanus  [popup]
Eastern pygmy possum...
Cercocebus agilis  [popup]
Agile mangabey
Cercocebus galeritus  [popup]
Tana river mangabey
Cercocebus torquatus  [popup]
Red-capped mangabey
Cercopithecus ascanius  [popup]
Black-cheeked white-nosed monkey...
Cercopithecus campbelli  [popup]
Cercopithecus cephus  [popup]
Moustached monkey...
Cercopithecus diana  [popup]
Diana monkey...
Cercopithecus dryas  [popup]
Dryas monkey
Cercopithecus erythrogaster  [popup]
Red-bellied monkey
Cercopithecus erythrotis  [popup]
Red-eared monkey
Cercopithecus hamlyni  [popup]
Owl-faced monkey
Cercopithecus lhoesti  [popup]
Cercopithecus mitis  [popup]
Blue monkey
Cercopithecus mona  [popup]
Mona monkey...
Cercopithecus neglectus  [popup]
Cercopithecus nictitans  [popup]
White-nosed guenon...
Cercopithecus petaurista  [popup]
Lesser white-nosed monkey...
Cercopithecus pogonias  [popup]
Crowned guenon
Cercopithecus preussi  [popup]
Cercopithecus sclateri  [popup]
Cercopithecus solatus  [popup]
Sun-tailed monkey
Cercopithecus wolfi  [popup]
Cerdocyon thous  [popup]
Crab-eating fox
Cervus albirostris  [popup]
Cervus alfredi  [popup]
Visayan spotted deer
Cervus duvaucelii  [popup]
Cervus elaphus  [popup]
Cervus eldii  [popup]
Cervus mariannus  [popup]
Philippine brown deer
Cervus nippon  [popup]
Sika deer
Cervus schomburgki  [popup]
Cervus timorensis  [popup]
Timor deer
Cervus unicolor  [popup]
Chaerephon aloysiisabaudiae  [popup]
Free-tailed bat
Chaerephon ansorgei  [popup]
Free-tailed bat
Chaerephon bemmeleni  [popup]
Gland-tailed free-tailed bat
Chaerephon bivittata  [popup]
Spotted free-tailed bat
Chaerephon chapini  [popup]
Free-tailed bat
Chaerephon gallagheri  [popup]
Free-tailed bat
Chaerephon jobensis  [popup]
Northern mastiff bat
Chaerephon johorensis  [popup]
Northern free-tailed bat
Chaerephon major  [popup]
Lappet-eared free-tailed bat
Chaerephon nigeriae  [popup]
Nigerian free-tailed bat
... others not listed

REMAINING (number with state)
 Muridae (750)
 Cricetidae (574)
 Vespertilionidae (319)
 Soricidae (311)
 Sciuridae (273)
 Pteropodidae (166)
 Phyllostomidae (141)
 Bovidae (137)
 Rhinolophidae (131)
 Cercopithecidae (81)
 Molossidae (80)
 Echimyidae (78)
 Mustelidae (65)
 Didelphidae (64)
 Dasyuridae (63)
 Heteromyidae (59)
 Leporidae (54)
 Macropodidae (54)
 Dipodidae (51)
 Emballonuridae (47)
 Octodontidae (47)
 Cervidae (43)
 Talpidae (42)
 Cebidae (38)
 Felidae (37)
 Herpestidae (37)
 Canidae (35)
 Geomyidae (35)
 Viverridae (34)
 Delphinidae (32)
 Callitrichidae (26)
 Myoxidae (26)
 Ochotonidae (26)
 Tenrecidae (24)
 Erinaceidae (21)
 Capromyidae (20)
 Dasypodidae (20)
 Peramelidae (19)
 Phocidae (19)
 Tupaiidae (19)
 Ziphiidae (19)
 Chrysochloridae (18)
 Phalangeridae (18)
 Pitheciidae (18)
 Suidae (16)
 Agoutidae (15)
 Macroscelididae (15)
 Caviidae (14)
 Otariidae (14)
 Procyonidae (14)
 Pseudocheiridae (14)
 Bathyergidae (12)
 Erethizontidae (12)
 Nycteridae (12)
 Galagidae (11)
 Hylobatidae (11)
 Hystricidae (11)
 Lemuridae (10)
 Petauridae (10)
 Equidae (9)
 Hypsiprymnodontidae (9)
 Ursidae (9)
 Mormoopidae (8)
 Nesophontidae (8)
 Anomaluridae (7)
 Cheirogaleidae (7)
 Manidae (7)
 Megaladapidae (7)
 Balaenopteridae (6)
 Camelidae (6)
 Chinchillidae (6)
 Lorisidae (6)
 Phocoenidae (6)
 Procaviidae (6)
 Burramyidae (5)
 Caenolestidae (5)
 Ctenodactylidae (5)
 Heptaxodontidae (5)
 Hominidae (5)
 Indridae (5)
 Megadermatidae (5)
 Natalidae (5)
 Rhinocerotidae (5)
 Tarsiidae (5)
 Hippopotamidae (4)
 Hyaenidae (4)
 Moschidae (4)
 Myrmecophagidae (4)
 Platanistidae (4)
 Tapiridae (4)
 Tragulidae (4)
 Abrocomidae (3)
 Balaenidae (3)
 Bradypodidae (3)
 Rhinopomatidae (3)
 Solenodontidae (3)
 Tayassuidae (3)
 Trichechidae (3)
 Vombatidae (3)
 Acrobatidae (2)
 Castoridae (2)
 Chiropotes (2)
 Cynocephalidae (2)
 Dugongidae (2)
 Elephantidae (2)
 Furipteridae (2)
 Giraffidae (2)
 Kogiidae (2)
 Megalonychidae (2)
 Monodontidae (2)
 Mystacinidae (2)
 Noctilionidae (2)
 Notoryctidae (2)
 Tachyglossidae (2)
 Thryonomyidae (2)
 Thylacomyidae (2)
 Thyropteridae (2)
 Antilocapridae (1)
 Aplodontiidae (1)
 Craseonycteridae (1)
 Cyclopedidae (1)
 Daubentoniidae (1)
 Dinomyidae (1)
 Eschrichtiidae (1)
 Hydrochaeridae (1)
 Iniidae (1)
 Microbiotheriidae (1)
 Myocastoridae (1)
 Myrmecobiidae (1)
 Myzopodidae (1)
 Neobalaenidae (1)
 Odobenidae (1)
 Ornithorhynchidae (1)
 Orycteropodidae (1)
 Pedetidae (1)
 Petromuridae (1)
 Phascolarctidae (1)
 Physeteridae (1)
 Ptilocercidae (1)
 Tarsipedidae (1)
 Thylacinidae (1)