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367 kinds match in US, TN, Chester

Abagrotis alternata  [popup]
Greater Red Dart
Achatia distincta  [popup]
Distinct Quaker
Achyra rantalis  [popup]
Garden Webworm Moth...
Acleris curvalana  [popup]
Blueberry Leaftier Moth...
Acleris maculidorsana  [popup]
Stained-back Leafroller Moth
Acrolophus popeanella  [popup]
Clemens Grass Tubeworm Moth
Acronicta afflicta  [popup]
Afflicted Dagger Moth
Acronicta americana  [popup]
American Dagger Moth
Acronicta hasta  [popup]
Speared Dagger Moth...
Acronicta impleta  [popup]
Yellow-haired Dagger Moth
Acronicta oblinita  [popup]
Smeared Dagger Moth...
Actias luna  [popup]
Luna Moth
Aethes angulatana  [popup]
Angular Aethes...
Aethiophysa lentiflualis  [popup]
Aethiophysa invisalis
Agnorisma badinodis  [popup]
Pale-banded Dart...
Agnorisma bollii  [popup]
Xestia bollii
Agonopterix argillacea  [popup]
Agonopterix ciliella  [popup]
Agonopterix clemensella  [popup]
Agonopteryx clemensella
Agonopterix robiniella  [popup]
Four-dotted Agonopterix Moth
Agonopterix thelmae  [popup]
Thelmas Agonopterix Moth
Agrius cingulata  [popup]
Pink-spotted Hawk Moth...
Agrotis gladiaria  [popup]
Swordsman Dart...
Agrotis ipsilon  [popup]
Ipsilon Dart...
Alypia octomaculata  [popup]
Eight-spotted Forester
Amphion floridensis  [popup]
Nessus Sphinx...
Amphipyra pyramidoides  [popup]
Copper Underwing
Anacampsis coverdalella  [popup]
Coverdells Anacampsis Moth...
Anageshna primordialis  [popup]
Yellow-spotted Webworm Moth...
Anagrapha falcifera  [popup]
Celery Looper Moth...
Anavitrinella pampinaria  [popup]
Common Gray...
Ancylis burgessiana  [popup]
Oak Leaffolder Moth
Ancylis divisana  [popup]
Two-toned Ancylis Moth
Anicla infecta  [popup]
Green Cutworm Moth...
Anisota stigma  [popup]
Spiny Oakworm Moth
Antaeotricha humilis  [popup]
Dotted Anteotricha Moth
Antaeotricha leucillana  [popup]
Pale Gray Bird-dropping Moth
Antaeotricha schlaegeri  [popup]
Schlaegers Fruitworm Moth
Antepione thisoaria  [popup]
Variable Antepione
Antheraea polyphemus  [popup]
Polyphemus Moth
Anticarsia gemmatalis  [popup]
Velvetbean Caterpillar Moth...
Apantesis nais  [popup]
Nais Tiger Moth
Apatelodes torrefacta  [popup]
Spotted Apatelodes Moth
Archips argyrospila  [popup]
Fruit-tree Leafroller Moth
Argyresthia freyella  [popup]
Argyrotaenia quercifoliana  [popup]
Yellow-winged Oak Leafroller Moth
Argyrotaenia velutinana  [popup]
Red-banded Leafroller Moth...
Aristotelia roseosuffusella  [popup]
Aterpia approximana  [popup]
Sparkling Aterpia Moth
Athetis tarda  [popup]
The Slowpoke...
Atteva aurea  [popup]
Ailanthus Webworm Moth...
Autographa precationis  [popup]
Common Looper Moth...
Automeris io  [popup]
Io Moth
Bactra lancealana  [popup]
Black-blotched Bactra Moth
Bactra verutana  [popup]
Javelin Moth
Baileya ophthalmica  [popup]
Eyed Baileya...
Battaristis vittella  [popup]
Stripe-backed Moth
Bellura gortynoides  [popup]
Bellura diffusa...
Blastobasis glandulella  [popup]
Acorn Moth...
Bleptina caradrinalis  [popup]
Bent-winged Owlet Moth
Bucculatrix coronatella  [popup]
Caenurgia chloropha  [popup]
Vetch Looper Moth
Caenurgina erechtea  [popup]
Forage Looper Moth...
Callosamia angulifera  [popup]
Tulip-tree Silkmoth
Caloptilia stigmatella  [popup]
Cameraria conglomeratella  [popup]
Catocala angusi  [popup]
Anguss Underwing
Catocala cara  [popup]
Darling Underwing...
Catocala maestosa  [popup]
Sad Underwing
Catocala nebulosa  [popup]
Clouded Underwing
Catocala vidua  [popup]
Widow Underwing
Celypha cespitana  [popup]
Olethreutes cespitana...
Cerma cerintha  [popup]
Tufted Bird-dropping Moth
Chionodes mediofuscella  [popup]
Black-smudged Chionodes Moth
Chlorochlamys chloroleucaria  [popup]
Blackberry Looper Moth...
Choephora fungorum  [popup]
Bent-line Dart
Choristoneura rosaceana  [popup]
Oblique-banded Leafroller Moth
Chrysodeixis includens  [popup]
Soybean Looper Moth...
Chytolita morbidalis  [popup]
Morbid Owlet
Cisseps fulvicollis  [popup]
Yellow-collared Scape Moth
Cissusa spadix  [popup]
Black-dotted Brown
Cisthene plumbea  [popup]
Lead-colored Lichen Moth
Cladara limitaria  [popup]
Mottled Gray Carpet...
Cleora sublunaria  [popup]
Double-Lined Gray
Clepsis peritana  [popup]
Garden Tortrix Moth...
Clydonopteron sacculana  [popup]
Trumpet Vine Moth...
Cochylis hoffmanana  [popup]
Hoffmans Cochlid Moth...
Coleophora cratipennella  [popup]
Streaked Coleophora Moth
Coleophora mayrella  [popup]
Metallic Coleophora Moth...
Colobochyla interpuncta  [popup]
Yellow-lined Owlet
Condica vecors  [popup]
Dusky Groundling...
Condica videns  [popup]
White-dotted Groundling...
Corticivora clarki  [popup]
Costaconvexa centrostrigaria  [popup]
Bent-Line Carpet...
Crambidia pallida  [popup]
Pale Lichen Moth
Crambidia uniformis  [popup]
Uniform Lichen Moth
Crambus agitatellus  [popup]
Double-banded Grass-veneer Moth
Crambus laqueatellus  [popup]
Eastern Grass-veneer Moth...
Crambus leachellus  [popup]
Leachs Grass-veneer Moth
Crambus praefectellus  [popup]
Common Grass-veneer Moth...
Crocigrapha normani  [popup]
Normans Quaker
Cydia latiferreana  [popup]
Filbertworm Moth...
Cydia toreuta  [popup]
Eastern Pine Seedworm Moth...
Deidamia inscriptum  [popup]
Lettered Sphinx...
Deltophora sella  [popup]
Diacme elealis  [popup]
Paler Diacme Moth
Diatraea evanescens  [popup]
Dichomeris aleatrix  [popup]
Buffy Dichomeris Moth
Dichomeris flavocostella  [popup]
Cream-edged Dichomeris Moth...
Dichomeris georgiella  [popup]
Dichomeris juncidella  [popup]
Trichotaphe juncidella
Dichomeris ligulella  [popup]
Palmerworm Moth...
Dichomeris punctidiscella  [popup]
Spotted Dichomeris Moth
Dichomeris punctipennella  [popup]
Many-spotted Dichomeris Moth
Dichomeris serrativittella  [popup]
Dichomeris Species Group...
Dichomeris setosella  [popup]
Trichotaphe setosella
Dichomeris vindex  [popup]
Dichorda iridaria  [popup]
Showy Emerald...
Dicymolomia julianalis  [popup]
Julias Dicymolomia Moth
Digrammia gnophosaria  [popup]
Hollow-Spotted Angle...
Diploschizia impigritella  [popup]
Five-barred Glyphipterid Moth...
Drepana arcuata  [popup]
Arched Hooktip Moth
Ectropis crepuscularia  [popup]
The Small Engrailed...
Egira alternans  [popup]
Alternate Woodling...
Elachista illectella  [popup]
Cosmiotes illectella
Elachista irrorata  [popup]
Elaphria chalcedonia  [popup]
Chalcedony Midget
Elaphria festivoides  [popup]
Festive Midget
Elaphria grata  [popup]
Grateful Midget
Elasmopalpus lignosellus  [popup]
Lesser Cornstalk Borer Moth...
Elophila gyralis  [popup]
Waterlily Borer Moth...
Elophila obliteralis  [popup]
Waterlily Leafcutter Moth...
Ephestiodes infimella  [popup]
Epiblema boxcana  [popup]
Epiblema gibsoni  [popup]
Epiblema otiosana  [popup]
Bidens Borer Moth...
Epiblema scudderiana  [popup]
Scudders Epiblema Moth
Epiblema strenuana  [popup]
Ragweed Borer Moth...
Epicallima argenticinctella  [popup]
Orange-headed Epicallima Moth...
Epimecis hortaria  [popup]
Tulip-tree Beauty Moth...
Epipagis huronalis  [popup]
Estigmene acrea  [popup]
Salt Marsh Moth
Euchlaena marginaria  [popup]
Euchlaena marginata
Euchlaena pectinaria  [popup]
Forked Euchlaena...
Euclea delphinii  [popup]
Spiny Oak-slug Moth
Eucosma robinsonana  [popup]
Robinsons Eucosma Moth
Eulogia ochrifrontella  [popup]
Broad-banded Eulogia Moth
Eumarozia malachitana  [popup]
Sculptured Moth
Eumorpha fasciatus  [popup]
Banded Sphinx...
Eupsilia vinulenta  [popup]
Straight-toothed Sallow
Eusarca confusaria  [popup]
Confused Eusarca
Eutrapela clemataria  [popup]
Curve-toothed Geometer...
Euzophera ostricolorella  [popup]
Root Collar Borer Moth
Feltia herilis  [popup]
Masters Dart...
Feltia jaculifera  [popup]
Dingy Cutworm Moth...
Feltia subgothica  [popup]
Subgothic Dart...
Feltia subterranea  [popup]
Subterranean Dart...
Filatima serotinella  [popup]
Fissicrambus mutabilis  [popup]
Changeable Grass-veneer Moth
Furcula cinerea  [popup]
Gray Furcula
Galgula partita  [popup]
The Wedgling...
Garella nilotica  [popup]
Characoma nilotica
Gerdana caritella  [popup]
Glena cribrataria  [popup]
Dotted Gray
Glena plumosaria  [popup]
Dainty Gray...
Glenoides texanaria  [popup]
Texas Gray
Gluphisia septentrionis  [popup]
Common Gluphisia...
Glyphidocera juniperella  [popup]
Juniper Tip Moth
Gonioterma mistrella  [popup]
Grammia parthenice  [popup]
Parthenice Tiger Moth...
Grammia phyllira  [popup]
Grammia oithona...
Grapholita interstinctana  [popup]
Clover Head Caterpillar Moth
Grapholita packardi  [popup]
Cherry Fruitworm Moth
Haematopis grataria  [popup]
Chickweed Geometer...
Halysidota tessellaris  [popup]
Banded Tussock Moth
Haploa clymene  [popup]
Clymene Moth
Harrisina americana  [popup]
Grapeleaf Skeletonizer Moth
Helicoverpa zea  [popup]
Corn Earworm Moth...
Heliothis virescens  [popup]
Tobacco Budworm Moth
Hemaris diffinis  [popup]
Snowberry Clearwing Moth...
Heterocampa biundata  [popup]
Wavy-lined Heterocampa
Hethemia pistasciaria  [popup]
Pistachio Emerald
Homophoberia apicosa  [popup]
Black Wedge-spot...
Homorthodes lindseyi  [popup]
Southern Scurfy Quaker...
Homostinea curviliniella  [popup]
Hydriomena divisaria  [popup]
Black-Dashed Hydriomena
Hyles lineata  [popup]
White-lined Sphinx...
Hymenia perspectalis  [popup]
Spotted Beet Webworm Moth...
Hypagyrtis unipunctata  [popup]
One-Spotted Variant
Hypena baltimoralis  [popup]
Baltimore Bomolocha...
Hypena scabra  [popup]
Green Cloverworm Moth...
Hypercompe scribonia  [popup]
Giant Leopard Moth...
Hyperstrotia secta  [popup]
Black-patched Graylet
Hyphantria cunea  [popup]
Fall Webworm Moth...
Hypomecis umbrosaria  [popup]
Umber Moth
Hypoprepia fucosa  [popup]
Painted Lichen Moth
Hypsopygia costalis  [popup]
Clover Hayworm Moth...
Idia aemula  [popup]
Common Idia
Idia americalis  [popup]
American Idia
Idia julia  [popup]
Julias Idia
Idia rotundalis  [popup]
Rotund Idia Moth
Inga cretacea  [popup]
Chalky Inga Moth
Iridopsis defectaria  [popup]
Brown-Shaded Gray...
Isogona tenuis  [popup]
Thin-lined Owlet Moth
Kearfottia albifasciella  [popup]
Lacinipolia explicata  [popup]
Explicit Arches
Lacinipolia laudabilis  [popup]
Laudable Arches Moth
Lacinipolia renigera  [popup]
Bristly Cutworm Moth...
Lascoria ambigualis  [popup]
Ambiguous Moth
Lesmone detrahens  [popup]
Detracted owlet
Lesmone griseipennis  [popup]
Gray-winged Owlet
Leucania adjuta  [popup]
Adjutant Wainscot Moth
Leucania inermis  [popup]
Unarmed Wainscot
Leucania linda  [popup]
Linda Wainscot
Leucania multilinea  [popup]
Many-lined Wainscot...
Leucania subpunctata  [popup]
Leucania latiuscula
Leucania ursula  [popup]
Ursula Wainscot Moth
Leuconycta diphteroides  [popup]
Green Leuconycta...
Lineodes integra  [popup]
Eggplant Leafroller Moth
Lithophane signosa  [popup]
Signate Pinion Moth...
Lithophane unimoda  [popup]
Dowdy Pinion
Lobocleta ossularia  [popup]
Drab Brown Wave
Lobocleta peralbata  [popup]
Lochmaeus bilineata  [popup]
Double-lined Prominent
Lomographa semiclarata  [popup]
Bluish Spring Moth...
Lomographa vestaliata  [popup]
White Spring Moth
Macaria bicolorata  [popup]
Bicolored Angle...
Macaria minorata  [popup]
Semiothisa minorata
Macaria multilineata  [popup]
Many-Lined Angle...
Malacosoma americana  [popup]
Eastern Tent Caterpillar Moth...
Maliattha synochitis  [popup]
Black-dotted Lithacodia...
Manduca rustica  [popup]
Rustic Sphinx Moth
Marimatha nigrofimbria  [popup]
Black-bordered Lemon Moth...
Megalographa biloba  [popup]
Bilobed Looper Moth...
Meganola phylla  [popup]
Coastal Plain Meganola Moth
Melanolophia canadaria  [popup]
Canadian Melanolophia
Melittia cucurbitae  [popup]
Squash Vine Borer Moth...
Metalectra quadrisignata  [popup]
Four-spotted Fungus Moth
Metarranthis homuraria  [popup]
Purplish Metarranthis Moth...
Microcrambus elegans  [popup]
Elegant Grass-veneer Moth
Mompha brevivittella  [popup]
Mompha circumscriptella  [popup]
Circumscript Mompha Moth
Mompha eloisella  [popup]
Red-streaked Mompha Moth...
Mompha murtfeldtella  [popup]
Mompha stellella  [popup]
Morrisonia confusa  [popup]
Confused Woodgrain
Mythimna unipuncta  [popup]
Armyworm Moth...
Nadata gibbosa  [popup]
White-dotted Prominent
Nedra ramosula  [popup]
Gray Half-Spot
Neohelvibotys neohelvialis  [popup]
Nephelodes minians  [popup]
Bronzed Cutworm Moth...
Nerice bidentata  [popup]
Double-toothed Prominent
Nola cereella  [popup]
Sorghum Webworm Moth...
Nomophila nearctica  [popup]
Lucerne Moth
Nycteola metaspilella  [popup]
Forgotten Frigid Owlet Moth
Ogdoconta cinereola  [popup]
Common Pinkband...
Oligocentria lignicolor  [popup]
White-streaked Prominent
Orgyia leucostigma  [popup]
White-marked Tussock Moth
Orthodes cynica  [popup]
Cynical Quaker
Orthodes majuscula  [popup]
Rustic Quaker...
Orthonama obstipata  [popup]
The Gem
Orthosia alurina  [popup]
Gray Quaker
Orthosia garmani  [popup]
Garmans Quaker
Orthosia hibisci  [popup]
Speckled Green Fruitworm Moth...
Ostrinia nubilalis  [popup]
European Corn Borer Moth...
Ostrinia penitalis  [popup]
American Lotus Borer Moth
Paectes abrostoloides  [popup]
Large Paectes
Paectes pygmaea  [popup]
Pygmy Paectes
Pagara simplex  [popup]
Mouse-colored Lichen Moth
Palpita magniferalis  [popup]
Splendid Palpita Moth
Palthis angulalis  [popup]
Dark-spotted Palthis
Palthis asopialis  [popup]
Faint-spotted Palthis
Pandemis limitata  [popup]
Three-lined Leafroller Moth...
Pangrapta decoralis  [popup]
Decorated Owlet
Panopoda rufimargo  [popup]
Red-lined Panopoda Moth...
Paonias myops  [popup]
Small-eyed Sphinx...
Parallelia bistriaris  [popup]
Maple Looper Moth
Paralobesia liriodendrana  [popup]
Tulip-tree Leaftier Moth...
Parapediasia teterrella  [popup]
Bluegrass Webworm Moth...
Patalene olyzonaria  [popup]
Juniper Geometer...
Pelochrista scintillana  [popup]
Peridroma saucia  [popup]
Variegated Cutworm Moth...
Pero ancetaria  [popup]
Pero astapa...
Phaecasiophora niveiguttana  [popup]
Labyrinth Moth
Phalaenophana pyramusalis  [popup]
Dark-banded Owlet
Phalaenostola larentioides  [popup]
Black-banded Owlet...
Phigalia denticulata  [popup]
Toothed Phigalia
Phlyctaenia coronata  [popup]
Crowned Phlyctaenia Moth...
Phoberia atomaris  [popup]
Common Oak Moth
Phycitodes reliquella  [popup]
Phycitodes reliquellus
Phyllodesma occidentis  [popup]
Southern Lappet Moth
Phyllonorycter tritaenianella  [popup]
Platynota flavedana  [popup]
Black-shaded Platynota Moth
Platynota idaeusalis  [popup]
Tufted Apple Bud Moth
Pleuroprucha insulsaria  [popup]
Common Tan Wave
Plodia interpunctella  [popup]
Indian Meal Moth
Plusiodonta compressipalpis  [popup]
Moonseed Moth
Plutella xylostella  [popup]
Diamond-back Moth
Pococera expandens  [popup]
Striped Oak Webworm Moth...
Polygrammate hebraeicum  [popup]
The Hebrew...
Ponometia candefacta  [popup]
Olive-shaded Bird-dropping Moth...
Ponometia erastrioides  [popup]
Small Bird-dropping Moth...
Probole amicaria  [popup]
Friendly Probole
Proteoteras aesculana  [popup]
Maple Twig Borer Moth
Proteoteras naracana  [popup]
Protolampra brunneicollis  [popup]
Brown-collared Dart
Proxenus miranda  [popup]
Miranda Moth...
Psaphida styracis  [popup]
Fawn Swallow...
Pseudeustrotia carneola  [popup]
Pink-barred Lithacodia...
Pseudochelaria walsinghami  [popup]
Psilocorsis cryptolechiella  [popup]
Black-fringed Leaftier Moth
Psilocorsis reflexella  [popup]
Dotted Leaftier Moth
Psychomorpha epimenis  [popup]
Grapevine Epimenis...
Pyrausta tyralis  [popup]
Coffee-loving Pyrausta Moth
Pyrrharctia isabella  [popup]
Isabella Tiger Moth...
Renia adspergillus  [popup]
Speckled Renia Moth...
Renia discoloralis  [popup]
Discolored Renia Moth...
Renia factiosalis  [popup]
Sociable Renia Moth
Renia nemoralis  [popup]
Chocolate Renia Moth
Rolandylis maiana  [popup]
Kearfotts Rolandylis Moth...
Schinia arcigera  [popup]
Arcigera Flower Moth...
Schinia gracilenta  [popup]
Slender Flower Moth...
Schinia lynx  [popup]
Lynx Flower Moth
Schinia rivulosa  [popup]
Ragweed Flower Moth
Schinia thoreaui  [popup]
Schizura unicornis  [popup]
Unicorn Caterpillar Moth
Scolecocampa liburna  [popup]
Dead-wood Borer Moth
Scoparia basalis  [popup]
Many-spotted Scoparia Moth
Scoparia biplagialis  [popup]
Double-striped Scoparia Moth
Scopula limboundata  [popup]
Large Lace-border Moth...
Semioscopis merriccella  [popup]
Sericaglaea signata  [popup]
Variable Sallow...
Smerinthus jamaicensis  [popup]
Twin-spotted Sphinx...
Spargaloma sexpunctata  [popup]
Six-spotted Gray
Sparganothis sulfureana  [popup]
Sparganothis Fruitworm Moth...
Sphecodina abbottii  [popup]
Abbots Sphinx Moth
Spilosoma congrua  [popup]
Agreeable Tiger Moth
Spilosoma virginica  [popup]
Yellow Bear Moth...
Spinitibia hodgesi  [popup]
Spodoptera frugiperda  [popup]
Fall Armyworm Moth
Spodoptera ornithogalli  [popup]
Yellow-striped Armyworm Moth...
Spoladea recurvalis  [popup]
Hawaiian Beet Webworm Moth
Spragueia dama  [popup]
Southern Spragueia
Sunira bicolorago  [popup]
Bicolored Sallow...
Synchlora aerata  [popup]
Wavy-lined Emerald...
Tetanolita floridana  [popup]
Florida Tetanolita Moth
Tetanolita mynesalis  [popup]
Smoky Tetanolita Moth
Thyridopteryx ephemeraeformis  [popup]
Evergreen Bagworm Moth...
Thyris sepulchralis  [popup]
Mournful Thyris Moth...
Tortricidia testacea  [popup]
Early Button Slug Moth
Trichordestra legitima  [popup]
Striped Garden Caterpillar Moth...
Udea rubigalis  [popup]
Celery Leaftier Moth...
Ulolonche culea  [popup]
Sheathed Quaker
Uresiphita reversalis  [popup]
Genista Caterpillar Moth...
Urola nivalis  [popup]
Snowy Urola Moth
Varneria atrifasciella  [popup]
Virbia laeta  [popup]
Joyful Holomelina...
Xanthotype urticaria  [popup]
False Crocus Geometer...
Xestia dolosa  [popup]
Greater Black-Letter Dart...
Xestia elimata  [popup]
Southern Variable Dart Moth
Xylophanes tersa  [popup]
Tersa Sphinx...
Zale aeruginosa  [popup]
Green-dusted Zale
Zale lunata  [popup]
Lunate Zale...
Zale obliqua  [popup]
Oblique Zale Moth
Zanclognatha cruralis  [popup]
Early Zanclognatha Moth...
Zanclognatha obscuripennis  [popup]
Dark Zanclognatha Moth
Zelleria retiniella  [popup]

REMAINING (number with state)
A Forewing distinctive color
 None (309)
 Orange (81)
 Yellow (59)
 Red (51)
 Green (29)
 Blue (20)
A Forewing distinctive pattern
 Band (214)
 Spot (166)
 Complex (151)
 Stripe (43)
 None (34)
 Speckled (33)
 Veins (25)
 Checkered (10)
A Forewing main color
 Brown (254)
 Gray (152)
 White (93)
 Orange (83)
 Black (70)
 Green (19)
A Shape at rest
 Arrow (203)
 Spread (109)
 Tent (106)
 Parallel (82)
 Tail (33)
 Up (6)
 Underside (5)
Antennae shape
 Simple (18)
 2-comb (3)
 1-comb (2)
Claviform spot
 Absent (107)
 Indistinct (28)
 Dark (6)
 Dark margin (3)
 Light (1)
 Light margin (1)
Costal pattern
 1 (147)
 2 (129)
 3 (122)
 Unclear (101)
 Over Four (85)
 4 (80)
 0 (10)
 Z No photo (1)
Discal spot
 Absent (199)
 Dark (18)
 Hidden (13)
 Dark margin (6)
 Light (2)
 Light margin (2)
 Noctuidae (139)
 Geometridae (41)
 Tortricidae (37)
 Crambidae (31)
 Arctiidae (18)
 Pyralidae (18)
 Gelechiidae (17)
 Oecophoridae (14)
 Sphingidae (11)
 Notodontidae (8)
 Momphidae (5)
 Saturniidae (5)
 Nolidae (4)
 Gracillariidae (3)
 Yponomeutidae (3)
 Coleophoridae (2)
 Elachistidae (2)
 Lasiocampidae (2)
 Limacodidae (2)
 Symmocidae (2)
 Tineidae (2)
 Acrolophidae (1)
 Apatelodidae (1)
 Autostichidae (1)
 Blastobasidae (1)
 Bucculatricidae (1)
 Drepanidae (1)
 Eriocottidae (1)
 Glyphipterigidae (1)
 Lymantriidae (1)
 Plutellidae (1)
 Psychidae (1)
 Sesiidae (1)
 Thyrididae (1)
 Zygaenidae (1)
Forewing length mm
 16 (123)
 10 (119)
 15 (119)
 11 (118)
 17 (118)
 12 (117)
 9 (115)
 13 (114)
 8 (113)
 18 (109)
 14 (107)
 19 (97)
 7 (95)
 20 (86)
 6 (71)
 21 (61)
 22 (52)
 5 (44)
 23 (41)
 24 (33)
 Under 5 (32)
 25 (27)
 26 (23)
 27 (19)
 28 (18)
 33 (14)
 30 (13)
 31 (13)
 32 (13)
 29 (12)
 34 (12)
 35 (12)
 Over 40 (12)
 37 (10)
 38 (10)
 36 (9)
 39 (9)
 40 (9)
 Unknown (5)
 Z No photo (1)
Forewing shape
 Fringe (221)
 Smooth (169)
 Irregular (57)
 Hook (29)
 Angle (22)
 Dichomeris (10)
 Leucania (6)
 Acronicta (5)
 Agonopterix (5)
 Catocala (5)
 Epiblema (5)
 Mompha (5)
 Schinia (5)
 Crambus (4)
 Feltia (4)
 Idia (4)
 Renia (4)
 Antaeotricha (3)
 Elaphria (3)
 Lacinipolia (3)
 Macaria (3)
 Orthosia (3)
 Zale (3)
 Acleris (2)
 Agnorisma (2)
 Agrotis (2)
 Ancylis (2)
 Argyrotaenia (2)
 Bactra (2)
 Coleophora (2)
 Condica (2)
 Crambidia (2)
 Cydia (2)
 Elachista (2)
 Elophila (2)
 Euchlaena (2)
 Glena (2)
 Grammia (2)
 Grapholita (2)
 Hypena (2)
 Lesmone (2)
 Lithophane (2)
 Lobocleta (2)
 Lomographa (2)
 Orthodes (2)
 Ostrinia (2)
 Paectes (2)
 Palthis (2)
 Platynota (2)
 Ponometia (2)
 Proteoteras (2)
 Psilocorsis (2)
 Scoparia (2)
 Spilosoma (2)
 Spodoptera (2)
 Tetanolita (2)
 Xestia (2)
 Zanclognatha (2)
 Abagrotis (1)
 Achatia (1)
 Achyra (1)
 Acrolophus (1)
 Actias (1)
 Aethes (1)
 Aethiophysa (1)
 Agrius (1)
 Alypia (1)
 Amphion (1)
 Amphipyra (1)
 Anacampsis (1)
 Anageshna (1)
 Anagrapha (1)
 Anavitrinella (1)
 Anicla (1)
 Anisota (1)
 Antepione (1)
 Antheraea (1)
 Anticarsia (1)
 Apantesis (1)
 Apatelodes (1)
 Archips (1)
 Argyresthia (1)
 Aristotelia (1)
 Aterpia (1)
 Athetis (1)
 Atteva (1)
 Autographa (1)
 Automeris (1)
 Baileya (1)
 Battaristis (1)
 Bellura (1)
 Blastobasis (1)
 Bleptina (1)
 Bucculatrix (1)
 Caenurgia (1)
 Caenurgina (1)
 Callosamia (1)
 Caloptilia (1)
 Cameraria (1)
 Celypha (1)
 Cerma (1)
 Chionodes (1)
 Chlorochlamys (1)
 Choephora (1)
 Choristoneura (1)
 Chrysodeixis (1)
 Chytolita (1)
 Cisseps (1)
 Cissusa (1)
 Cisthene (1)
 Cladara (1)
 Cleora (1)
 Clepsis (1)
 Clydonopteron (1)
 Cochylis (1)
 Colobochyla (1)
 Corticivora (1)
 Costaconvexa (1)
 Crocigrapha (1)
 Deidamia (1)
 Deltophora (1)
 Diacme (1)
 Diatraea (1)
 Dichorda (1)
 Dicymolomia (1)
 Digrammia (1)
 Diploschizia (1)
 Drepana (1)
 Ectropis (1)
 Egira (1)
 Elasmopalpus (1)
 Ephestiodes (1)
 Epicallima (1)
 Epimecis (1)
 Epipagis (1)
 Estigmene (1)
 Euclea (1)
 Eucosma (1)
 Eulogia (1)
 Eumarozia (1)
 Eumorpha (1)
 Eupsilia (1)
 Eusarca (1)
 Eutrapela (1)
 Euzophera (1)
 Filatima (1)
 Fissicrambus (1)
 Furcula (1)
 Galgula (1)
 Garella (1)
 Gerdana (1)
 Glenoides (1)
 Gluphisia (1)
 Glyphidocera (1)
 Gonioterma (1)
 Haematopis (1)
 Halysidota (1)
 Haploa (1)
 Harrisina (1)
 Helicoverpa (1)
 Heliothis (1)
 Hemaris (1)
 Heterocampa (1)
 Hethemia (1)
 Homophoberia (1)
 Homorthodes (1)
 Homostinea (1)
 Hydriomena (1)
 Hyles (1)
 Hymenia (1)
 Hypagyrtis (1)
 Hypercompe (1)
 Hyperstrotia (1)
 Hyphantria (1)
 Hypomecis (1)
 Hypoprepia (1)
 Hypsopygia (1)
 Inga (1)
 Iridopsis (1)
 Isogona (1)
 Kearfottia (1)
 Lascoria (1)
 Leuconycta (1)
 Lineodes (1)
 Lochmaeus (1)
 Malacosoma (1)
 Maliattha (1)
 Manduca (1)
 Marimatha (1)
 Megalographa (1)
 Meganola (1)
 Melanolophia (1)
 Melittia (1)
 Metalectra (1)
 Metarranthis (1)
 Microcrambus (1)
 Morrisonia (1)
 Mythimna (1)
 Nadata (1)
 Nedra (1)
 Neohelvibotys (1)
 Nephelodes (1)
 Nerice (1)
 Nola (1)
 Nomophila (1)
 Nycteola (1)
 Ogdoconta (1)
 Oligocentria (1)
 Orgyia (1)
 Orthonama (1)
 Pagara (1)
 Palpita (1)
 Pandemis (1)
 Pangrapta (1)
 Panopoda (1)
 Paonias (1)
 Parallelia (1)
 Paralobesia (1)
 Parapediasia (1)
 Patalene (1)
 Pelochrista (1)
 Peridroma (1)
 Pero (1)
 Phaecasiophora (1)
 Phalaenophana (1)
 Phalaenostola (1)
 Phigalia (1)
 Phlyctaenia (1)
 Phoberia (1)
 Phycitodes (1)
 Phyllodesma (1)
 Phyllonorycter (1)
 Pleuroprucha (1)
 Plodia (1)
 Plusiodonta (1)
 Plutella (1)
 Pococera (1)
 Polygrammate (1)
 Probole (1)
 Protolampra (1)
 Proxenus (1)
 Psaphida (1)
 Pseudeustrotia (1)
 Pseudochelaria (1)
 Psychomorpha (1)
 Pyrausta (1)
 Pyrrharctia (1)
 Rolandylis (1)
 Schizura (1)
 Scolecocampa (1)
 Scopula (1)
 Semioscopis (1)
 Sericaglaea (1)
 Smerinthus (1)
 Spargaloma (1)
 Sparganothis (1)
 Sphecodina (1)
 Spinitibia (1)
 Spoladea (1)
 Spragueia (1)
 Sunira (1)
 Synchlora (1)
 Thyridopteryx (1)
 Thyris (1)
 Tortricidia (1)
 Trichordestra (1)
 Udea (1)
 Ulolonche (1)
 Uresiphita (1)
 Urola (1)
 Varneria (1)
 Virbia (1)
 Xanthotype (1)
 Xylophanes (1)
 Zelleria (1)
 Large (307)
 Macro (227)
 Micro (139)
Hindwing distinctive color
 None (21)
 Red/pink (13)
 Orange (7)
 Yellow (3)
Hindwing shape
 Fringe (242)
 Smooth (118)
 Irregular (39)
 Angle (15)
 Z No photo (4)
 Tail (1)
 06 Jun (359)
 05 May (358)
 07 Jul (354)
 08 Aug (351)
 04 Apr (342)
 09 Sep (339)
 03 Mar (295)
 10 Oct (295)
 02 Feb (225)
 11 Nov (220)
 01 Jan (183)
 12 Dec (156)
 Unknown (1)
Orbicular spot
 Absent (92)
 Light (45)
 Indistinct (43)
 Dark (33)
 Light margin (19)
 Dark margin (18)
 Short, hairy (24)
 Short, hairless (15)
 Spear, hairy (10)
 Curve, base hairy (2)
 Curve, hairless (2)
 Curve, hairy (1)
 Spear, segmented, or base hairy (1)
Reniform spot
 Absent (65)
 Light (56)
 Indistinct (54)
 Dark (43)
 Light margin (34)
 Dark margin (28)
 Rings (2)
Z Foreleg tibia
 Hair step (3)
 Hair thick (3)
 Hair tube (2)
 Smooth (2)
 Hair partial (1)
 Hair tuffs (1)
 Spine-2 (1)
 Spines (1)
Z Genus of Olethreutine
 Epiblema (5)
 Ancylis (2)
 Proteoteras (2)
 Eucosma (1)
Z Profile
 Hair pad (4)
 Hair ball (2)
 Crest (1)
 Irregular (1)
 Shield (1)
 Smooth (1)
Z Reniform spot light with 1 or more dark marks
 Yes (4)
 No (1)
Z Source
 Moth Photographers Group (367)
 Nearctica (356)
Z Species of Blastobasidae
 Blastobasis glandulella (1)
 Gerdana caritella (1)
Z Species of Coleophora
 Coleophora cratipennella (1)
 Coleophora mayrella (1)
Z Species of Dichomeris
 Dichomeris georgiella (1)
 Dichomeris ligulella (1)
 Dichomeris punctidiscella (1)
 Dichomeris punctipennella (1)
 Dichomeris setosella (1)
 Dichomeris vindex (1)
Z Species of Elophila
 Elophila gyralis (1)
 Elophila obliteralis (1)
Z Species of Glaphyria
 Aethiophysa lentiflualis (1)
 Dicymolomia julianalis (1)
Z Species of Macaria
 Macaria bicolorata (1)
 Macaria minorata (1)
 Macaria multilineata (1)
Z Species of Paectes
 Paectes abrostoloides (1)
 Paectes pygmaea (1)
Z Species of Palthis
 Dark triangle (1)
 Orange patch (1)
Z Species of Renia
 Renia adspergillus (1)
 Renia discoloralis (1)
 Renia factiosalis (1)
 Renia nemoralis (1)
Z Species of Spilosoma
 Hyphantria cunea (1)
 Spilosoma congrua (1)
 Spilosoma virginica (1)
Z Species of Zale
 Zale aeruginosa (1)
 Zale lunata (1)
 Zale obliqua (1)
Z Species of Zanclognatha
 Zanclognatha cruralis (1)
 Zanclognatha obscuripennis (1)
Z Species of grays
 Anavitrinella pampinaria (1)
 Cleora sublunaria (1)
 Ectropis crepuscularia (1)
 Epimecis hortaria (1)
 Glena cribrataria (1)
 Glena plumosaria (1)
 Glenoides texanaria (1)
 Hypomecis umbrosaria (1)
 Iridopsis defectaria (1)
 Melanolophia canadaria (1)
Z White species of family Oecophoridae
 Antaeotricha humilis (1)
 Inga cretacea (1)
Z dark spread species of family Crambidae
 Anageshna primordialis (1)
 Hymenia perspectalis (1)
 Spoladea recurvalis (1)
Z species of Ancylis
 Ancylis burgessiana (1)
 Ancylis divisana (1)
Z species of Idia
 Idia aemula (1)
 Idia americalis (1)
 Idia julia (1)
 Idia rotundalis (1)
Z species of Scoparia
 Scoparia basalis (1)
 Scoparia biplagialis (1)