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Discover Life
1167 kinds match

Abelmoschus moschatus  [popup]
Acacia farnesiana  [popup]
Ellington Curse...
Acacia mearnsii  [popup]
Black Wattle
Acarapis woodi  [popup]
Honey Bee Tracheal Mite
Acer platanoides  [popup]
Norway Maple
Achatina achatina  [popup]
Giant Tiger Snail
Achatina fulica  [popup]
African Land Snail
Achlysiella williamsi  [popup]
Achlysiella williamsi
Acosta diffusa  [popup]
Diffuse Knapweed...
Acridotheres tristis  [popup]
Common Myna
Acroceras zizanioides  [popup]
Oat Grass
Acrolepiopsis assectella  [popup]
Leek moth
Acroptilon repens  [popup]
Centaurea repens
Actinoscirpus grossus  [popup]
Giant Bulrush
Acusta touranensis  [popup]
Adelges piceae  [popup]
Balsam Woolly Adelgid
Adelges tsugae  [popup]
Hemlock Woolly Adelgid
Adoretus sinicus  [popup]
Chinese Rose Beetle
Adoretus spp  [popup]
Adoxophyes orana  [popup]
Summer Fruit Tortrix Moth
Aecidium hydrangeae-paniculatea  [popup]
Aecidium mori  [popup]
Mulberry Rust
Aedes albopictus  [popup]
Asian Tiger Mosquito
Aeginetia indica  [popup]
Ye Gu
Aeginetia spp  [popup]
Aegopodium podagraria  [popup]
Ground Elder...
Aeolesthes sarta  [popup]
City Longhorn Beetle
African soybean_dwarf_agent  [popup]
African Soybean Dwarf Agent
Ageratina adenophora  [popup]
Crofton Weed
Agrostis stolonifera  [popup]
Ailanthus altissima  [popup]
Akebia quinata  [popup]
Five Leaf Akebia...
Albizia julibrissin  [popup]
Alectra spp  [popup]
Alectra vogelii  [popup]
Yellow Witchweed
Aleurocanthus spiniferus  [popup]
Orange Spiny Whitefly
Alfamovirus pyv  [popup]
Potato Yellowing Virus
Alliaria petiolata  [popup]
Garlic Mustard
Alopecurus pratensis  [popup]
Meadow foxtail
Alosa pseudoharengus  [popup]
Alphavirus eeev  [popup]
Eastern Equine Encephalitis Virus
Alphavirus veev  [popup]
Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis Virus
Alternanthera philoxeroides  [popup]
Bucholzia philoxeroides...
Alternanthera sessilis  [popup]
Sessile Joyweed
Ammophila arenaria  [popup]
European beachgrass
Ampelopsis brevipedunculata  [popup]
Amur Peppervine...
Amphilophus macracanthus  [popup]
Amphitetranychus viennensis  [popup]
Fruit Tree Spider Mite
Anabas testudineus  [popup]
Anastrepha fraterculus  [popup]
South American Fruit Fly
Anastrepha grandis  [popup]
South American Cucurbit Fly
Anastrepha ludens  [popup]
Mexican Fruit Fly
Anastrepha obliqua  [popup]
West Indian Fruit Fly
Anastrepha serpentina  [popup]
Fruit Fly
Anastrepha striata  [popup]
Fruit Fly
Anastrepha suspensa  [popup]
Caribbean Fruit Fly
Anguillicola crassus  [popup]
Anguina funesta  [popup]
Seed-gall Nematode
Anguina tritici  [popup]
Wheat Seed Gall Nematode
Anomala sulcatula  [popup]
Chafer Beetle
Anopheles quadrimaculatus  [popup]
Common Malaria Mosquito
Anoplolepis gracilipes  [popup]
Crazy Ant...
Anoplophora chinensis  [popup]
Citrus Longhorned Beetle
Anoplophora glabripennis  [popup]
Asian Long-horned Beetle...
Anoplophora malasiaca  [popup]
Rough-shouldered White-spotted Longhorn Beetle
Anthonomus grandis  [popup]
Boll Weevil
Anthoxanthum odoratum  [popup]
Sweet vernalgrass...
Aphanomyces astaci  [popup]
Crayfish Plaque...
Aphelenchoides arachidis  [popup]
Groundnut Testa Nematode
Aphthovirus fmd  [popup]
Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus
Apis mellifera scutellata  [popup]
Africanized Honey Bee...
Apis mellifera_capensis  [popup]
Cape Honeybee
Apple ringspot_agent  [popup]
Apple Ringspot Agent
Apple rubber_wood  [popup]
Apple Rubbery Wood Phytoplasma
Apscaviroid pbcvd  [popup]
Pear Blister Canker Viroid
Aradus cinnamomeus  [popup]
Pine Flat Bug
Archachatina marginata  [popup]
Archachatina marginata
Ardisia elliptica  [popup]
Argyrotaenia pulchellana  [popup]
Leaf Roller
Arianta arbustorum  [popup]
Land Snail
Arion ater  [popup]
European Black Slug
Arion lusitanicus  [popup]
Spanish Slug
Armillaria limonea  [popup]
Armillaria Root Disease
Armillaria novae-zelandiae  [popup]
Armillaria Root Disease
Artemisia absinthium  [popup]
Arundo donax  [popup]
Asfivirus asfv  [popup]
African Swine Fever Virus
Asphodelus fistulosus  [popup]
Asterias amurensis  [popup]
Flatbotton Sea Star...
Astronotus ocellatus  [popup]
Aulacorthum solani - asian strain  [popup]
Foxglove Aphid - Asian strain
Australian grapevine_yellows  [popup]
Australian Grapevine Yellows
Autographa gamma  [popup]
Silver Y Moth
Avena sterilis  [popup]
Animated Oat
Avipoxvirus  [popup]
Avulavirus ndv  [popup]
Exotic Newcastle Disease
Azolla pinnata  [popup]
Mosquito Fern...
Babuvirus bbtv  [popup]
Banana Bunchy Top Virus
Bacillus anthracis  [popup]
Bacillus spp  [popup]
Bactrocera cucurbitae  [popup]
Melon Fly...
Bactrocera dorsalis  [popup]
Oriental Fruit Fly
Bactrocera tryoni  [popup]
Queensland Fruit Fly
Badnavirus bsv  [popup]
Banana Streak Virus
Badnavirus cssv  [popup]
Cocoa Mottle Leaf Virus...
Balanus amphitrite  [popup]
Striped barnacle...
Balanus reticulatus  [popup]
Balanus trigonus  [popup]
Banana-bunchy-top virus-xxx  [popup]
Banana-bunchy-top Virus
Bassia hyssopifolia  [popup]
Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis  [popup]
Frog Chytrid
Beauveria spp  [popup]
Begomovirus bgmv  [popup]
Bean Golden Mosaic Virus
Begomovirus byvmv  [popup]
Bhendi Yellow Vein Mosaic Virus
Begomovirus clcuv  [popup]
Cotton Leaf Curl Virus
Begomovirus hgymv  [popup]
Horsegram Yellow Mosaic Virus
Begomovirus lgmv  [popup]
Lima Bean Golden Mosaic Virus
Begomovirus tylcv  [popup]
Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus
Belonesox belizanus  [popup]
Bemisia tabaci  [popup]
The Tobacco Whitefly...
Benyvirus bnyvv  [popup]
Beet Necrotic Yellow Vein Virus
Berberis glaucocarpa  [popup]
Berberis thunbergii  [popup]
Japanese Barberry
Berberis vulgaris  [popup]
Common Barberry
Berkheya rigida  [popup]
African Thistle
Betta splendens  [popup]
Bigeminivirus acmv  [popup]
Cassava African Mosaic Virus
Bigeminivirus lgmv  [popup]
Lima Bean Golden Mosaic Virus
Bigeminivirus mymv  [popup]
Mung Bean Yellow Mosaic Virus
Boiga irregularis  [popup]
Brown Tree Snake
Bothriocephalus opsarichthydis  [popup]
Bovine spongiform_encephalopathy  [popup]
Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy
Brachycerus spp  [popup]
Brachydanio rerio  [popup]
Brachypodium sylvaticum  [popup]
Brachysternus prasinus  [popup]
White Grub
Bradybaena similaris  [popup]
Brassica tournefortii  [popup]
Sahara Mustard ...
Brevipalpus chilensis  [popup]
Chile False Red Mite of Grapes
Bromus inermis  [popup]
Smooth brome...
Bromus rubens  [popup]
Red Brome
Bromus tectorum  [popup]
Bubulcus ibis  [popup]
Cattle Egret
Bufo marinus  [popup]
Cane Toad...
Bupleurum rotundifolium  [popup]
Hares ear
Buprestis novemmaculata  [popup]
Wood Borer
Bursaphelenchus cocophilus  [popup]
Red Ring Nematode
Bursaphelenchus lignicolus  [popup]
Pine Wood Nematode...
Bursaphelenchus mucronatus  [popup]
Pinewood Nematode Species Complex
Butomus umbellatus  [popup]
Flowering Rush
Bymovirus baymv  [popup]
Barley Yellow Mosaic Virus
Bythotrephes cederstroemii  [popup]
Spiny Waterflea
Cabomba caroliniana  [popup]
Carolina Fanwort
Cactoblastis cactorum  [popup]
Cactus Borer
Caiman crocodilus  [popup]
Cairina moschata  [popup]
Muscovy Duck
Callideriphus laetus  [popup]
Wood Borer
Callidielleum rufipenne  [popup]
Japanese Cedar Longhorned Beetle
Callidium villosulum  [popup]
Brown Fir Longhorned Beetle
Callisphyris semicaligatus  [popup]
Branch Borer of Coigue
Calydon submetallicum  [popup]
Bark Boring Beetle of Dead and Dying Coig|e
Canis familiaris  [popup]
domestic dog
Cantareus apertus  [popup]
Grunt Snail
Capra hircus  [popup]
feral goat
Capripoxvirus lsd  [popup]
Lumpy Skin Disease
Capripoxvirus sppv  [popup]
Sheeppox Virus
Capua tortrix  [popup]
Carassius auratus  [popup]
Carcinus maenas  [popup]
European Green Crab...
Carduus nutans  [popup]
Musk Thistle
Carduus pycnocephalus  [popup]
Carlavirus casmmv  [popup]
Cassava Common Mosaic Virus
Carlavirus cpmmv  [popup]
Cowpea Mild Mottle Virus
Carlavirus pvm  [popup]
Potato Mop Top Virus
Carpodacus mexicanus  [popup]
House Finch
Carposina niponensis  [popup]
Peach Fruit Moth
Carthamus oxyacanthus  [popup]
Wild Safflower
Casuarina equisetifolia  [popup]
Australian Pine
Cataenococcus hispidus  [popup]
Cocoa Mealybug
Caulerpa taxifolia  [popup]
Killer Algae...
Cayratia japonica  [popup]
Cecropia peltata  [popup]
Trumpet Tree
Cecropia schreberiana  [popup]
Celastrus orbiculatus  [popup]
Oriental Bittersweet
Centaurea biebersteinii  [popup]
Spotted Knapweed
Centaurea melitensis  [popup]
Malta Starthistle
Centaurea solstitialis  [popup]
Yellow Star Thistle
Ceratitis capitata  [popup]
Mediterranean Fruit Fly...
Ceratitis spp  [popup]
Fruit Flies
Ceratocystis fimbriata  [popup]
Black Rot
Ceratocystis moniliformis  [popup]
Ceratocystis nothofagi  [popup]
Ceratocystis nothofagi
Ceratocystis novae-zelandiae  [popup]
Ceratocystis tenella  [popup]
Ceratonia siliqua  [popup]
Cercopagis pengoi  [popup]
Fish-hook Waterflea
Cercospora batatae  [popup]
Cercospora pini-densiflorae  [popup]
Needle Blight
Ceroplastes destructor  [popup]
White Wax Scale
Ceroplastes japonicus  [popup]
Japanese Wax Scale
Cervus elaphus  [popup]
Cestrum laevigatum  [popup]
Chalara australis  [popup]
Myrtle Wilt
Channa argus  [popup]
Northern Snakehead
Channa maurulia  [popup]
Bullseye Snakehead...
Charybdis hellerii  [popup]
Cheloderus childreni  [popup]
Wood Borer of Coig|e
Chelus fimbriatus  [popup]
Cherry rusty_mottle_agent  [popup]
Cherry Rusty Mottle Agent
Chilecomadia valdiviana  [popup]
Carpenter Worm
Chilo suppressalis  [popup]
Asiatic Rice Borer
Chlorotic dwarf_virus_ccdv  [popup]
Citrus Chlorotic Dwarf Virus
Chlorotic ringspot_agent  [popup]
Chlorotic Ringspot Agent
Chromolaena odorata  [popup]
Triffid Weed...
Chrysanthemum myconis  [popup]
Corn Daisy
Chrysis spp  [popup]
Exotic Bee Parasite
Chrysomyxa abietis  [popup]
A Rust
Chrysomyxa himalensis  [popup]
Spruce Needle Rust
Chrysomyxa ledi  [popup]
Rhododendron-spruce Needle Rust
Chrysopogon aciculatus  [popup]
Golden False Beard Grass
Cichla ocellaris  [popup]
Cichlasoma bimaculatum  [popup]
Cichlasoma citrinellum  [popup]
Cichlasoma nigrofasciatum  [popup]
Cichlasoma octofasciatum  [popup]
Cichlasoma salvini  [popup]
Cichlasoma urophthalmus  [popup]
Cinara cupressi  [popup]
Cypress Aphid
Cinchona pubescens  [popup]
Cinnamomum camphora  [popup]
Camphor Tree
Cipangopaludina chinensis  [popup]
Cirsium acarna  [popup]
Yellow Plumed Thistle
Cirsium arvense  [popup]
Canada Thistle
Clarias batrachus  [popup]
Walking Catfish
Cleidodiscus amazonensis  [popup]
Clematis vitalba  [popup]
Traveller's Joy...
Clidemia hirta  [popup]
Closterovirus ctv  [popup]
Citrus Tristeza Virus
Closterovirus wylv  [popup]
Wheat Yellow Leaf Virus
Cocadviroid cccvd  [popup]
Coconut Cadang-Cadang Viroid
Coccus viridis  [popup]
Green Scale
Cochliobolus miyabeanus  [popup]
Brown Spot of Rice
Coelioxys spp  [popup]
Coincya monensis  [popup]
Colletotrichum coffeanum  [popup]
Brown Blight
Colubrina asiatica  [popup]
Asiatic Colubrina...
Colubura alboplagiata  [popup]
Wood Borer
Commelina benghalensis  [popup]
Benghal Dayflower
Comovirus apmov  [popup]
Andean Potato Mottle Virus
Comovirus rcmv  [popup]
Red Clover Mottle Virus
Conium maculatum  [popup]
Poison hemlock
Conoderus rufangulus  [popup]
Conogethes punctiferalis  [popup]
Yellow Peach Moth
Conopomorpha cramerella  [popup]
Cocoa Moth
Conotrachelus aguacatae  [popup]
Small Avocado Seed Weevil
Conotrachelus spp  [popup]
Convolvulus arvensis  [popup]
Field bindweed...
Coptotermes formosanus  [popup]
Formosan Termite
Copturus aguacatae  [popup]
Avocado Stem Weevil
Corbicula fluminea  [popup]
Corbicula fluminea  [popup]
Asian Clam...
Cordia curassavica  [popup]
Black Sage
Cordyceps spp  [popup]
Fungal Disease of Bees
Cornuvesica falcata  [popup]
Coronilla varia  [popup]
Crown vetch...
Cortaderia jubata  [popup]
Jubata Grass...
Cortaderia selloana  [popup]
Pampas Grass
Cotton small_leaf_agent  [popup]
Cotton Small Leaf Agent
Cotton virescence  [popup]
Cotton Virescence
Cowdria ruminantium  [popup]
Crepidula fornicata  [popup]
Slipper Limpet
Crinipellis perniciosa  [popup]
Witches Broom Fungus
Crinivirus pyvv  [popup]
Potato Yellow Vein Virus
Crinivirus spcsv  [popup]
Sweetpotato Chlorotic Stunt Virus
Cronartium flaccidium  [popup]
Cronartium ribicola  [popup]
White Pine Blister Rust
Crupina vulgaris  [popup]
Common Crupina
Cryphonectria parasitica  [popup]
Chestnut Blight
Cryptocoryne beckettii  [popup]
Cryptocotyle lingua  [popup]
Cryptophlebia leucotreta  [popup]
False Codling Moth
Cryptorhynchus mangiferae  [popup]
Mango Weevil
Cryptotermes brevis  [popup]
Drywood Termite
Cryptotermes spp  [popup]
Drywood Termite
Ctenopharyngodon idella  [popup]
Cupaniopsis anacardioides  [popup]
Curculio elephas  [popup]
European Chestnut Weevil
Curculio nucum  [popup]
Acorn Weevil
Cuscuta australis  [popup]
Australian Dodder
Cuscuta monogyna  [popup]
Cuscuta reflexa  [popup]
Giant Dodder
Cuscuta spp  [popup]
Cuthona perca  [popup]
Cyanotis axillaris  [popup]
Phak Plaap Naa
Cyclaneusma minus  [popup]
Cyclaneusma Needle Cast
Cydia funebrana  [popup]
Plum Fruit Moth
Cydia splendana  [popup]
Nut Fruit Tortrix
Cynanchum louiseae  [popup]
Black Swallowwort
Cynanchum rossicum  [popup]
Vincetoxicum rossicum...
Cynodon dactylon  [popup]
Capriola dactylon...
Cyperus aromaticus  [popup]
Navua Sedge
Cyperus exaltatus  [popup]
Tall Flat Sedge
Cyprinus carpio  [popup]
Cytisus scoparius  [popup]
Scotch Broom
Cytorhabdovirus bysmv  [popup]
Barley Yellow Striate Mosaic Virus
Cytorhabdovirus ncmv  [popup]
Northern Cereal Mosaic Virus
Dactyogyrus vastator  [popup]
Daucus carota  [popup]
Queen annes lace
Dendroctonus micans  [popup]
Great Spruce Bark Beetle
Dendrolimus punctatus  [popup]
Pine Caterpillar
Dendrolimus sibiricus  [popup]
Siberian Silk Moth
Desmostachya bipinnata  [popup]
Diaporthe mali  [popup]
Dichrostachys cinerea  [popup]
Digitaria abyssinica  [popup]
African Couchgrass
Digitaria ternata  [popup]
Common Crabgrass
Digitaria velutina  [popup]
Velvet Fingergrass
Dioscorea alata  [popup]
Water Yam
Dioscorea bulbifera  [popup]
Air Yam
Dioscorea oppositifolia  [popup]
Chinese Yam...
Discula destructiva  [popup]
Dogwood Anthracnose
Ditylenchus africanus  [popup]
Peanut Pod Nematode
Ditylenchus angustus  [popup]
Rice Stem Nematode
Dreissena polymorpha  [popup]
Zebra Mussel
Drymaria arenarioides  [popup]
Dryocosmus kuriphilus  [popup]
Gall Wasp
Dyspessa ulula  [popup]
Garlic Borer
Earias fabia  [popup]
Spotted Bollworm
Egeria densa  [popup]
Brazilian Waterweed...
Eichhornia azurea  [popup]
Anchored Water Hyacinth
Eichhornia crassipes  [popup]
Water Hyacinth
Elaeagnus angustifolia  [popup]
Russian Olive...
Elaeagnus pungens  [popup]
Elaeagnus umbellata  [popup]
Oriental Olive...
Eleocharis kuroguwai  [popup]
Eleutherodactylus coqui  [popup]
Caribbean Frog...
Eleutherodactylus planirostris  [popup]
Elsinoe australis  [popup]
Sweet Orange Scab
Elsinoe batatas  [popup]
Sweetpotato Scab
Elymus repens  [popup]
Elytroteinus subtruncatus  [popup]
Ginger Weevil
Emex australis  [popup]
Three-Cornered Jack
Emex spinosa  [popup]
Devil's Thorn
Enterovirus cv-b5  [popup]
Swine Vesicular Disease
Entomophthora spp  [popup]
Entyloma oryzae  [popup]
Leaf Smut
Eobania vermiculata  [popup]
Chocolate-band Snail
Epiphyas postvittana  [popup]
Light Brown Apple Moth
Eriocheir sinensis  [popup]
Eriocheir sinensis  [popup]
Chinese Mitten Crab...
Eriophyes gossypii  [popup]
Cotton Blister Mite
Eriophyes litchii  [popup]
Litchi Rust Mite
Ernobius mollis  [popup]
Bark Anobiid
Erodium cicutarium  [popup]
Redstem Filaree
Erwinia salicis  [popup]
Watermark Disease
Erysiphe graminis  [popup]
Cereal Mildew
Erythricium salmonicolor  [popup]
Pink Disease
Eucalyptus globulus  [popup]
Bluegum Eucalyptus...
Euglandina rosea  [popup]
Rosy Wolfsnail...
Euonymus alatus  [popup]
Burning Bush
Euonymus fortunei  [popup]
Climbing Euonymus...
Euonymus mosaic_agents  [popup]
Euonymus Mosaic Agents
Eupatorium macrocephalum  [popup]
Pom Pom Bossie
Euphorbia cyparissias  [popup]
Cypress Spurge
Euphorbia esula  [popup]
Leafy Spurge
Eurygaster integriceps  [popup]
Sunn Pest
Euryops subcarnosus  [popup]
Sweet Resinbush
Eurytoma amygdali  [popup]
Almond Stone Wasp
Euscepes postfasciatus  [popup]
Sweetpotato Scarabee
Eutetranychus orientalis  [popup]
Citrus Brown Mite
Euvarroa sinhai  [popup]
Brood Mite
Exosoma lusitanica  [popup]
Felis catus  [popup]
Domestic Cat
Fijivirus mrdv  [popup]
Maize Rough Dwarf Virus
Fijivirus osdv  [popup]
Oat Sterile Dwarf Virus
Flavivirus  [popup]
West Nile Virus
Flavivirus jev  [popup]
Japanese Encephalitis Virus
Foeniculum vulgare  [popup]
Sweet fennel
Frangula alnus  [popup]
Glossy Buckthorn
Fraxinus uhdei  [popup]
French bean_mosaic_virus  [popup]
French Bean Mosaic Virus
Fuirena ciliaris  [popup]
Umbrella Grass
Fuirena glomerata  [popup]
Furcaspis oceanica  [popup]
Coconut Red Scale
Fusarium fuliginosporum  [popup]
Seeding Disease
Fusarium graminearum  [popup]
Fusarium Head Blight
Fusarium oxysporum_fragariae  [popup]
Fusarium Wilt
Fusarium oxysporum_vasinfectum  [popup]
Fusarium Wilt of Cotton
Galega officinalis  [popup]
Gambusia affinis  [popup]
Mosquito Fish
Ganoderma mastoporum  [popup]
Artist Conk
Genista monspessulana  [popup]
Genista monspessulanus
Geonemertes chalicophora  [popup]
Geophagus surinamensis  [popup]
Globodera pallida  [popup]
Potato Cyst Nematode
Globodera rostochiensis  [popup]
Golden Nematode
Glyceria declinata  [popup]
Glyceria maxima  [popup]
Gnaphalium affine  [popup]
Jersey Cudweed
Gnathophyllum modestum  [popup]
Gomphrena celosioides  [popup]
Prostrate Globe-amaranth
Grapevine bratislava_mosaic_agent  [popup]
Grapevine Bratislava Mosaic Agent
Grapevine chasselas_latent_agent  [popup]
Grapevine Chasselas Latent Agent
Grapevine infectious_necrosis_bacterium  [popup]
Grapevine Infectious Necrosis Bacterium
Grapevine little_leaf_agent  [popup]
Grapevine Little Leaf Agent
Grapevine vein_mosaic_agent_gvm  [popup]
Grapevine Vein Mosaic Agent
Grapevine vein_necrosis_agent_gvn  [popup]
Grapevine Vein Necrosis Agent
Grapevine vein_yellows  [popup]
Grapevine Vein Yellows...
Grapevine vergelbungskrankheit  [popup]
Grapevine Vergelbungskrankheit
Grapevine yellows_disease_bacterium_gydb  [popup]
Grapevine Yellows Disease Bacterium
Gremmeniella abietina  [popup]
Scleroderris Canker
Groundnut chlorotic_leaf_streak_virus  [popup]
Groundnut Chlorotic Leaf Streak Virus
Groundnut witches_broom  [popup]
Groundnut Witches Broom
Guignardia citricarpa  [popup]
Citrus Black Spot
Guignardia piricola  [popup]
Gymnocephalus cernuus  [popup]
Eurasian Ruffe
Gymnocoronis spilanthoides  [popup]
Senegal Tea Plant
Gymnosporangium asiaticum  [popup]
Gypsophila paniculata  [popup]
Gyrodactylus elegans  [popup]
Hakea salicifolia  [popup]
Willow-leaved Hakea
Haplothrips chinensis  [popup]
Hedera helix  [popup]
English Ivy
Hedychium coronarium  [popup]
Jiang hua...
Hedychium gardnerianum  [popup]
Kahila Garland-Lily
Heilipus lauri  [popup]
Avocado Seed Weevil
Helicotylenchus variocaudatus  [popup]
Spiral Nematode
Helicoverpa armigera  [popup]
Old World Bollworm
Helostoma temminckii  [popup]
Hemichromis letourneuxi  [popup]
Hemileia vastatrix  [popup]
Coffee Rust
Hemimene juliana  [popup]
Nut Fruit Tortrix
Hemizonia pungens  [popup]
Centromadia pungens...
Heracleum mantegazzianum  [popup]
Herichthys cyanoguttatus  [popup]
Herpestes javanicus  [popup]
Small Indian Mongoose
Heterodera cajani  [popup]
Pigeon Pea Cyst Nematode
Heterodera carotae  [popup]
Carrot Cyst Nematode
Heterodera ciceri  [popup]
Chickpea Cyst Nematode
Heterodera delvii  [popup]
Cereal Cyst Nematode
Heterodera elachista  [popup]
Japanese Cyst Nematode
Heterodera goettingiana  [popup]
Pea Cyst Nematode
Heterodera latipons  [popup]
Mediterranean Cereal Cyst Nematode
Heterodera medicaginis  [popup]
Alfalfa Cyst Nematode
Heterodera oryzae  [popup]
Rice Cyst Nematode
Heterodera oryzicola  [popup]
Rice Cyst Nematode
Heterodera sacchari  [popup]
Sugarcane Cyst Nematode
Heterodera zeae  [popup]
Corn Cyst Nematode
Heteronychus arator  [popup]
Black Maize Beetle
Hibiscus leaf_curl_agent  [popup]
Hibiscus Leaf Curl Agent
Hieracium pilosella  [popup]
Mouseear hawkweed
Hiptage benghalensis  [popup]
Hirschmanniella mitacausa  [popup]
Taro Root Nematode
Holcus lanatus  [popup]
Velvet grass...
Holopterus chilensis  [popup]
Wood Borer of Coigue
Holotrichia mindanaona  [popup]
White Grub
Homalodisca vitripennis  [popup]
Glassy-winged Sharpshooter
Hoplias malabaricus  [popup]
Hoplolaimus indicus  [popup]
Lance Nematode
Hoplolaimus pararobustus  [popup]
Lance Nematode
Hoplosternum littorale  [popup]
Horsechestnut variegation_agent  [popup]
Horsechestnut Variegation Agent
Horsechestnut yellow_mosaic_agent  [popup]
Horsechestnut Yellow Mosaic Agent
Humulus japonicus  [popup]
Japanese hop...
Huttonella bicolor  [popup]
Hydrilla verticillata  [popup]
Hydrocharis morsus-ranae  [popup]
European Frog-Bit
Hygrophila polysperma  [popup]
East Indian Hygrophila...
Hylamorpha cylindrica  [popup]
White Grub
Hylamorpha elegans  [popup]
White Grub
Hylastes ater  [popup]
Black Pine Beetle
Hylobius abietis  [popup]
Large Pine Weevil
Hylurgus ligniperda  [popup]
Red-haired Pine Bark Beetle
Hypericum canariense  [popup]
Hypericum triquetrifolium  [popup]
Crisped St. John's-wort
Hypophthalmichthys molitrix  [popup]
Hypophthalmichthys nobilis  [popup]
Hypostomus plecostomus  [popup]
Hypothenemus hampei  [popup]
Coffee Berry Borer
Hyptis brevipes  [popup]
Lesser Roundweed
Icerya aegyptiaca  [popup]
Egyptian Fluted Scale
Ichthyophithirius multifilis  [popup]
Ilarvirus apmv  [popup]
Apple Mosaic Virus
Ilarvirus emov  [popup]
Elm Mottle Virus
Imperata brasiliensis  [popup]
Brazilian Satintail
Imperata cylindrica  [popup]
Cogon Grass...
Indoplanorbis exustus  [popup]
Horn Snail
Infectious Hypodermal and Hematopoietic Necrosis Virus  [popup]
Influenzavirus hpav  [popup]
Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza
Inula britannica  [popup]
Ipomoea aquatica  [popup]
Water Spinach...
Ipomovirus cbsv  [popup]
Cassava Brown Streak Virus
Ips accuminatus  [popup]
Engraver Beetle
Ips sexdentatus  [popup]
Six-spined Engraver Beetle
Ips typographus  [popup]
European Spruce Bark Beetle
Iris pseudacorus  [popup]
Yellow Flag...
Isachne globosa  [popup]
Swamp Millet
Ischaemum muticum  [popup]
Drought Grass
Ischaemum rugosum  [popup]
Ischnoderma rosulata  [popup]
Jasmine variegation_agents  [popup]
Jasmine Variegation Agents
Junghuhnia vincta  [popup]
Juniperus bermudiana  [popup]
Juniperus virginiana  [popup]
Virginia juniper...
Kashmir virus_kbv  [popup]
Kashmir Virus
Kinosternon scorpioides  [popup]
Kunzea ericoides  [popup]
White Tea Tree
Lachnellula willkommii  [popup]
European Larch Canker
Laevicaulis alte  [popup]
Garden Slug
Lagarosiphon major  [popup]
Oxygen Weed
Lamellaxis gracilis  [popup]
Lampides boeticus  [popup]
Bean Butterfly
Lantana camara  [popup]
Laodelphax striatellus  [popup]
Small Brown Planthopper
Laspeyresia spp  [popup]
Tortricid Moths
Lates niloticus  [popup]
Nile Perch
Launaea cornuta  [popup]
Wild Lettuce
Leguminivora glycinivorella  [popup]
Soybean Pod Borer
Leidyula moreleti  [popup]
Lepidium latifolium  [popup]
Leptochloa chinensis  [popup]
Asian Sprangletop
Leptocorisa acuta  [popup]
Rice Bug
Leptoglossus chilensis  [popup]
Brown Chilean Leaf-footed Bug
Leptographium procerum  [popup]
Leptographium truncatum  [popup]
Root Disease
Lernaea cyprinacea  [popup]
Lespedeza bicolor  [popup]
Shrubby Lespedeza...
Lespedeza cuneata  [popup]
Chinese Lespedeza...
Leucaena leucocephala  [popup]
White Leadtree
Leucoma salicis  [popup]
Satin Moth
Leucoptera malifoliella  [popup]
Pear Leaf Blister Moth
Liberobacter africanium  [popup]
Citrus Greening
Liberobacter asiaticum  [popup]
Citrus Greening
Ligustrum japonicum  [popup]
Japanese Privet
Ligustrum mosaic_agents  [popup]
Ligustrum Mosaic Agents
Ligustrum obtusifolium  [popup]
Border Privet
Ligustrum robustum  [popup]
Ligustrum sinense  [popup]
Chinese Privet
Ligustrum vulgare  [popup]
European Privet
Limax flavus  [popup]
Limicolaria aurora  [popup]
Limicolaria aurora
Limnophila heterophylla  [popup]
Purple Mudwort
Limnophila sessiliflora  [popup]
Linepithema humile  [popup]
Argentine Ant
Listroderes subcinctus  [popup]
Chilean Vegetable Weevil
Litopenaeus vannamei  [popup]
Littorina littorea  [popup]
European Periwinkle Wood's Hole...
Lobesia botrana  [popup]
European Grape Vine Moth...
Lolium arundinaceum  [popup]
Tall Fescue
Longidorus attenuatus  [popup]
Needle Nematode
Longidorus diadecturus  [popup]
Needle Nematode
Longidorus leptocephalus  [popup]
Needle Nematode
Lonicera bella  [popup]
Bells Honeysuckle
Lonicera fragrantissima  [popup]
Sweet Breath of Spring
Lonicera japonica  [popup]
Japanese Honeysuckle
Lonicera maackii  [popup]
Amur Honeysuckle
Lonicera morrowii  [popup]
Morrows Honeysuckle
Lonicera spp  [popup]
Exotic Honeysuckle
Lonicera tatarica  [popup]
Tatarian Honeysuckle
Ludwigia prostrata  [popup]
Climbing Seedbox
Luteovirus cav  [popup]
Cotton Anthocyanosis Virus
Luteovirus isdv  [popup]
Indonesian Soybean Dwarf Virus
Luteovirus sbdv  [popup]
Soybean Dwarf Virus
Lycium ferocissimum  [popup]
African Boxthorn
Lygodium flexuosum  [popup]
Climbing Fern
Lygodium japonicum  [popup]
Japanese Climbing Fern
Lymantria dispar  [popup]
Gypsy Moth...
Lymantria mathura  [popup]
Pink Gypsy Moth
Lymantria monacha  [popup]
Nun Moth
Lymphoidal Parvo-Like Virus  [popup]
Lythrum salicaria  [popup]
Purple Loosestrife...
Macrobrachium olfersii  [popup]
Macrochlamys indica  [popup]
Mahonia aquifolium  [popup]
Hollyleaved barberry
Mahonia bealei  [popup]
Mamestra brassicae  [popup]
Cabbage Moth
Maple mosaic_agent  [popup]
Maple Mosaic Agent
Maple variegation_agent  [popup]
Maple Variegation Agent
Marisa cornuarietis  [popup]
Maruca vitrata  [popup]
Bean Pod Borer
Megalometis chilensis  [popup]
Melaleuca quinquenervia  [popup]
Melampsora pinitorqua  [popup]
Twist Rust
Melanoides tuberculata  [popup]
Melanomma glumarum  [popup]
Glume Blotch
Melastoma malabathricum  [popup]
Malabar Melastome
Melia azedarach  [popup]
Melilotus officinalis  [popup]
Yellow sweetclover
Meloidogyne acronea  [popup]
African Cotton Root-Knot Nematode
Meloidogyne africana  [popup]
Root-knot Nematode
Meloidogyne arabicida  [popup]
Coffee Root-knot Nematode...
Meloidogyne ardenensis  [popup]
Root-knot Nematode
Meloidogyne artiellia  [popup]
British Root-knot Nematode
Meloidogyne brevicauda  [popup]
Root-knot Nematode
Meloidogyne citri  [popup]
Citrus Root-knot Nematode
Meloidogyne coffeicola  [popup]
Coffee Root-knot Nematode
Meloidogyne decalineata  [popup]
African Coffee Root-Knot Nematode
Meloidogyne donghaiensis  [popup]
Citrus Root-knot Nematode (Donghai Root-knot Nematode)
Meloidogyne exigua  [popup]
Coffee Root-knot Nematode
... others not listed

REMAINING (number with state)
Elevation in meters
 0-500 (10)
 1500-2000 (5)
 1000-1500 (3)
 500-1000 (3)
 2000-2500 (2)
 2500-3000 (2)
 No (14)
 Yes (9)
Flower color, main
 White (32)
 Yellow, orange (16)
 Red, pink (13)
 Blue, purple (11)
 Green (8)
 Maroon, brown, black (2)
Flower color, secondary
 None (7)
 Maroon, brown, black (2)
 White (2)
 Blue, purple (1)
 Yellow, orange (1)
Flower group, number of flowers
 5 - 10 (4)
 10 - 20 (1)
 2 (1)
 3 - 5 (1)
Flower group, spath blade main color
 Green (1)
 White (1)
Flower petal length in mm
 1-3 (1)
 4-10 (1)
Flower petals, how many
 5 (13)
 3 (5)
 Over 6 (5)
 0 or indistinct (4)
 6 (3)
 4 (2)
Flower pistil, ovary position relative to petal/sepal base
 Above (1)
 Below (1)
Flower sepal color
 Green (1)
 Yellow (1)
Flower sepals, how many
 5 (5)
 0 (1)
Flower size, longest dimension in cm
 Over 10 (7)
 2 - 3 (3)
 3 - 5 (3)
 5 - 10 (3)
 1 - 2 (1)
 Under 1 (1)
Flower stamen number
 5 (5)
 3 (1)
Flower symmetry
 Not symmetric (6)
 Bilateral (4)
 Radial (1)
Flower tube lobes
 5 (7)
 4 (4)
Fruit color
 Green (22)
 Red/pink (14)
 Yellow/orange (12)
 Brown/maroon (8)
 Black (6)
 Blue/purple (5)
 White (2)
Fruit seed number
 1 (11)
 3 (8)
 5 - 10 (7)
 2 (6)
 4 (6)
 Over 20 (1)
Fruit shape
 Round (21)
 Elongated (11)
 Cone (1)
 Multi-lobed; irregular (1)
 Other (1)
 Winged (1)
Fruit size ratio
 Longer than wide (3)
 Wide as long (1)
Fruit size, length in cm
 4-8 (8)
 0.5-1 (6)
 2-4 (5)
 8-16 (4)
 1-2 (1)
 Under 0.5 (1)
Fruit size, width in mm
 10-15 (8)
 15-20 (5)
 5-10 (5)
 1-3 (3)
 Over 20 (3)
 3-5 (1)
Fruit texture
 Smooth (19)
 Hairy (3)
 Papery (3)
 Feltlike (2)
 Knobby; Raspberry-like (1)
 Rough (1)
Fruit tip shape
 Calyx Tube (1)
 Point (1)
 Round (1)
 Plants (356)
 Microorganisms (302)
 Insects (196)
 Fungi (121)
 Other Invertebrates (111)
 Vertebrates (94)
 Mollusks (59)
 Fish (54)
 Mammals (17)
 Amphibians; Reptiles (14)
 Birds (9)
 Fields/forest gaps (17)
 High canopy (5)
 Understory (5)
 Near water (3)
 Farm or garden (2)
 Midstory (2)
Leaf arrangement
 Alternate (29)
 Opposite (19)
 Rosette at base (5)
 Whorled (5)
Leaf blade length in cm
 5 - 10 (22)
 1 - 5 (18)
 10 - 30 (12)
 30 - 50 (5)
 50 - 70 (3)
 70 - 100 (3)
 Over 100 (1)
Leaf blade margin division
 Entire (19)
 Wavy (6)
 Toothed, small (5)
 Toothed, large (1)
Leaf bottom hair and texture
 Hairless (15)
 Hairy (7)
 Hairy all over (3)
 Rough feeling (2)
 Scaly (2)
 Slightly rough feeling (2)
Leaf bottom hair type
 Hairs short, soft, downy (2)
 Hairs dense, matted, wooly (1)
Leaf color, bottom
 Green (3)
 Silver (2)
 Brown/maroon (1)
 Pale blue-green (1)
Leaf color, top, main
 Green (23)
 Yellow/orange (4)
 Brown/maroon (3)
Leaf division
 Simple: is not divided (58)
 Compound: pinnate 2 times (6)
 Compound: pinnate over 2 times (4)
 Compound: pinnate 1 time (3)
 3-parted (2)
Leaf lobe number
 1 (41)
 3 (3)
 Over 5 (2)
 4 (1)
 5 (1)
Leaf margin
 Smooth (29)
 Toothed (5)
 Lobed (4)
 Wavy (4)
 Hairy (3)
Leaf position
 Alternate (29)
 Opposite (19)
 Basal (3)
 Whorled (1)
Leaf shape
 Wider near middle (23)
 Linear (9)
 Heart-shaped (6)
 Lobed (5)
 Wider near base (5)
 Wider near tip (2)
Leaf shape details
 Lanceolate (13)
 Elliptic (12)
 Ovate (11)
 Oblong (6)
 Oval (3)
 Oblanceolate (2)
 Obovate (1)
Leaf stalk present
 Yes (9)
 No (2)
Leaf stalk texture
 Smooth (10)
 Glands on upper side (1)
 Hairy (1)
 None (1)
Leaf tip shape
 Pointed (25)
 Round (3)
Leaf tooth shape
 Pointed forward (2)
 Round (2)
Leaf top hair and texture
 Hairless (19)
 Hairy (5)
 Rough feeling (2)
 Slightly rough feeling (2)
 All over (1)
 Minute wrinkles on surface (1)
Leaf veins
 Pinnate (28)
 Parallel (14)
 Palmate (5)
Leaflets per leaf
 3 (4)
 Over 4 (4)
 4 (2)
 Perciformes (7)
 Siluriformes (3)
 Cypriniformes (2)
 Salmoniformes (2)
 Clupeiformes (1)
 Petromyzontiformes (1)
 Synbranchiformes (1)
Plant growing in or on
 Land, erect (16)
 Land, climbing (9)
 Other plants (4)
 Land, creeping (3)
 Rocks (1)
 Wetland (1)
Plant growth form
 Not a plant (124)
 Woody plants (68)
 Grasses; Rushes; Sedges (48)
 Herbs (30)
 Vines; Climbers (24)
 Aquatic (16)
 North America (269)
 Costa Rica (2)
Seed dispersal agent
 Bird (10)
 Water (8)
 Wind (6)
 Mammal (5)
Seed main color
 Brown (5)
 Green (3)
 Black (2)
 Orange (2)
 Red/pink (2)
 White (1)
Seed texture
 Smooth (8)
 Winged (4)
Size, height or length maximum
 1 m - 10 m (24)
 Over 10 m (14)
 1 cm - 1 m (10)
 APHIS Regulated Plant Pest List (486)
 NBII (257)
 Offshore Pest Information System (153)
 GSMFC (112)
 Global Invasive Species Team, The Nature Conservancy (112)
 Society of Nematologists Exotic Pest List Vol. 1 (66)
 Weed Science Society of America 2002 List (25)
 GPPD (16)
 Weed Science Society of America 2001 List (16)
 Miller, James H. (14)
 Entomological Society of America 2000 Pest List (13)
 Alden, Peter (8)
 CAPS FY 2005 Consideration List (8)
 Agricultural Bioterrorism Protection Act of 2002 List (6)
 American Phytopathological Society Pest List 2000 - Exotic Pests (4)
 CAPS FY 2003 National Committee Target Pests (1)
Stem orientation
 Climbing (1)
 Erect (1)
 Horizontal (1)
Stem texture
 Hairless (7)
 Hairy (4)
 Hairs at base (1)
Stipule present
 No (7)
 Yes (2)
 None (28)
 On branches (3)
 On stem or trunk (2)
 On leaves (1)
Twig texture
 Hairy (4)
 Smooth (4)
 Thorned (3)
 Sheathed by leaf (1)
Twigs present
 Yes (6)
 No (1)
Vertebrate Group
 Fish (54)
 Mammals (17)
 Amphibians; Reptiles (14)
 Birds (9)