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Discover Life
1491 kinds match

Abelia chinensis  [popup]
Chinese abelia
Abelia triflora  [popup]
Indian abelia
Abeliophyllum distichum  [popup]
White Forsythia...
Abies alba  [popup]
Silver fir
Abies amabilis  [popup]
Pacific silver fir
Abies balsamea  [popup]
Balsam fir...
Abies bracteata  [popup]
Bristlecone fir...
Abies concolor  [popup]
White fir
Abies firma  [popup]
Momi fir
Abies forrestii  [popup]
Abies georgei
Abies fraseri  [popup]
Fraser fir
Abies grandis  [popup]
Grand fir
Abies homolepis  [popup]
Nikko fir
Abies lasiocarpa  [popup]
Subalpine fir
Abies magnifica  [popup]
California red fir
Abies mariesii  [popup]
Maries fir
Abies nordmanniana  [popup]
Nordmann fir...
Abies procera  [popup]
Noble fir
Abies sachalinensis  [popup]
Sakhalin fir
Abutilon palmeri  [popup]
Palmers Indian mallow
Acacia angustissima  [popup]
Prairie acacia...
Acacia auriculiformis  [popup]
Earleaf acacia
Acacia berlandieri  [popup]
Acacia constricta  [popup]
Whitethorn acacia
Acacia dealbata  [popup]
Silver wattle
Acacia decurrens  [popup]
Green wattle...
Acacia farnesiana  [popup]
Sweet acacia...
Acacia greggii  [popup]
Catclaw acacia...
Acacia koa  [popup]
Acacia neovernicosa  [popup]
Viscid acacia...
Acacia richii  [popup]
Tasmanian wattle
Acacia rigidula  [popup]
Blackbrush acacia...
Acacia roemeriana  [popup]
Roundflower catclaw...
Acacia tortuosa  [popup]
Acalypha amentacea  [popup]
Catch me if you can...
Acer argutum  [popup]
Deep-veined Maple
Acer barbatum  [popup]
Southern Sugar Maple...
Acer buergerianum  [popup]
Trident maple
Acer campestre  [popup]
Hedge maple
Acer capillipes  [popup]
Kyushu maple
Acer carpinifolium  [popup]
Zigzag tree
Acer circinatum  [popup]
Vine maple
Acer cissifolium  [popup]
Ivyleaf maple
Acer davidii  [popup]
Davids Maple
Acer erianthum  [popup]
Acer flabellatum  [popup]
Acer ginnala  [popup]
Amur maple...
Acer glabrum  [popup]
Rocky Mountain maple
Acer grandidentatum  [popup]
Bigtooth maple
Acer griseum  [popup]
Paperbark maple
Acer japonicum  [popup]
Amur maple
Acer leucoderme  [popup]
Chalk maple
Acer macrophyllum  [popup]
Bigleaf maple
Acer miyabei  [popup]
Miyabe Maple
Acer mono  [popup]
Painted maple
Acer negundo  [popup]
Acer nigrum  [popup]
Black maple
Acer oliverianum  [popup]
Olivers Maple
Acer opalus  [popup]
Italian Maple
Acer palmatum  [popup]
Japanese maple
Acer pensylvanicum  [popup]
Striped maple
Acer platanoides  [popup]
Norway maple
Acer pseudoplatanus  [popup]
Sycamore maple
Acer rubrum  [popup]
Red Maple
Acer saccharinum  [popup]
Silver maple
Acer saccharum  [popup]
Sugar maple
Acer shirasawanum  [popup]
Shirasawas Maple
Acer sieboldianum  [popup]
Siebolds Maple
Acer spicatum  [popup]
Mountain maple
Acer tataricum  [popup]
Tatarian maple...
Acer tegmentosum  [popup]
Manchu striped maple
Acer truncatum  [popup]
Shantung Maple
Acoelorraphe wrightii  [popup]
Everglades palm
Actinidia arguta  [popup]
Tara vine...
Actinidia kolomikta  [popup]
Adenostoma sparsifolium  [popup]
Adina pilulifera  [popup]
Adina rubella  [popup]
Chinese buttonbush
Adinandra millettii  [popup]
Adlumia fungosa  [popup]
Allegheny vine
Adromischus cooperi  [popup]
Adromischus halesowensis
Aechmea blanchetiana  [popup]
Aechmea laxiflora
Aechmea calyculata  [popup]
Vase plant
Aechmea candida  [popup]
White Bromeliad
Aechmea caudata  [popup]
Tail Bromeliad
Aechmea dichlamydea  [popup]
Lamy Bromeliad
Aechmea distichantha  [popup]
Brazilian vase plant
Aechmea fasciata  [popup]
Aechmea fulgens  [popup]
Aechmea gamosepala  [popup]
Ortgiesia gamosepala
Aechmea gracilis  [popup]
Graceful Bromeliad
Aechmea longifolia  [popup]
Aechmea lueddemanniana  [popup]
Aechmea maculata  [popup]
Aechmea mexicana  [popup]
Aechmea miniata  [popup]
Aechmea nudicaulis  [popup]
Nakedstem livingvase
Aechmea orlandiana  [popup]
Aechmea ornata  [popup]
Aechmea pimenti-velosoi  [popup]
Aechmea pineliana  [popup]
Aechmea recurvata  [popup]
Aechmea triangularis  [popup]
Aechmea victoriana  [popup]
Aechmea weilbachii  [popup]
Aesculus californica  [popup]
California buckeye
Aesculus flava  [popup]
Yellow buckeye
Aesculus glabra  [popup]
Ohio buckeye...
Aesculus hippocastanum  [popup]
Horse chestnut...
Aesculus indica  [popup]
Indian horse chestnut
Aesculus parviflora  [popup]
Bottlebrush Buckeye
Aesculus pavia  [popup]
Red buckeye
Aesculus sylvatica  [popup]
Painted buckeye...
Aesculus turbinata  [popup]
Japanese horse chestnut
Afrocarpus gracilior  [popup]
Fern Pine...
Ailanthus altissima  [popup]
Tree of heaven...
Akebia quinata  [popup]
Chocolate vine
Albizia julibrissin  [popup]
Alnus cordata  [popup]
Italian alder
Alnus glutinosa  [popup]
European alder
Alnus incana  [popup]
Gray alder...
Alnus japonica  [popup]
Japanese alder
Alnus maritima  [popup]
Seaside alder
Alnus nepalensis  [popup]
Nepal alder
Alnus oblongifolia  [popup]
Arizona alder
Alnus rhombifolia  [popup]
White alder
Alnus rubra  [popup]
Red alder
Alnus serrulata  [popup]
Hazel Alder...
Alnus viridis  [popup]
Green alder...
Ambrosia ambrosioides  [popup]
Ambrosia leaf bur ragweed...
Ambrosia chenopodiifolia  [popup]
San Diego bur ragweed...
Ambrosia deltoidea  [popup]
Triangle bur ragweed...
Amelanchier alnifolia  [popup]
Saskatoon serviceberry...
Amelanchier arborea  [popup]
Common serviceberry...
Amelanchier canadensis  [popup]
Canadian serviceberry...
Amelanchier laevis  [popup]
Allegheny serviceberry...
Amelanchier sanguinea  [popup]
Roundleaf serviceberry...
Amelanchier stolonifera  [popup]
Dwarf Serviceberry...
Amelanchier utahensis  [popup]
Utah serviceberry...
Amorpha fruticosa  [popup]
Desert false indigo
Ampelopsis brevipedunculata  [popup]
Amur peppervine...
Ampelopsis cordata  [popup]
Heartleaf peppervine
Amphicarpaea bracteata  [popup]
American hogpeanut
Ananas comosus  [popup]
Andromeda polifolia  [popup]
Bog rosemary
Angelica keiskei  [popup]
Anisacanthus linearis  [popup]
Narrowleaf desert honeysuckle
Annona glabra  [popup]
Pond apple
Annona squamosa  [popup]
Sugar apple...
Apios americana  [popup]
Aralia spinosa  [popup]
Devils Walkingstick
Araucaria araucana  [popup]
Monkeypuzzle tree
Araucaria heterophylla  [popup]
Norfolk Island pine...
Arbutus arizonica  [popup]
Arizona madrone
Arbutus menziesii  [popup]
Pacific madrone
Arbutus unedo  [popup]
Strawberry tree
Arbutus xalapensis  [popup]
Texas madrone
Archontophoenix alexandrae  [popup]
King palm
Arctostaphylos alpina  [popup]
Alpine bearberry
Arctostaphylos columbiana  [popup]
Hairy manzanita
Arctostaphylos densiflora  [popup]
Vine Hill manzanita
Arctostaphylos glauca  [popup]
Bigberry manzanita
Arctostaphylos manzanita  [popup]
Whiteleaf manzanita
Arctostaphylos patula  [popup]
Greenleaf manzanita
Arctostaphylos pungens  [popup]
Pointleaf manzanita
Arctostaphylos uva-ursi  [popup]
Arctostaphylos viscida  [popup]
Sticky whiteleaf manzanita...
Arecastrum romanzoffianum  [popup]
Queen palm
Aristolochia elegans  [popup]
Calico flower...
Aristolochia macrophylla  [popup]
Artemisia abrotanum  [popup]
Artemisia afra  [popup]
African wormwood
Artemisia californica  [popup]
Coastal sagebrush
Artemisia chamaemelifolia  [popup]
Chamomile-leaved Artemisi
Artemisia dracunculus  [popup]
Artemisia schmidtiana  [popup]
Silver mound
Artemisia stelleriana  [popup]
Artemisia tridentata  [popup]
Big sagebrush
Asimina angustifolia  [popup]
Slimleaf pawpaw
Asimina parviflora  [popup]
Smallflower pawpaw...
Asimina triloba  [popup]
Atriplex canescens  [popup]
Fourwing saltbush...
Atriplex confertifolia  [popup]
Shadscale saltbush...
Aucuba chinensis  [popup]
Aucuba himalaica  [popup]
Aucuba japonica  [popup]
Japanese laurel
Avicennia germinans  [popup]
Black Mangrove
Baccharis halimifolia  [popup]
Eastern Baccharis...
Baccharis pteronioides  [popup]
Yerba de pasmo
Baccharis salicifolia  [popup]
Baccharis sarothroides  [popup]
Bartonia paniculata  [popup]
Twining screwstem
Berberis canadensis  [popup]
American barberry
Berberis thunbergii  [popup]
Japanese barberry
Berberis vulgaris  [popup]
Common barberry
Berchemia scandens  [popup]
Alabama Supplejack...
Betula alleghaniensis  [popup]
Yellow birch
Betula lenta  [popup]
Sweet birch
Betula maximowicziana  [popup]
Monarch birch
Betula nana  [popup]
Dwarf birch...
Betula nigra  [popup]
River Birch
Betula occidentalis  [popup]
Water birch
Betula papyrifera  [popup]
Paper birch...
Betula pendula  [popup]
European white birch...
Betula platyphylla  [popup]
Asian white birch
Betula populifolia  [popup]
Gray birch
Betula pubescens  [popup]
Downy birch
Betula pumila  [popup]
Bog birch
Betula uber  [popup]
Virginia roundleaf birch...
Bignonia capreolata  [popup]
Billbergia chlorostica  [popup]
Borrichia arborescens  [popup]
Tree seaside tansy
Bougainvillea glabra  [popup]
Broussonetia papyrifera  [popup]
Paper mulberry
Bucida buceras  [popup]
Buckleya distichophylla  [popup]
Buddleja alternifolia  [popup]
Fountain butterflybush
Buddleja davidii  [popup]
Orange eye butterflybush...
Buddleja globosa  [popup]
Bursera fagaroides  [popup]
Fragrant bursera
Bursera hindsiana  [popup]
Bursera microphylla  [popup]
Elephant tree
Bursera simaruba  [popup]
Gumbo limbo...
Buxus sempervirens  [popup]
Common box...
Caesalpinia bonduc  [popup]
Yellow nicker...
Caesalpinia gilliesii  [popup]
Bird-of-paradise shrub...
Caesalpinia pulcherrima  [popup]
Calamintha sylvatica  [popup]
Woodland calamint
Calliandra eriophylla  [popup]
Callicarpa americana  [popup]
American Beautyberry...
Callicarpa dichotoma  [popup]
Purple beautyberry
Callisia navicularis  [popup]
Chain plant
Callistemon citrinus  [popup]
Crimson bottlebrush
Callistemon linearis  [popup]
Narrow-leaf bottlebrush
Callistemon rigidus  [popup]
Callistemon sieberi  [popup]
River bottlebrush
Callistemon viminalis  [popup]
Weeping bottlebrush
Calocedrus decurrens  [popup]
Incense cedar...
Calophyllum antillanum  [popup]
Antilles calophyllum...
Calycanthus floridus  [popup]
Eastern Sweetshrub...
Calycanthus occidentalis  [popup]
Western sweetshrub...
Calystegia sepium  [popup]
Hedge false bindweed
Camellia japonica  [popup]
Camellia sasanqua  [popup]
Sasanqua camellia
Camellia vernalis  [popup]
Hiryu Camellia
Campsis radicans  [popup]
Trumpet Creeper
Cannabis sativa  [popup]
Canotia holacantha  [popup]
Crucifixion thorn...
Caragana arborescens  [popup]
Siberian peashrub...
Cardiospermum halicacabum  [popup]
Balloon vine...
Carnegiea gigantea  [popup]
Carpinus caroliniana  [popup]
American Hornbeam...
Carya alba  [popup]
Mockernut Hickory...
Carya aquatica  [popup]
Water hickory
Carya cordiformis  [popup]
Bitternut Hickory
Carya floridana  [popup]
Scrub hickory...
Carya glabra  [popup]
Pignut Hickory
Carya illinoinensis  [popup]
Carya laciniosa  [popup]
Shellbark hickory
Carya myristiciformis  [popup]
Nutmeg hickory
Carya ovalis  [popup]
Red Hickory...
Carya ovata  [popup]
Shagbark Hickory...
Carya pallida  [popup]
Sand hickory
Carya texana  [popup]
Black hickory...
Caryota urens  [popup]
Jaggery palm...
Cassiope lycopodioides  [popup]
Clubmoss mountain heather
Cassiope mertensiana  [popup]
Western moss heather...
Cassiope tetragona  [popup]
White arctic mountain heather
Castanea dentata  [popup]
American chestnut
Castanea mollissima  [popup]
Chinese chestnut
Castanea ozarkensis  [popup]
Ozark Chinkapin
Castanea pumila  [popup]
Castanopsis chrysophylla  [popup]
Golden Chinkapin...
Castela emoryi  [popup]
Crucifixion thorn
Casuarina cunninghamiana  [popup]
River sheoak...
Casuarina equisetifolia  [popup]
Beach sheoak...
Catalpa bignonioides  [popup]
Southern catalpa
Catalpa speciosa  [popup]
Northern catalpa
Ceanothus americanus  [popup]
New Jersey tea...
Ceanothus arboreus  [popup]
Feltleaf ceanothus...
Ceanothus cordulatus  [popup]
Whitethorn ceanothus
Ceanothus cuneatus  [popup]
Ceanothus gloriosus  [popup]
Point Reyes ceanothus
Ceanothus greggii  [popup]
Desert ceanothus
Ceanothus herbaceus  [popup]
Jersey tea...
Ceanothus impressus  [popup]
Santa Barbara ceanothus
Ceanothus integerrimus  [popup]
Ceanothus prostratus  [popup]
Prostrate ceanothus...
Ceanothus sanguineus  [popup]
Redstem ceanothus
Ceanothus sorediatus  [popup]
Ceanothus spinosus  [popup]
Ceanothus thyrsiflorus  [popup]
Ceanothus velutinus  [popup]
Snowbrush ceanothus...
Ceanothus verrucosus  [popup]
Barranca brush
Cedrus atlantica  [popup]
Atlas cedar
Cedrus deodara  [popup]
Deodar cedar
Cedrus libani  [popup]
Celastrus orbiculatus  [popup]
Oriental bittersweet
Celastrus scandens  [popup]
American bittersweet
Celtis africana  [popup]
White Stinkwood
Celtis ehrenbergiana  [popup]
Spiny Hackberry...
Celtis laevigata  [popup]
Celtis lindheimeri  [popup]
Lindheimers hackberry...
Celtis occidentalis  [popup]
Common hackberry
Celtis tenuifolia  [popup]
Dwarf hackberry...
Centrosema virginianum  [popup]
Spurred butterfly pea
Cephalanthus occidentalis  [popup]
Common buttonbush
Ceratonia siliqua  [popup]
St. Johns bread...
Ceratostigma plumbaginoides  [popup]
Blue leadwood
Cercidiphyllum japonicum  [popup]
Katsura tree...
Cercis canadensis  [popup]
Eastern Redbud...
Cercis chinensis  [popup]
Chinese redbud
Cercocarpus intricatus  [popup]
Littleleaf mountain mahogany
Cercocarpus ledifolius  [popup]
Curl-leaf mountain mahogany...
Cercocarpus montanus  [popup]
Alderleaf mountain mahogany...
Cercocarpus traskiae  [popup]
Catalina Island mountain mahogany...
Cereus hildmannianus  [popup]
Hedge cactus...
Chaenomeles speciosa  [popup]
Flowering quince
Chamaebatiaria millefolium  [popup]
Desert sweet...
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana  [popup]
Port Orford cedar...
Chamaecyparis obtusa  [popup]
Hinoki false cypress...
Chamaecyparis pisifera  [popup]
Sawara False-CypressSawara Cypress...
Chamaecyparis thyoides  [popup]
Atlantic white cedar...
Chamaedaphne calyculata  [popup]
Chilopsis linearis  [popup]
Desert willow
Chimaphila maculata  [popup]
Striped princes pine...
Chimaphila umbellata  [popup]
Chionanthus virginicus  [popup]
White fringetree...
Chrysanthemum cinerariifolium  [popup]
Chrysobalanus icaco  [popup]
Coco plum...
Chrysolepis chrysophylla  [popup]
Giant chinquapin...
Chrysolepis sempervirens  [popup]
Bush chinquapin
Cinnamomum camphora  [popup]
Cissus trifoliata  [popup]
Cissus verticillata  [popup]
Citrus aurantiifolia  [popup]
Citrus aurantium  [popup]
Sour Orange
Citrus limon  [popup]
Citrus paradisi  [popup]
Citrus reticulata  [popup]
Citrus sinensis  [popup]
Cladrastis kentukea  [popup]
Kentucky yellowwood...
Clematis drummondii  [popup]
Drummonds clematis...
Clematis terniflora  [popup]
Sweet autumn virginsbower...
Clematis viorna  [popup]
Clematis virginiana  [popup]
Devils darning needles
Cleome isomeris  [popup]
Bladderpod spiderflower
Clethra acuminata  [popup]
Mountain sweetpepperbush
Clethra alnifolia  [popup]
Coastal Sweetpepperbush...
Cliftonia monophylla  [popup]
Buckwheat tree
Clitoria mariana  [popup]
Atlantic pigeonwings
Coccoloba uvifera  [popup]
Cocculus carolinus  [popup]
Carolina coralbead...
Cocos nucifera  [popup]
Coconut palm
Coleogyne ramosissima  [popup]
Colubrina arborescens  [popup]
Comptonia peregrina  [popup]
Sweet fern...
Condalia globosa  [popup]
Bitter snakewood...
Condalia hookeri  [popup]
Brazilian bluewood...
Conocarpus erectus  [popup]
Button mangrove
Corchorus siliquosus  [popup]
Slippery burr
Cornus alternifolia  [popup]
Alternateleaf dogwood
Cornus amomum  [popup]
Silky dogwood...
Cornus canadensis  [popup]
Bunchberry dogwood...
Cornus drummondii  [popup]
Roughleaf dogwood
Cornus florida  [popup]
Flowering Dogwood...
Cornus foemina  [popup]
Stiff dogwood
Cornus kousa  [popup]
Kousa dogwood
Cornus mas  [popup]
Cornelian cherry...
Cornus nuttallii  [popup]
Pacific dogwood
Cornus obliqua  [popup]
Silky dogwood
Cornus officinalis  [popup]
Asiatic dogwood
Cornus racemosa  [popup]
Gray dogwood...
Cornus rugosa  [popup]
Roundleaf dogwood...
Cornus sericea  [popup]
Redosier dogwood...
Cornus suecica  [popup]
Lapland cornel...
Coronilla varia  [popup]
Corylopsis pauciflora  [popup]
Buttercup Winterhazel
Corylopsis sinensis  [popup]
Winter hazel...
Corylopsis veitchiana  [popup]
Corylus americana  [popup]
American hazelnut
Corylus avellana  [popup]
Common filbert
Corylus cornuta  [popup]
Beaked hazelnut
Cotinus coggygria  [popup]
European smoketree...
Cotinus obovatus  [popup]
American smoketree
Cotoneaster acutifolius  [popup]
Peking cotoneaster
Crataegus aestivalis  [popup]
May hawthorn
Crataegus berberifolia  [popup]
Barberry hawthorn
Crataegus brachyacantha  [popup]
Blueberry hawthorn...
Crataegus brainerdii  [popup]
Brainerds hawthorn
Crataegus calpodendron  [popup]
Pear hawthorn...
Crataegus chrysocarpa  [popup]
Fireberry hawthorn...
Crataegus coccinioides  [popup]
Kansas hawthorn
Crataegus crus-galli  [popup]
Cockspur hawthorn
Crataegus douglasii  [popup]
Black hawthorn...
Crataegus erythropoda  [popup]
Cerro hawthorn
Crataegus flava  [popup]
Yellowleaf hawthorn...
Crataegus harbisonii  [popup]
Harbisons hawthorn...
Crataegus intricata  [popup]
Copenhagen hawthorn...
Crataegus lacrimata  [popup]
Pensacola hawthorn
Crataegus macrosperma  [popup]
Bigfruit hawthorn
Crataegus marshallii  [popup]
Parsley Hawthorn
Crataegus mollis  [popup]
Downy hawthorn
Crataegus monogyna  [popup]
Oneseed hawthorn
Crataegus opaca  [popup]
Riverflat hawthorn
Crataegus pedicellata  [popup]
Scarlet hawthorn...
Crataegus phaenopyrum  [popup]
Washington hawthorn
Crataegus pruinosa  [popup]
Waxyfruit hawthorn
Crataegus pulcherrima  [popup]
Threeflower hawthorn...
Crataegus punctata  [popup]
Dotted hawthorn...
Crataegus reverchonii  [popup]
Reverchons hawthorn...
Crataegus saligna  [popup]
Willow hawthorn
Crataegus spathulata  [popup]
Littlehip Hawthorn
Crataegus succulenta  [popup]
Fleshy hawthorn
Crataegus texana  [popup]
Texas hawthorn
Crataegus tracyi  [popup]
Tracys hawthorn
Crataegus triflora  [popup]
Threeflower hawthorn
Crataegus uniflora  [popup]
Dwarf Hawthorn...
Crataegus viridis  [popup]
Green hawthorn
Croton alabamensis  [popup]
Alabama croton
Cryptomeria japonica  [popup]
Japanese cedar
Cudrania tricuspidata  [popup]
Cunninghamia lanceolata  [popup]
Chinese fir...
Cupressus arizonica  [popup]
Arizona cypress
Cupressus bakeri  [popup]
Modoc cypress...
Cupressus goveniana  [popup]
Gowen cypress...
Cupressus guadalupensis  [popup]
Guadeloupe cypress...
Cupressus macnabiana  [popup]
MacNabs cypress...
Cupressus macrocarpa  [popup]
Monterey cypress
Cupressus nootkatensis  [popup]
Alaska cedar...
Cupressus sargentii  [popup]
Sargents cypress...
Cuscuta compacta  [popup]
Compact dodder
Cuscuta indecora  [popup]
Bigseed alfalfa dodder
Cuscuta pentagona  [popup]
Fiveangled dodder
Cylindropuntia acanthocarpa  [popup]
Buckhorn Cholla...
Cylindropuntia arbuscula  [popup]
Arizona Pencil Cholla...
Cylindropuntia bigelovii  [popup]
Teddy Bear Cholla...
Cylindropuntia fulgida  [popup]
Jumping cholla...
Cylindropuntia spinosior  [popup]
Walkingstick cactus...
Cyrilla racemiflora  [popup]
Swamp titi...
Cytisus scoparius  [popup]
Scotch broom
Danae racemosa  [popup]
Alexandrian laurel
Daphniphyllum macropodum  [popup]
False Daphne
Dasiphora fruticosa  [popup]
Shrubby Cinquefoil...
Dasylirion leiophyllum  [popup]
Green sotol...
Davidia involucrata  [popup]
Dove Tree
Decodon verticillatus  [popup]
Swamp loosestrife
Decumaria barbara  [popup]
Delonix regia  [popup]
Royal poinciana...
Dendromecon rigida  [popup]
Tree poppy
Desmanthus illinoensis  [popup]
Illinois bundleflower...
Desmanthus leptolobus  [popup]
Slenderlobe bundleflower
Deutzia scabra  [popup]
Fuzzy pride-of-Rochester...
Diervilla lonicera  [popup]
Northern bush honeysuckle
Diervilla sessilifolia  [popup]
Southern bush honeysuckle
Dioscorea floridana  [popup]
Florida yam
Dioscorea oppositifolia  [popup]
Chinese yam...
Dioscorea villosa  [popup]
Wild Yam...
Diospyros texana  [popup]
Texas persimmon
Diospyros virginiana  [popup]
Common Persimmon...
Dirca palustris  [popup]
Eastern leatherwood
Dodonaea viscosa  [popup]
Florida hopbush...
Dracaena draco  [popup]
Dypsis lutescens  [popup]
Yellow butterfly palm
Ebenopsis ebano  [popup]
Texas ebony...
Ehretia anacua  [popup]
Elaeagnus angustifolia  [popup]
Russian olive...
Elaeagnus commutata  [popup]
Elaeagnus multiflora  [popup]
Cherry silverberry
Elaeagnus pungens  [popup]
Thorny Olive...
Elaeagnus umbellata  [popup]
Autumn olive
Eleutherococcus henryi  [popup]
Acanthopanax henryi
Eleutherococcus sieboldianus  [popup]
Acanthopanax seiboldianus
Elliottia racemosa  [popup]
Encelia californica  [popup]
California brittlebush...
Epigaea repens  [popup]
Trailing arbutus
Epiphyllum oxypetalum  [popup]
Dutchmans pipe cactus
Ericameria laricifolia  [popup]
Turpentine bush
Ericameria linearifolia  [popup]
Narrowleaf goldenbush
Ericameria nauseosa  [popup]
Rubber rabbitbrush...
Ericameria palmeri  [popup]
Palmers goldenbush
Eriogonum cinereum  [popup]
Coastal buckwheat
Eriogonum fasciculatum  [popup]
Eastern Mojave buckwheat...
Erythrina corallodendron  [popup]
Coral erythrina...
Erythrina herbacea  [popup]
Eubotrys racemosa  [popup]
Swamp Doghobble...
Eubotrys recurva  [popup]
Redtwig doghobble...
Eucalyptus caesia  [popup]
Eucalyptus camaldulensis  [popup]
River redgum...
Eucalyptus cladocalyx  [popup]
Eucalyptus cordata  [popup]
Silver-dollar eucalyptus...
Eucalyptus globulus  [popup]
Tasmanian bluegum...
Eucalyptus grandis  [popup]
Grand eucalyptus...
Eucalyptus polyanthemos  [popup]
Eucalyptus robusta  [popup]
Eucalyptus saligna  [popup]
Sydney bluegum...
Eucalyptus sideroxylon  [popup]
Red ironbark...
Eucalyptus torelliana  [popup]
Eucalyptus woodwardii  [popup]
Lemon-flower gum...
Eugenia axillaris  [popup]
White stopper
Euonymus alatus  [popup]
Euonymus americanus  [popup]
Euonymus atropurpureus  [popup]
Euonymus europaeus  [popup]
European spindletree...
Euonymus fortunei  [popup]
Winter creeper...
Euonymus hamiltonianus  [popup]
Hamiltons spindletree
Euonymus kiautschovicus  [popup]
Creeping strawberry bush...
Euonymus obovatus  [popup]
Running strawberry bush
Euphorbia misera  [popup]
Cliff spurge
Exochorda giraldii  [popup]
Eysenhardtia orthocarpa  [popup]
Tahitian kidneywood...
Eysenhardtia texana  [popup]
Texas kidneywood
Fagus grandifolia  [popup]
American Beech...
Fagus sylvatica  [popup]
European beech
Faidherbia albida  [popup]
Applering acacia...
Fallugia paradoxa  [popup]
Apache plume
Ferocactus wislizeni  [popup]
Candy barrelcactus...
Ficus aurea  [popup]
Florida strangler fig...
Ficus carica  [popup]
Edible fig...
Ficus citrifolia  [popup]
Wild banyantree...
Ficus macrophylla  [popup]
Moreton Bay Fig
Ficus natalensis  [popup]
Triangle fig...
Ficus pumila  [popup]
Firmiana simplex  [popup]
Chinese parasoltree
Forestiera acuminata  [popup]
Eastern swampprivet...
Forestiera pubescens  [popup]
Forestiera segregata  [popup]
Florida swampprivet...
Forestiera shrevei  [popup]
Desert olive...
Forsythia suspensa  [popup]
Weeping forsythia
Forsythia viridissima  [popup]
Greenstem forsythia
Fothergilla gardenii  [popup]
Dwarf witchalder...
Fouquieria columnaris  [popup]
Boojum tree
Fouquieria splendens  [popup]
Fragaria vesca  [popup]
Woodland strawberry
Frangula alnus  [popup]
Glossy buckthorn...
Frangula californica  [popup]
California Buckthorn...
Frangula caroliniana  [popup]
Carolina buckthorn...
Frangula purshiana  [popup]
Cascara buckthorn...
Frankenia salina  [popup]
Alkali seaheath
Franklinia alatamaha  [popup]
Franklin tree
Fraxinus americana  [popup]
White ash
Fraxinus angustifolia  [popup]
Narrowleaf ash
Fraxinus anomala  [popup]
Singleleaf ash...
Fraxinus berlandieriana  [popup]
Mexican ash...
Fraxinus caroliniana  [popup]
Carolina ash...
Fraxinus cuspidata  [popup]
Fragrant ash...
Fraxinus dipetala  [popup]
California ash...
Fraxinus excelsior  [popup]
European ash
Fraxinus gooddingii  [popup]
Gooddings ash...
Fraxinus greggii  [popup]
Greggs ash...
Fraxinus latifolia  [popup]
Oregon ash
Fraxinus nigra  [popup]
Black ash
Fraxinus papillosa  [popup]
Chihuahuan ash...
Fraxinus pennsylvanica  [popup]
Green ash
Fraxinus profunda  [popup]
Pumpkin ash
Fraxinus quadrangulata  [popup]
Blue ash
Fraxinus texensis  [popup]
Texas ash...
Fraxinus velutina  [popup]
Velvet ash...
Fremontodendron californicum  [popup]
California flannelbush...
Fremontodendron mexicanum  [popup]
Mexican flannelbush...
Galactia regularis  [popup]
Eastern milkpea
Galium aparine  [popup]
Garrya elliptica  [popup]
Wavyleaf silktassel
Garrya flavescens  [popup]
Ashy silktassel...
Garrya fremontii  [popup]
Garrya wrightii  [popup]
Wrights silktassel...
Gaultheria hispidula  [popup]
Creeping snowberry
Gaultheria procumbens  [popup]
Eastern teaberry
Gaultheria shallon  [popup]
Gaylussacia baccata  [popup]
Black huckleberry
Gaylussacia brachycera  [popup]
Box huckleberry
Gaylussacia dumosa  [popup]
Dwarf huckleberry
Gaylussacia frondosa  [popup]
Blue huckleberry
Gaylussacia ursina  [popup]
Bear huckleberry
Gelsemium rankinii  [popup]
Rankins trumpetflower...
Gelsemium sempervirens  [popup]
Evening Trumpetflower...
Ginkgo biloba  [popup]
Maidenhair tree...
Gleditsia aquatica  [popup]
Water locust...
Gleditsia triacanthos  [popup]
Gordonia lasianthus  [popup]
Loblolly bay...
Gouania lupuloides  [popup]
Grevillea robusta  [popup]
Guaiacum angustifolium  [popup]
Texas lignum-vitae...
Guajacum coulteri  [popup]
Gymnocladus dioicus  [popup]
Kentucky coffeetree
Gypsophila oldhamiana  [popup]
Oldhams babys-breath...
Halesia carolina  [popup]
Carolina silverbell...
Halesia diptera  [popup]
Two-wing silverbell...
Halesia tetraptera  [popup]
Mountain silverbell
Hamamelis mollis  [popup]
Chinese witchhazel
Hamamelis vernalis  [popup]
Ozark witchhazel...
Hamamelis virginiana  [popup]
American witchhazel
Harrimanella stelleriana  [popup]
Alaska bellheather
Hedera colchica  [popup]
Colchis ivy...
Hedera helix  [popup]
English ivy
Heteromeles arbutifolia  [popup]
Hibiscus moscheutos  [popup]
Crimsoneyed rosemallow...
Hibiscus syriacus  [popup]
Rose of Sharon...
Holodiscus discolor  [popup]
... others not listed

REMAINING (number with state)
Bark has diamond pattern
 No (2)
 Yes (2)
Bark main color
 Brown (189)
 Gray (182)
 Red (73)
 Green (24)
 White (19)
 Black (14)
 Orange (7)
 Purple (4)
Bark mature appearance
 Smooth (213)
 Furrowed (175)
 Scaly (125)
 Rough (122)
 Shreddy (94)
 Fissured (89)
 Spined (33)
 Hairy (4)
Bark peeling in strips
 Horizontally (11)
 No (6)
 Randomly (4)
 Vertically (1)
Calyx tube shape
 Cylindric (2)
 Hemispheric (1)
Cone position
 Upright (57)
 Hanging (8)
 Dicotyledoneae (1276)
 Gymnospermae (143)
 Monocotyledoneae (71)
 Pteridophyta (1)
 No (816)
 Yes (515)
 Rosaceae (168)
 Ericaceae (100)
 Fagaceae (97)
 Fabaceae (92)
 Pinaceae (92)
 Salicaceae (59)
 Caprifoliaceae (48)
 Oleaceae (39)
 Aceraceae (37)
 Rhamnaceae (37)
 Cupressaceae (31)
 Betulaceae (30)
 Asteraceae (28)
 Anacardiaceae (26)
 Bromeliaceae (26)
 Myrtaceae (23)
 Ulmaceae (20)
 Juglandaceae (19)
 Cornaceae (18)
 Arecaceae (17)
 Aquifoliaceae (16)
 Vitaceae (16)
 Cactaceae (15)
 Grossulariaceae (15)
 Lamiaceae (15)
 Magnoliaceae (15)
 Berberidaceae (14)
 Celastraceae (14)
 Convolvulaceae (13)
 Liliaceae (13)
 Moraceae (12)
 Rutaceae (12)
 Hydrangeaceae (11)
 Hamamelidaceae (10)
 Theaceae (10)
 Bignoniaceae (9)
 Hippocastanaceae (9)
 Elaeagnaceae (8)
 Euphorbiaceae (8)
 Lauraceae (8)
 Taxodiaceae (8)
 Araliaceae (7)
 Myricaceae (7)
 Saxifragaceae (7)
 Smilacaceae (7)
 Styracaceae (7)
 Taxaceae (7)
 Apocynaceae (6)
 Buxaceae (6)
 Malvaceae (6)
 Nyssaceae (6)
 Rubiaceae (6)
 Solanaceae (6)
 Annonaceae (5)
 Ranunculaceae (5)
 Sapindaceae (5)
 Sapotaceae (5)
 Verbenaceae (5)
 Burseraceae (4)
 Garryaceae (4)
 Lythraceae (4)
 Platanaceae (4)
 Polygonaceae (4)
 Scrophulariaceae (4)
 Tamaricaceae (4)
 Tiliaceae (4)
 Chenopodiaceae (3)
 Combretaceae (3)
 Dioscoreaceae (3)
 Illiciaceae (3)
 Loganiaceae (3)
 Passifloraceae (3)
 Sterculiaceae (3)
 Zygophyllaceae (3)
 Actinidiaceae (2)
 Araucariaceae (2)
 Aristolochiaceae (2)
 Asclepiadaceae (2)
 Buddlejaceae (2)
 Calycanthaceae (2)
 Cannabaceae (2)
 Capparaceae (2)
 Casuarinaceae (2)
 Clethraceae (2)
 Clusiaceae (2)
 Cucurbitaceae (2)
 Cyrillaceae (2)
 Ebenaceae (2)
 Fouquieriaceae (2)
 Meliaceae (2)
 Papaveraceae (2)
 Podocarpaceae (2)
 Pyrolaceae (2)
 Ruscaceae (2)
 Santalaceae (2)
 Simaroubaceae (2)
 Acanthaceae (1)
 Apiaceae (1)
 Bombacaceae (1)
 Boraginaceae (1)
 Caryophyllaceae (1)
 Cercidiphyllaceae (1)
 Chrysobalanaceae (1)
 Commelinaceae (1)
 Crassulaceae (1)
 Daphniphyllaceae (1)
 Frankeniaceae (1)
 Gentianaceae (1)
 Ginkgoaceae (1)
 Krameriaceae (1)
 Lardizabalaceae (1)
 Leitneriaceae (1)
 Lygodiaceae (1)
 Marantaceae (1)
 Menispermaceae (1)
 Nyctaginaceae (1)
 Plumbaginaceae (1)
 Proteaceae (1)
 Punicaceae (1)
 Rhizophoraceae (1)
 Sciadopityaceae (1)
 Simmondsiaceae (1)
 Staphyleaceae (1)
 Symplocaceae (1)
 Thymelaeaceae (1)
 Viscaceae (1)
Flower Symmetry
 Regular/Radial (5)
 Irregular/Bilateral (3)
Flower is fragrant
 Yes (3)
 No (1)
Flower main color
 White (583)
 Yellow/Orange (357)
 Green (269)
 Red/Pink (227)
 None (135)
 Blue/Purple (101)
 Brown/Maroon (88)
Flower number per inflorescence
 5-10 (3)
 15-20 (2)
 over 20 (2)
Flower petal number
 5 (324)
 0 or indistinct (191)
 Over 6 (136)
 4 (90)
 1 - 2 (72)
 6 (37)
 3 (23)
Flower stamen number
 6 (5)
 5 (3)
 10 (1)
Flower width in inches
 0.5 (4)
 1 (2)
 2 (2)
 3 (2)
 over 3 (1)
Flower, calyx is pubescent
 No (1)
 Yes (1)
Flower, has distinct yellow blotch
 No (2)
 Yes (1)
Fruit acorn cap
 Bowl-shaped (4)
 Fringed (1)
 Saucer-shaped (1)
Fruit borne on red stem
 No (3)
 Yes (2)
Fruit color
 Brown/maroon (706)
 Red/Pink (319)
 Black/blue/purple (269)
 Green (239)
 Yellow/orange (143)
 White (56)
Fruit inside color
 Red (2)
 Brown (1)
 Orange (1)
Fruit shape
 Round (410)
 Elongated (133)
 Multi-lobed; irregular (120)
 Cone (96)
 Acorn (86)
 Wider near base (43)
 Winged (41)
 Wider near tip (20)
 Curved (14)
Fruit texture
 Smooth (242)
 Scaly (70)
 Hairy (46)
 Spiny (23)
 Knobby (17)
 Rough (16)
 Papery (14)
 Waxy (10)
 Sticky (4)
Fruit wing number
 2 (1)
 4 (1)
Fruit, legume valves twisting longitudinally
 Yes (2)
 No, laterally (1)
 Quercus (87)
 Pinus (50)
 Salix (49)
 Acer (37)
 Crataegus (33)
 Prunus (30)
 Aechmea (24)
 Viburnum (24)
 Rhododendron (23)
 Rubus (23)
 Vaccinium (23)
 Ribes (21)
 Fraxinus (18)
 Rosa (18)
 Abies (16)
 Ceanothus (16)
 Ilex (16)
 Cornus (15)
 Juniperus (15)
 Acacia (14)
 Betula (13)
 Magnolia (13)
 Carya (12)
 Eucalyptus (12)
 Lonicera (12)
 Rhus (12)
 Alnus (11)
 Picea (11)
 Mahonia (10)
 Populus (10)
 Ulmus (10)
 Aesculus (9)
 Arctostaphylos (9)
 Yucca (9)
 Artemisia (8)
 Euonymus (8)
 Opuntia (8)
 Smilax (8)
 Vitis (8)
 Amelanchier (7)
 Cupressus (7)
 Ipomoea (7)
 Juglans (7)
 Spiraea (7)
 Celtis (6)
 Citrus (6)
 Ficus (6)
 Ligustrum (6)
 Malus (6)
 Rhamnus (6)
 Salvia (6)
 Sorbus (6)
 Callistemon (5)
 Chamaecyparis (5)
 Elaeagnus (5)
 Gaylussacia (5)
 Hydrangea (5)
 Kalmia (5)
 Larix (5)
 Lyonia (5)
 Mimosa (5)
 Morella (5)
 Nyssa (5)
 Robinia (5)
 Taxus (5)
 Toxicodendron (5)
 Vicia (5)
 Arbutus (4)
 Baccharis (4)
 Bursera (4)
 Castanea (4)
 Cercocarpus (4)
 Clematis (4)
 Ericameria (4)
 Forestiera (4)
 Frangula (4)
 Garrya (4)
 Lycium (4)
 Philadelphus (4)
 Physocarpus (4)
 Platanus (4)
 Prosopis (4)
 Sarcococca (4)
 Stewartia (4)
 Styrax (4)
 Tamarix (4)
 Tsuga (4)
 Ambrosia (3)
 Asimina (3)
 Aucuba (3)
 Berberis (3)
 Buddleja (3)
 Caesalpinia (3)
 Camellia (3)
 Cassiope (3)
 Cedrus (3)
 Corylopsis (3)
 Corylus (3)
 Cuscuta (3)
 Dioscorea (3)
 Gaultheria (3)
 Halesia (3)
 Hamamelis (3)
 Illicium (3)
 Lathyrus (3)
 Leucothoe (3)
 Morus (3)
 Parkinsonia (3)
 Parthenocissus (3)
 Passiflora (3)
 Phoenix (3)
 Photinia (3)
 Pseudotsuga (3)
 Purshia (3)
 Shepherdia (3)
 Sideroxylon (3)
 Symphoricarpos (3)
 Syringa (3)
 Taxodium (3)
 Tilia (3)
 Trachelospermum (3)
 Wisteria (3)
 Zanthoxylum (3)
 Abelia (2)
 Actinidia (2)
 Adina (2)
 Ampelopsis (2)
 Annona (2)
 Araucaria (2)
 Aristolochia (2)
 Atriplex (2)
 Buddleja globosa (2)
 Callicarpa (2)
 Calycanthus (2)
 Casuarina (2)
 Catalpa (2)
 Celastrus (2)
 Cercis (2)
 Chimaphila (2)
 Chrysolepis (2)
 Cissus (2)
 Clethra (2)
 Condalia (2)
 Cotinus (2)
 Desmanthus (2)
 Diervilla (2)
 Diospyros (2)
 Eleutherococcus (2)
 Eriogonum (2)
 Erythrina (2)
 Eysenhardtia (2)
 Fagus (2)
 Forsythia (2)
 Fouquieria (2)
 Fremontodendron (2)
 Gelsemium (2)
 Gleditsia (2)
 Hedera (2)
 Hibiscus (2)
 Iva (2)
 Lagerstroemia (2)
 Ledum (2)
 Lindera (2)
 Lysiloma (2)
 Matelea (2)
 Melaleuca (2)
 Menziesia (2)
 Origanum (2)
 Osmanthus (2)
 Ostrya (2)
 Pachycereus (2)
 Paulownia (2)
 Persea (2)
 Pieris (2)
 Pistacia (2)
 Podocarpus (2)
 Psorothamnus (2)
 Pyrus (2)
 Sabal (2)
 Sambucus (2)
 Schinus (2)
 Solanum (2)
 Sophora (2)
 Strophostyles (2)
 Tabebuia (2)
 Thuja (2)
 Thymus (2)
 Torreya (2)
 Vinca (2)
 Vitex (2)
 Washingtonia (2)
 Zelkova (2)
 Ziziphus (2)
 Abeliophyllum (1)
 Abutilon (1)
 Acalypha (1)
 Acoelorraphe (1)
 Adenostoma (1)
 Adinandra (1)
 Adlumia (1)
 Adromischus (1)
 Ailanthus (1)
 Akebia (1)
 Albizia (1)
 Amorpha (1)
 Amphicarpaea (1)
 Ananas (1)
 Andromeda (1)
 Angelica (1)
 Anisacanthus (1)
 Apios (1)
 Aralia (1)
 Archontophoenix (1)
 Arecastrum (1)
 Avicennia (1)
 Bartonia (1)
 Berchemia (1)
 Bignonia (1)
 Billbergia (1)
 Borrichia (1)
 Bougainvillea (1)
 Broussonetia (1)
 Bucida (1)
 Buckleya (1)
 Bumelia (1)
 Buxus (1)
 Calamintha (1)
 Calliandra (1)
 Callisia (1)
 Calocedrus (1)
 Calophyllum (1)
 Calystegia (1)
 Campsis (1)
 Cannabis (1)
 Canotia (1)
 Caragana (1)
 Cardiospermum (1)
 Carnegiea (1)
 Carpinus (1)
 Caryota (1)
 Castanopsis (1)
 Castela (1)
 Centrosema (1)
 Cephalanthus (1)
 Ceratonia (1)
 Ceratostigma (1)
 Cercidiphyllum (1)
 Cereus (1)
 Chaenomeles (1)
 Chamaebatiaria (1)
 Chamaedaphne (1)
 Chilopsis (1)
 Chionanthus (1)
 Chrysanthemum (1)
 Chrysobalanus (1)
 Cinnamomum (1)
 Cladrastis (1)
 Cleome (1)
 Cliftonia (1)
 Clitoria (1)
 Coccoloba (1)
 Cocculus (1)
 Cocos (1)
 Coleogyne (1)
 Colubrina (1)
 Comptonia (1)
 Conocarpus (1)
 Corchorus (1)
 Coronilla (1)
 Cotoneaster (1)
 Croton (1)
 Cryptomeria (1)
 Cudrania (1)
 Cunninghamia (1)
 Cyrilla (1)
 Cytisus (1)
 Danae (1)
 Daphniphyllum (1)
 Dasiphora (1)
 Dasylirion (1)
 Davidia (1)
 Decodon (1)
 Decumaria (1)
 Delonix (1)
 Dendromecon (1)
 Deutzia (1)
 Dirca (1)
 Dodonaea (1)
 Dracaena (1)
 Dypsis (1)
 Ebenopsis (1)
 Ehretia (1)
 Elliottia (1)
 Encelia (1)
 Epigaea (1)
 Epiphyllum (1)
 Eubotrys (1)
 Eugenia (1)
 Euphorbia (1)
 Exochorda (1)
 Faidherbia (1)
 Fallugia (1)
 Ferocactus (1)
 Firmiana (1)
 Fothergilla (1)
 Fragaria (1)
 Frankenia (1)
 Franklinia (1)
 Galactia (1)
 Galium (1)
 Ginkgo (1)
 Gordonia (1)
 Gouania (1)
 Grevillea (1)
 Guaiacum (1)
 Guajacum (1)
 Gymnocladus (1)
 Gypsophila (1)
 Harrimanella (1)
 Heteromeles (1)
 Holodiscus (1)
 Hovenia (1)
 Humulus (1)
 Hypericum (1)
 Hyptis (1)
 Itea (1)
 Jacaranda (1)
 Jacquemontia (1)
 Jasminum (1)
 Jatropha (1)
 Karwinskia (1)
 Keckiella (1)
 Kerria (1)
 Koeberlinia (1)
 Koelreuteria (1)
 Kolkwitzia (1)
 Krameria (1)
 Lagunaria (1)
 Laguncularia (1)
 Larrea (1)
 Lavatera (1)
 Leiophyllum (1)
 Leitneria (1)
 Lespedeza (1)
 Leucaena (1)
 Linnaea (1)
 Liquidambar (1)
 Liriodendron (1)
 Lithocarpus (1)
 Loiseleuria (1)
 Loropetalum (1)
 Lygodium (1)
 Lyonothamnus (1)
 Lythrum (1)
 Maclura (1)
 Malosma (1)
 Manihot (1)
 Manilkara (1)
 Maranta (1)
 Maytenus (1)
 Melia (1)
 Melothria (1)
 Mespilus (1)
 Metasequoia (1)
 Metopium (1)
 Metrosideros (1)
 Mikania (1)
 Mitchella (1)
 Myrica (1)
 Myrtus (1)
 Nandina (1)
 Nectandra (1)
 Neptunia (1)
 Nerium (1)
 Oemleria (1)
 Olea (1)
 Olneya (1)
 Oplopanax (1)
 Osteomeles (1)
 Oxydendrum (1)
 Pachycormus (1)
 Pachysandra (1)
 Paliurus (1)
 Parakmeria (1)
 Parrotia (1)
 Parthenium (1)
 Paxistima (1)
 Penstemon (1)
 Perovskia (1)
 Petrophyton (1)
 Phellodendron (1)
 Phoradendron (1)
 Pinckneya (1)
 Planera (1)
 Platycladus (1)
 Plectranthus (1)
 Pluchea (1)
 Poliomintha (1)
 Polygonum (1)
 Poncirus (1)
 Pseudobombax (1)
 Pseudocydonia (1)
 Psidium (1)
 Ptelea (1)
 Pueraria (1)
 Punica (1)
 Pyracantha (1)
 Pyrularia (1)
 Quillaja (1)
 Rhapidophyllum (1)
 Rhizophora (1)
 Rhynchosia (1)
 Rohdea (1)
 Roystonea (1)
 Ruscus (1)
 Sageretia (1)
 Samanea (1)
 Sapindus (1)
 Sassafras (1)
 Schaefferia (1)
 Sciadopitys (1)
 Senna (1)
 Sequoia (1)
 Sequoiadendron (1)
 Serenoa (1)
 Sesbania (1)
 Sicyos (1)
 Simmondsia (1)
 Sorbaria (1)
 Sphaeralcea (1)
 Staphylea (1)
 Stenocereus (1)
 Stylisma (1)
 Styphnolobium (1)
 Suaeda (1)
 Swietenia (1)
 Symplocos (1)
 Tecoma (1)
 Tetrapanax (1)
 Tetrastigma (1)
 Trachycarpus (1)
 Tragia (1)
 Trema (1)
 Triadica (1)
 Trigonella (1)
 Umbellularia (1)
 Ungnadia (1)
 Vauquelinia (1)
 Vernicia (1)
 Vigna (1)
 Viguiera (1)
 Weigela (1)
 Xanthorhiza (1)
 Xylococcus (1)
 Zenobia (1)
Gland dot present
 Yes (11)
 No (8)
 Woody, not vine (1236)
 Vine, woody (70)
 Vine, herby (59)
Growth habit
 Shrub or sub-shrub (210)
 Tree (209)
 Vine (125)
Leaf arrangement
 Alternate (977)
 Opposite (280)
 Whorled (84)
 Basal (5)
Leaf base shape
 Cordate (2)
 Acute (1)
Leaf color in autumn
 Yellow (2)
 Red (1)
Leaf division
 Simple, undivided (984)
 Compound: pinnate 1 time (164)
 2- or 3-parted (44)
 Compound: pinnate 2 times (41)
 Palmate (32)
 Compound: pinnate over 2 times (10)
Leaf is fragrant
 Yes (4)
 No (2)
Leaf is thickened
 Yes (11)
 No (4)
Leaf is white on underside
 No (30)
 Yes (21)
Leaf lobe number
 1 (1078)
 3 (144)
 5 (123)
 Over 5 (104)
 2 (63)
 4 (61)
Leaf lobe tip
 Rounded (2)
 Pointed (1)
Leaf main color
 Dark green (28)
 Blue-green (25)
 Yellow-green (17)
 Gray-green (11)
 Shiny green (11)
 Bright green (7)
 Dull green (5)
 Light green (2)
 Red (1)
Leaf margin
 Smooth or wavy (759)
 Toothed (586)
 Spined (51)
Leaf margin wavy
 No (1208)
 Yes (90)
Leaf shape
 Wider near middle (772)
 Linear (344)
 Wider near base (228)
 Wider near tip (169)
 Lobed (133)
 Heart-shaped (77)
 None or only spines (8)
Leaf stalk color
 Green (3)
 Red (1)
Leaf stalk texture
 Smooth (278)
 Hairy (20)
 Spined (4)
 Winged (3)
Leaf teeth have glands
 No (4)
 Yes (2)
Leaf teeth point
 Forward (334)
 Outward (233)
Leaf tooth shape
 None (692)
 Single-toothed (488)
 Round (88)
 Double-toothed (34)
Leaf type
 Broad (1303)
 Needle-like (147)
 Spiny Cactus (13)
 Spineless Cactus (6)
Leaf undersurface texture
 Smooth (111)
 Hairy (91)
 Scaly (4)
 Sticky (4)
Leaf upperside texture
 Smooth (52)
 Hairy (15)
 Rough (11)
 Sticky (1)
Leaf uppersurface is shiny
 Yes (55)
 No (38)
Leaf veins
 Pinnate (988)
 None present (171)
 Palmate (135)
 Parallel (65)
 Net-like (7)
Leaflets per leaf
 5 (2)
 7 (1)
Leaves predominately 3-foliate
 Yes (4)
 No (1)
Needle arrangement
 Spiral (1)
 Two ranked (1)
Needle has white stripes
 No (21)
 Yes (7)
Needle number per cluster
 0, no cluster (28)
 3 (20)
 2 (18)
 5 (11)
 Over 5 (6)
 4 (1)
Needle shape in cross section
 Oval (17)
 Triangular (11)
 X-shaped (4)
Needle texture
 Smooth (80)
 Scaly (21)
Needles twisted
 No (22)
 Yes (7)
 North America WEST (1052)
 North America EAST (845)
 Canada (610)
 Mexico (402)
 Europe (73)
Range in Canada
 Not in Canada (602)
 Ontario (508)
 Quebec (455)
 New Brunswick (356)
 Nova Scotia (355)
 British Columbia (348)
 Prince Edward Island (344)
 Manitoba (336)
 Alberta (325)
 Saskatchewan (304)
 Yukon (233)
 Newfoundland (220)
 Nunavut (211)
 Labrador (210)
 Northwest Territories (205)
Spine covered in a sheath
 No (3)
 Yes (1)
Stamen color
 Pink (1)
 Red (1)
 Yellow (1)
Tendril color
 Green (1)
 Red (1)
Tendrils present
 No (9)
 Yes (7)
Thorn color
 White (2)
 Red (1)
 Yellow (1)
Thorns are curved
 No (13)
 Yes (6)
Thorns are thickened
 No (2)
 Yes (2)
Twig hair color
 Red (1)
 White (1)
Twig length in inches
 10 (1)
 8 (1)
Twig main color
 Red-brown (54)
 Gray (33)
 Green (32)
 Yellow-brown (24)
 Orange-brown (23)
 Brown (16)
 Black-brown (5)
 Yellow-green (4)
 White (3)
 Blue-green (1)
Twig texture
 Smooth (290)
 Hairy (88)
 Thorned (68)
 Speckled with lenticels (19)
 Ridged (14)
 Scaly (9)
 Sticky (4)
 Winged (1)
US Nativity
 Native to Us (56)
 Introduced to Us (22)
 Native and Introduced to Us (1)
Vine climbs by
 Adhesive roots (1)
 Twining (1)
Vine twine direction
 Clockwise (1)
 Counter-clockwise (1)
Z Cone shape
 Cylindrical (2)
 Elliptical (1)
Z Habitat
 Wet (5)
 Subalpine (3)
 Dry (2)
Z Leaf Tip Shape
 Pointed (1)
 Rounded (1)
Z Lenticels present
 No (4)
 Yes (4)
Z Midvein Raised
 No (2)
 Yes (1)
Z Needle length, cm
 Under 10 (29)
 10-20 (7)
 Over 20 (3)