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Andrena bimaculata (Kirby, 1802)
Melitta bimaculata Kirby, 1802; Andrena decorata Smith, 1847; Andrena conjuncta Smith, 1847; Andrena articulata Smith, 1847; Andrena vitrea Smith, 1847; Andrena consobrina Eversmann, 1852; Andrena vitreipennis Costa, 1861; Andrena mystacea Dours, 1861; Andrena intermedia_homonym Morawitz, 1871; Andrena morawitzi Thomson, 1872, status uncertain; Andrena atro-rubricata Dours, 1872; Andrena atrorubricata Dours, 1872; Andrena aulica Morawitz, 1876; Andrena comparata Morawitz, 1876; Andrena melanura Morawitz, 1877; Andrena paveli Schmiedeknecht, 1883; Andrena magrettiana Schmiedeknecht, 1884; Andrena germabica Radoszkowski, 1893; Andrena atrorubricata var concolor_homonym Alfken, 1914; Andrena bimaculata var mondaensis Friese, 1922; Andrena bimaculata var serotinella Friese, 1922; Andrena morawitzi var hirtella Friese, 1922; Andrena tibialis var tricolorata Friese, 1922; Andrena florea var clavipes Friese, 1924; Andrena bluethgeni Stoeckhert, 1930; Andrena gaetula Benoist, 1961; Andrena bimaculata lichata Warncke, 1967, valid subspecies; Andrena (Plastandrena) bimaculata aulica Morawitz, 1876, valid subspecies

Life   Insecta   Hymenoptera   Apoidea   Andrenidae   Andrena
Subgenus: Plastandrena

Andrena bimaculata, Barcode of Life Data Systems
Barcode of Life Data Systems · 1
Andrena bimaculata, Barcode of Life Data Systems

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