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Andrena dorsata (Kirby, 1802)
Melitta dorsata Kirby, 1802; Melitta lewinella Kirby, 1802; Melitta collinsonana Kirby, 1802; Melitta nudiuscula Kirby, 1802; Melitta subincana Kirby, 1802; Andrena propinqua Schenck, 1853; Andrena cognata Schenck, 1853; Andrena griseola Schenck, 1861; Andrena dubitata Schenck, 1870; Andrena connexa Pérez, 1895; Andrena alliaria Pérez, 1903; Andrena thomsoni_homonym Aurivillius, 1903

Life   Insecta   Hymenoptera   Apoidea   Andrenidae   Andrena
Subgenus: Simandrena

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Female. Senožeti, Dol pri Ljubljani, April 2008.


Andrena dorsata (Kirby, 1802)



West Palaearctic species, widely distributed in Slovenia.

Polylectic species. Nests in burrows in the ground, excavated by itself.

Bivoltine. Flies from March to May and in July and August.


Female on Salix . Cerkniško jezero, Dolenje Jezero, March 2012.