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Anguilla marmorata
© Copyright Photographer/SFTEP, 2002 · 0
Anguilla marmorata
Anguilla marmorata
© Copyright Gerald Allen, 2006 · 0
Anguilla marmorata

© Copyright Gerald Allen, 2006 · 0

Main identification features
  • mouth ends under eye;lips thick
  • adult - small, imbedded scales
  • teeth minute, in bands
  • large pectorals
  • lateral linecomplete, small pores


Body robust; compressed at rear; small imbedded scales present in adults but not juveniles; with large pectoral fins; dorsal fin origin well behind pectoral fin; dorsal and anal fins continuous with tail fin; mouth reaching to under rear edge of eye; lips thick; teeth minute, in bands on jaws and front of roof of mouth; lateral line complete but pores very small.

With one genus with about 16 species; worldwide (except without a resident population in the eastern Pacific) in tropical to temperate waters.

Adults live in fresh to brackish water, migrate long distances to spawning grounds in deep gyres in the open ocean; larvae marine.

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