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The order Anoplura is sometimes considered a suborder of Phthiraptera (lice). More specifically than just lice though, Anoplura are sucking lice. These louse are head louse and pubic louse. They are ectoparasites with piercing mouthparts for sucking blood from the host. They are capable of transmitting diseases but this is not common now, as it was in Europe during times of high population density and no personal hygiene.
-- ( Michigan State Entomology Department).

Lice have almost no fossil record; the only fossils found were recovered on frozen mammals in Siberian permafrost and are only about 10,000 years old. Since Phthiraptera are only found on birds and mammals, we can predict they probably came into existence just before the Jurassic.
-- ( Berkeley Museum of Paleontology).

  • Echinophthiriidae
  • Haematopinidae
  • Pediculidae

  • Phylogeny
    Taxonomic Category Scientific Name Common Name
    Phylum Arthropoda Arthropods
    Class Insecta Insects
    Order Anoplura Sucking Lice

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