Arcyria nepalensis Poelt
  Eumycetozoa   Arcyriaceae   Arcyria

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Sporocarps ▒ crowded. Stalks dark red, c. 1 mm tall, filled with granular material, longitudinally striate. Calyculus dark red, the margin slightly irregular, the inner surface ornamented with irregular, often elongated warts that sometimes coalesce to form a partial reticulum. Capillitium attached only to the top of the stalk, brilliant carmine to purple red, expanding and drooping during maturation and finally prostrate, otherwise similar to that of A. denudata, often with one-sided cogs and sometimes half-rings or ridge-like spines covering the whole capillitium, 4.5-5 Ám diam. not including the ornamentation. Spore-mass purple. Spores pale reddish-yellow, globose to subglobose, 7-9(-14) Ám diam. On rotten wood of Fir, c. 3000 m altitude.

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