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Bazzania tricrenata (Wahlenb) Trevis
Bazzania alpina; Bazzania deflexa; Bazzania fissifolia fo hamata; Bazzania fissifolia fo subsimplex; Bazzania fissifolia var subsimplex; Bazzania fissifolia; Bazzania jishibae; Bazzania remotifolia Horik; Bazzania triangularis; Bazzania tricrenata var deflexa; Bazzania tricrenata var intercedens; Bazzania tricrenata var minima; Bazzania tricrenata var pygmaea; Jungermannia deflexa; Jungermannia triangularis; Jungermannia tricrenata; Jungermannia trilobata var minima; Mastigobryum alpinum Steph 18xx; Mastigobryum alpinum Steph 1908; Mastigobryum cordifolium Steph 1908; Mastigobryum cordifolium auct; Mastigobryum deflexum var pygmaeum; Mastigobryum deflexum; Mastigobryum fissifolium; Mastigobryum hamatum; Mastigobryum jishibae; Mastigobryum longanum; Mastigobryum perrottetii Steph 1924 non Steph 1908; Mastigobryum subhamatum; Mastigobryum triangulare; Mastigobryum tricrenatum; Pleuroschisma alpinum; Pleuroschisma deflexum; Pleuroschisma parvulum; Pleuroschisma triangulare; Pleuroschisma tricrenatum var deflexum; Pleuroschisma tricrenatum var implexum; Pleuroschisma tricrenatum

Life   Plantae   Marchantiophyta   Lepidoziaceae   Bazzania

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Updated: 2021-09-28 11:02:04 gmt
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