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Schedophilus haedrichi
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Schedophilus haedrichi
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Seriolella violacea
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Seriolella violacea
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Main identification features
  • eye large, with fatty ring
  • elongate, compressed
  • 1 dorsal fin low, long base, spines shorter than rays
  • pelvics connect to belly by membranes


Distinguishing characteristics of these fishes include: elongate, compressed bodies with blunt snouts; large eyes; two spines on the operculum; small pelvic fins that are connected to the belly by a membrane and can fold into grooves along the belly; one dorsal fin, with either 0-V weak spines that grade into the rays (Schedophilus) or VII-VIII stout spines that are much shorter than the rays (Seriolella); a forked tail; an anal fin with III spines and 15-19 rays; scales small and smooth.

There are 7 genera and 27 species in this circumglobal tropical to subtropical family; 2 monospecific genera occur in our region. Medusa fishes are pelagic coastal fishes usually found in deep water.

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