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Millipedes are made up of many small segments with two pairs of legs per segment. The first segment contains the head, which consists of a pair of maxillae that are fused together to form a plate. The third segment contains the reproductive structures, which may be used in direct or indirect sperm transfer. All millipedes are either blind or have simple eyes. Millipedes are not poisonous, do not have fangs, and do not bite, but for defense against predators they roll up in a ball and emit foul odors. Most millipedes are scavengers or herbivores, but there a few carnivorous species. There are about 10,000 living species of millipedes, and most live to be about ten years old. Millipedes also prefer moist environments, and can grow anywhere from 2 mm to 28 cm.



Arthropoda -- Arthropods

Rhinocricid Millipede
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Rhinocricid millipede
Millipede, Curled up
Millipede, Curled up

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