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Neobythites stelliferoides
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Neobythites stelliferoides

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Main identification features
  • ll: absent rear of body
  • tail fin rectangular, joins dorsal and anal fins
  • operculum: large spine; preoperculum: 1-2 small spines
  • pelvics: pair long threads under operculum


Head and body compressed, tapering strongly at rear; head large (at least half of length before anal fin); eye large (~equal to snout length); mouth large (extends behind eye), oblique, at front; teeth on front (a V shaped patch) and sides of roof of mouth, two tooth patches on base of gill arches behind tongue; upper rear of operculum with a large, straight round spine; preoperculum with 1-2 small hidden spines at its lower angle; head and body entirely covered with smooth scales; tail fin joined to dorsal and anal fins but extends well behind them; pelvics close together and inserted under preoperculum, each fin consisting of a pair of rays that are united by a membrane near their bases; lateral line incomplete (restricted to front 85% of body and tail).

A circumglobal tropical to subtropical genus with about 35 species; one species found in and endemic to our region.

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