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Pseudobiceros bedfordi Faubel 1984
Pseudoceros bedfordi

Life   Platyhelminthes   Rhabditophora   Pseudoceritidae   Pseudobiceros

Pseudobiceros bedfordi
© Copyright Marian K. Litvaitis, University of New Hampshire, 2005-2007 · 2
Pseudobiceros bedfordi

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  • Marine Flatworms of the World, Wolfgang Seifarth
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Pseudobiceros bedfordi
© Copyright Marian K. Litvaitis, University of New Hampshire, 2005-2007 · 1
Pseudobiceros bedfordi
Note, Pseudoceros bedfordi has been moved to Pseudobiceros bedfordi (Faubel 1984) because it has duplicate male reproductive systems. In the image below showing two animals just before copulation, the two penis papillae can be seen.

Faubel A (1984) The Polycladida, Turbellaria. Proposal and establishment of a new system. Part II. The Cotylea. Mitt Hamb zool Mus Inst 80: 189 - 259

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Following modified from Marine Flatworms of the World, Wolfgang Seifarth
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Picture details
Genus Pseudoceros
Species bedfordi
Authority Laidlaw, 1903
Family Pseudocerotidae
Order Polycladida
Location Helen's Reef, Puerto Princessa, Palawan, Philippines
Depth about 11 m
Date May 2001
© Copyright The Slug Site by Michael D. Miller
San Diego, CA, USA
Comments A quite rare photo document showing the complex mating behaviour of marine polyclads which has been recently described as an act of hypodermic insemination. During copulation worms were observed to move towards each other, touch, then roll around together (= "rearing up" - left photo), simultaneously everting their penis papillae and stylets outward. They then try to stab each other anywhere (= "penis fencing" - right photo). When one animal is successful in penetrating the other, it holds on with its stylet embedded in the epidermis of its partner and spermatozoa are transferred.

Check out the introductory page to learn more about the mating behaviour of marine polyclads!

Following modified from CalPhotos
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Pseudobiceros bedfordi
Pseudobiceros bedfordi
Flat Worm
(shown with Red alga )
ID: 0000 0000 0505 0861 [detail]
Lovell and Libby Langstroth
© 2005 California Academy of Sciences

Pseudobiceros bedfordi
Pseudobiceros bedfordi
(shown with Red alga, claxaura acuminata )
ID: 0000 0000 1006 0358 [detail]
Lovell and Libby Langstroth
© 2006 California Academy of Sciences

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