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Main identification features
  • elongate
  • dorsal fin divided 1st dorsal fin : iv-vi
  • scales - small, smooth, imbedded
  • mouth ~vertical, lower jaw protrudes
  • pelvics nearly separate
  • no ll


Hover or dart gobies have elongate bodies with small embedded smooth scales (except for a few rough scales on the rear body in some species), no lateral line, the mouth is nearly vertically oriented and the lower jaw usually protrudes. They have a divided dorsal fin, the first part containing IV-VI flexible spines, nearly separate pelvic fins with one spine and four rays, and one spine on the anal fin. They live in burrows in sand bottoms. They feed mainly on zooplankton while hovering above their burrows.

The Ptereleotridae contains nine genera and approximately 49 species. The eastern Pacific and western Atlantic fishes formerly classified as Ioglossus are now thought to belong to the mainly Indo-West Pacific Ptereleotris. In our region there is one endemic species of Ptereleotris.

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