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Ptereleotris carinata
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Ptereleotris carinata

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Ptereleotris carinata
© Copyright Gerald Allen, 2006 · 0
Ptereleotris carinata
© Copyright Gerald Allen, 2006 · 0

Main identification features
  • elongate, compressed; eyes lateral
  • 1st dorsal fin : vi
  • c: elongate, oval
  • mouth very oblique
  • pelvics separate
  • scales very small; rough at rear


Body very elongate, compressed; head strongly compressed; mouth oblique, opens above, chin with longitudinal fold; 1st dorsal fin VI spines; pelvics separate; tail fin long & pointed; scales very small, ~100-150 on mid-side, all smooth or rough at rear & smooth elsewhere, head scaleless.

A circumtropical genus of about 15 species found in all tropical seas except for the eastern Atlantic; represented by 1 species endemic in our region.

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