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Archerd Shell Collection > Shell Classes > Scaphopoda


Marine molluscs with a tapering, tubular, slightly curved tusk-like shell, that is open at both ends. The large end remains anchored in the sand by a cone shaped foot. Influent and outfluent streams take place at the narrow end. At the wider front end, a burrowing foot is generally extended.

The drawing of this thin shell, near bottom of page, shows its highly retractile, slender captacula. Like sticky fingers, secretions on the tips of the captacula pick up food particles for transfer to the mouth, which is deep inside the burrowing foot, at its anterior end (See Anatomy & Function ).

About 350 species are known, most found in 6 meters or more of water, with a few species, only, found on shore. Cadula shells are typically 4 mm in length, whereas Dentalium shells up to 150 mm have been found off shore of Japan. Fossil species of Dentalium up to 300 mm, with a 30 mm diameter, are known. The shells are widely used for jewelry and are often massed in the beaded portions of  American Indian clothing decorations.


Class: Scaphopoda
Family: Dentaliidae
  • Genus: Antalis
  • Genus: Dentalium

Family: Siphonodentaliidae

  • Genus: Siphonodentalium
  • Genus: Cadulus
  • Genus: Entalina

Dentalium elephantinum (Linnaeus, 1758)
Elephant Tusk , 6.5 cm

Dentalium_vulgare.jpg (23373 bytes)
Drawing of the common tusk shell,
Dentalium vulgare (da Costa, 1778)

"The Living World of Molluscs"
by Robert Nordsleck
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Elephant Tusks

Archerd Shell Collection > Shell Classes > Tusk Shells

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