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Sciades dowii
© Copyright Ross Robertson, 2006 · 12
Sciades dowii

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Sciades dowii
© Copyright Ross Robertson, 2006 · 12
Sciades dowii
© Copyright Ross Robertson, 2006 · 12

Main identification features
  • bony plate before dorsal fin large, saddle shaped
  • transverse skin fold between rear nostrils


Three pairs of barbells (on both jaws and chin), top barbells with very thick bases; bony head shield very rough, granular; bony plate at front of base of dorsal fin large, saddle shaped; large transverse skin fold betweent rear nostrils; gill opening wide, not restricted by fusion of membranes to breast; roof of mouth with two pairs of patches of conical teeth, front pair fused centrally and almost continuous with rear pair.

A neotropical genus with 6 species, one found in and endemic to the tropical eastern Pacific, with a single species.

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