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Stewartia ovata (Cav. ) Weath.
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2. Stewartia ovata (Cavanilles) Weatherby, Rhodora. 41: 198. 1939.

Mountain camellia or stewartia

Malachodendron ovatum Cavanilles, Diss. 5: 302, plate 158, fig. 2. 1787; M. pentagynum (L'Héritier) Dumont de Courset

Shrubs or trees , crown rounded. Stems smooth; young twigs reddish brown, bark longitudinally fissured. Winter bud scales 1, enclosed by petiole wings, compressed, 2-5 mm, silvery-pubescent. Leaves: petiole 2-15 mm, wing 1-2 mm wide; blade ovate to widely elliptic, (3-)8-12(-15) × (2-)4-7(-8.5) cm, base broadly cuneate to rounded, margins serrulate to erose, ciliate, apex acute to acuminate, abaxial surface sparsely pubescent, primary veins in 5-7 pairs. Inflorescence bracts 1, 10-15 mm. Pedicels 0.3-0.4(-0.7) cm × 1 mm. Flowers (5-)6-10 cm diam.; sepals lanceolate, (11-)14-18 × 6-9 mm; petals 5(-8), creamy white, margins erose, abaxial surface pubescent; stamens 100-125(-150); filaments white, yellow, rose, or purple, free portion 12-18(-20) mm; anthers yellow; styles 5; stigmas unlobed. Capsules ovoid, 1.5-2.2 × 1.4-1.6 cm, apex acute, pubescent. Seeds reddish brown, winged, planoconvex, (7-)8-10 × 5-7 mm, dull, wing 0.1-1 mm wide. 2 n = 30.

Flowering (May-)Jun-Jul(-Oct). Shaded, moist ravines and gorges; (100-)200-1100 m; Ala., Ga., Ky., Miss., N.C., S.C., Tenn., Va.

Stewartia ovata is likely not naturally occurring in Florida; the only specimen seen is from cultivation in an Alachua County nursery ( Wilmot s.n. , 21 May 1945, FLAS). Human threats to the species include land-use conversion and habitat fragmentation. A form with purplish filaments [var. grandiflora (Bean) Weatherby] is generally not recognized and is hypothesized to be the result of either genetic instability (C. E. Wood Jr. 1959b) or introgression with S. malacodendron . Stewartia ovata is cultivated as an ornamental for its showy flowers and red fall foliage.

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