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Tetraloniella donata (Cresson, 1878)
Melissodes donata Cresson, 1878; Melissodes galerensis Cockerell, 1949; Exomalopsis wilmattae Cockerell, 1949; Tetraloniella wilmattae_homonym (Cockerell, 1949); Tetralonia_sic tropicana LaBerge, 2001, replacement name; Tetraloniella tropicana LaBerge, 2001, intended combination

Life   Insecta   Hymenoptera   Apoidea   Apidae   Tetraloniella
Subgenus: Tetraloniella

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Extracted from: Wallace E. LaBerge. 2001. Revision of the bees of the genus Tetraloniella in the New World (Hymenoptera: Apidae). Illinois Natural History Survey Bulletin 36(3):67162.

This small species occurs from Costa Rica north to southern Arizona. The male is distinctive in having an entirely black clypeus, black mandibles, and black labrum. Both sexes have the mesoscutum with extremely shallow, large, round punctures separated by less than half a puncture width, with bottoms of the punctures dulled by fine shagreening and have the maxillary palpus 5-segmented. The female has simple scopal hairs and distinctly banded terga as described below.

FEMALE. Measurements and Ratios.- N = 20; length, 810 mm; width, 3.03.5 mm; wing length, M = 9.162.05 mm; hooks in hamulus, M = 9.750.143; flagellar segment 1/2, M = 1.850.031.

Integumental Color.- Black except as follows: mandible with reddened median band or apical half reddened; flagellar segments 3 or 410 red to dark reddish brown below; tegulae piceous; wing membranes hyaline, veins dark brown, almost black; metasomal terga with apical areas piceous, rims dark or slightly and narrowly translucent; sterna similar; distitarsi dark brown; tibial spurs yellow to dark ochraceous.

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