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Xanthoparmelia pulla (Ach. )
Neofuscelia pulla (Ach) Essl; Parmelia pulla; Bryopogon prolixus; Imbricaria dendritica; Imbricaria prolixa; Lichen pullus; Lobaria pulla; Neofuscelia pulla; Parmelia dendritica; Parmelia olivacea var dendritica; Parmelia prolixa; Parmelia subprolixa var angusta

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Irish lichens

Xanthoparmelia pulla
Order: Lecanorales       Family: Parmeliaceae

Species: Xanthoparmelia pulla

Previously Neofuscelia pulla . Growth type foliose.
Photos: Rock Island, Co. Cork. Identification confirmed by John Douglass

Large grey-brown to dark-brown thallus with +/- adpressed lobes not widening at apices, faintly reticulate. Underside black with sparse rhizines, tan towards edges. Dark-brown apothecia are usually present, the entire margins becoming thin and distorted. Isidia are absent. The asci are 8-spored, spores simple, ellipsoid, 5.5-14 x 3.5-8 Ám. Micro photo below, the spores 10 x 5 Ám.

Usually coastal on well-lit siliceous rocks above HWM.
Medulla K-, C+ pinkish-red, KC+ pinkish-red, P-, UV+ white. Chemical reactions can be variable.

Xanthoparmelia pulla

Xanthoparmelia pulla

Microscope photograph
Xanthoparmelia pulla
Xanthoparmelia pulla Rock Island, Co. Cork. January 2012

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