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Pseudoscorpiones Checklist

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This list represents all of the Pseudoscorpiones thus far recorded from the states of Tennessee and North Carolina. The list was compiled by William B. Muchmore and James C. Cokendolpher. Many of the species do not occur in the GSMNP, but are listed here because of the ease of gathering records from political (states) rather than geographical (mountains) localities. The habitat of the mountains is quite different from that of the Atlantic coast or the Mississippi River and therefore lowland species listed here are not expected to occur in the mountains. We believe additions to the GSMNP fauna will more likely be members of faunas that are also found further north, along the Appalachian mountain chain, than from nearby lowland areas in the two states. The study of the pseudoscorpiones of the GSMNP is just beginning and this list is simply a starting point. Species for which specimens have been recorded from the Park are marked "GSMNP". Some of these specimens may have been misidentified in the literature, so the list should only be considered as tentative until the specimens can be reexamined.

Pseudoscorpiones from Tennessee and North Carolina

Family Cheliferidae
Chelifer cancroides (Linnaeus, 1758)
Parachelifer longipalpus Hoff, 1945
Parachelifer superbus Hoff, 1964
Dactylochelifer copiosus Hoff, 1945
?Pugnochelifer amoenus Hoff, 196
Family Chernetidae
Acuminochernes crassopalpus (Hoff, 1945)
Americhernes oblongus (Say, 1821)
?Epactiochernes tumidus (Banks, 1895)
Hesperochernes mirabilis (Banks, 1895)
Lustrochernes carolinensis Muchmore, 1991
Mirochernes dentatus (Banks, 1895)
?Parachernes (Parachernes) litoralis Muchmore & Alteri, 1969
Parachernes (Parachernes) pulchellus (Banks, 1908)
Parachernes (Parachernes) virginicus (Banks, 1895)
Pselaphochernes parvus Hoff, 1945
Family Chthoniidae
Apochthonius moestus (Banks, 1891) GSMNP
Chthonius (Chthonius) paludis (Chamberlin, 1929) GSMNP
Chthonius (Ephippiochthonius) tetrachelatus (Preyssler, 1790) GSMNP
Chthonius (Ephippiochthonius) virginicus Chamberlin, 1929
Kleptochthonius (Chamberlinochthonius) affinis Muchmore, 1976
Kleptochthonius (Chamberlinochthonius) barri Muchmore, 1965
Kleptochthonius (Chamberlinochthonius) charon Muchmore, 1965
Kleptochthonius (Chamberlinochthonius) daemonius Muchmore, 1965
Kleptochthonius (Chamberlinochthonius) infernalis Malcolm & Chamberlin, 1961
Kleptochthonius (Chamberlinochthonius) lutzi Malcolm & Chamberlin, 1961
Kleptochthonius (Chamberlinochthonius) myopius Malcolm & Chamberlin, 1961
Kleptochthonius (Chamberlinochthonius) pluto Muchmore, 1965
Kleptochthonius (Chamberlinochthonius) rex Malcolm & Chamberlin, 1961
Kleptochthonius (Chamberlinochthonius) stygius Muchmore, 1965
Kleptochthonius (Chamberlinochthonius) tantalus Muchmore, 1966
Kleptochthonius (Kleptochthonius) crosbyi (Chamberlin, 1929) GSMNP
Kleptochthonius (Kleptochthonius) magnus Muchmore, 1966
Kleptochthonius (Kleptochthonius) multispinosus (Hoff, 1945) GSMNP
Mundochthonius sp. GSMNP
Tyrannochthonius fiskei Muchmore, 1996 [from lowlands, probably does not occur in mountains]
Tyrannochthonius steevesi Muchmore, 1996 [from lowlands, probably does not occur in mountains]
Family Larcidae
Larca granulata (Banks, 1891) GSMNP
Family Neobisiidae
Lissocreagris atlantica (Chamberlin, 1930) GSMNP
Lissocreagris nickajackensis (Muchmore, 1966)
Lissocreagris pumila (Muchmore, 1969)
Tuberocreagris lata (Hoff, 1945)
Microbisium brunneum (Hagen, 1868)
Microbisium parvulum (Banks, 1895) GSMNP
Novobisium carolinense (Banks, 1895) GSMNP
Novobisium ingratum (Chamberlin, 1962)
Novobisium tenue (Chamberlin, 1930) GSMNP
Novobisium n.sp. GSMNP
Trisetobisium fallax (Chamberlin, 1962)
Family Olpiidae
Serianus carolinensis Muchmore, 1968
Family Syarinidae
Pseudoblothrus archeri (Malcolm & Chamberlin, 1960)
Pseudoblothrus muesebecki (Malcolm & Chamberlin, 1960)
Family Tridenchthoniidae
Verrucaditha spinosa (Banks, 1893)


More information about pseudoscorpiones can be located on the WWW at the Arachnology Homepage.

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