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Preliminary checklist of myxomycetes for - Great Smoky Mts. Nat. Park.

This checklist includes all records of myxomycetes within the national park published up to now, according to our literature data base. The main literature source is Welden (1951), publishing an annotated checklist of the myxomycetes stemming almost entirely from field collections. For species collected more than once, a first rough abundance estimation was done according to the following scale (Stephenson et al. 1993): A - abundant, C - common, 0 - occasionally, R-rare). Species without abundance estimations are known from a single record only.


Species List


Order Ceratiomyxales
Ceratiomyxa fruticulosa
Ceratiomyxa fruticulosa var. porioides

Order Echinosteliales
Barbeyella minutissima
Clastoderma debaryanum
Clastoderma pachypus
Echinostelium apitectum
Echinostelium arboreum
Echinostelium bisporum
Echinostelium minutum

Order Liceales
Cribraria argillacea
Cribraria atrofusca
Cribraria cancellata
Cribraria confusa
Cribraria elegans
Cribraria ferruginosa
Cribraria intricata
Cribraria languescens
Cribraria macrocarpa
Cribraria microcarpa
Cribraria purpurea
Cribraria rufa
Cribraria splendens
Cribraria tenella
Cribraria violacea
Dictydiaethalium plumbeum
Enteridium lycoperdon
Licea cf. belmontiana
Licea biforis
Licea castanea
Licea denudescens
Licea kleistobolus
Licea microscopica
Licea minima
Licea operculata
Licea parasitica
Licea pedicellata
Licea perexigua
Licea pusilla
Licea pseudoconica
Licea rufocuprea
Licea sambucina
Licea scyphoides
Lycogala epidendrum
Lycogala exiguum
Tubifera dimorphotheca
Tubifera ferruginosa

Order Physarales
Badhamia nitens
Badhamia papaveracea
Badhamia rugulosa
Badhamiopsis ainoae
Craterium minutum
Craterium obovatum
Diachea bulbillosa
Diachea leucopodia
Diachea splendens
Diachea subsessilis
Diachea cf. verrucospora
Diderma corrugatum
Diderma deplanatum
Diderma effusum
Diderma hemisphaericum
Diderma ochraceum
Diderma roanense
Diderma rugosum
Diderma testaceum
Didymium bahiense
Didymium clavus
Didymium crustaceum
Didymium iridis
Didymium melanospermum
Didymium minus
Didymium nigripes
Didymium ovoideum
Didymium squamulosum
Elaeomyxa cerifera
Elaeomyxa miyazakiensis
Fuligo leviderma
Fuligo septica
Leocarpus fragilis
Lepidoderma tigrinum
Physarum bivalve
Physarum cinereum
Physarum contextum
Physarum compressum
Physarum crateriforme
Physarum decipiens
Physarum flavicomum
Physarum flavidum
Physarum globuliferum
Physarum lateritium
Physarum leucopus
Physarum listeri
Physarum melleum
Physarum murinum
Physarum nucleatum
Physarum nutans
Physarum penetrale
Physarum psittacinum
Physarum pulcherrimum
Physarum stellatum
Physarum sulphureum
Physarum superbum
Physarum tenerum
Physarum viride
Trabrooksia applanata
Willkommlangea reticulata

Order Trichiales
Arcyria cinerea
Arcyria denudata
Arcyria ferruginea
Arcyria incarnata
Arcyria insignis
Arcyria obvelata (= Arcyria nutans)
Arcyria pomiformis
Arcyria stipata
Calomyxa metallica
Dianema corticatum
Dianema harveyi
Hemitrichia calyculata
Hemitrichia clavata
Hemitrichia serpula
Metatrichia floriformis (= Trichia floriformis)
Metatrichia vesparium
Oligonema flavidum
Oligonema schweinitzii
Perichaena chrysosperma
Perichaena corticalis
Perichaena depressa
Perichaena minor var. pardina
Perichaena vermicularis
Prototrichia metallica
Trichia botrytis
Trichia contorta
Trichia decipiens
Trichia erecta
Trichia favoginea
Trichia scabra
Trichia subfusca
Trichia varia

Order Stemonitales
Collaria arcyrionema
Collaria lurida
Colloderma oculatum
Comatricha aequalis
Comatricha ellae
Comatricha laxa
Comatricha nigra
Comatricha pulchella
Comatricha reticulospora
Comatricha suksdorfii
Comatricha tenerrima
Diacheopsis insessa
Enerthenema papillatum
Lamproderma columbinum
Lamproderma granulosum
Lamproderma scintillans
Macbrideola cornea
Macbrideola decapillata
Macbrideola synsporos
Paradiacheopsis solitaria
Stemonitis axifera
Stemonitis flavogenita
Stemonitis fusca
Stemonitis nigrescens
Stemonitis pallida
Stemonitis smithii
Stemonitis splendens
Stemonitis virginiensis
Stemonitopsis hyperopta
Stemonitopsis typhina (= Comatricha typhoides)
Symphytocarpus herbaticus



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Additional references, including species lists for regions surrounding the Park:

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