Author: Amanda Jones
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Higher Taxon:

Family: Anonaceae-The Custard Apple Family

Description: Asimina (Pawpaw) The Pawpaw is a small, deciduous tree that may grow 5-10 meters high (Layne, 1996) and exists in clumps or thickets. According to Duncan and Duncan, the trees are typically a "pyrimidal shape, straight trunk, and dark green, long, drooping leaves" (Duncan and Duncan, 1988). Pawpaws exist as either shrubs or trees, with fruits being "irregularly, cylindrical-shaped berries" (Duncan and Duncan, 1988). Asimina is the only member of the Anonaceae family existing in temperate North America, mostly in the southeast, and the others existing in more tropical climates (Takhtajan, 1997).

Species List:

(1)A. grandiflora

(2)A. incarna (Flag Pawpaw)

(3)A. longifolia (Narrow-leafed Pawpaw)

(4)A. obovata

(5)A. parviflora (Small-fruited Pawpaw, Dwarf Pawpaw)

(6)A. pygmaea

(7)A. reticulata

(8)A. speciosa

(9)A. tetramera (Opossum Pawpaw)

(10)A. triloba (Pawpaw, Papaw, Paw Paw, Indiana Banana)

(11)A. X nashii

Identification Guide:

The following is an artificial key to the species of Asimina. It contains didtinguishing characteristics of those species found in the southeasten United States.