Email from John Pickering to Peter Raven, 23 February, 2005

From: John Pickering
Sent: Wednesday, February 23, 2005 10:24 PM
Subject: DC workshop -- thanks to all -- follow-up to Peter


Very much enjoy seeing you too. Thanks for your input, support, and cautions. Sorry that you had to dash off and that Pat couldn't make it.

Quick report. Tuesday's follow-up went well. "Plants for the People" has the buy in we need to move it forward. Our initial target is to put images of vascular plants of North America on-line within a year. Consensus was that we should not target Cyperaceae, Poaceae, and Mexico, yet.

Trust that Patricia and folks in Mesoamerica will play, as will other regions, but no targets or promises until BioNET, International, Conabio, INBio, and others sign on. After we merge images in Mobot, NYBG, and Smithsonian databases, we'll have a much better idea of how messy names are across collections and what's involved in going global. Once folks see 200,000+ images come together, suspect that we'll have the momentum to ask them to help with grasses. Ditto for bryophytes -- Bob Magill is in with Tropicos; we should include his other love.

Cristian, Ed, and Mike offered to help us open private doors. Sure that Annie, Chuck, and Gladys will help with funding too. Plans also include asking Pat to get a few tricks from the grand master over breakfast.

Shells? After speaking with Gary Rosenberg, keep wondering how and when they should further join our cause. Only an additional 100,000 known species to tackle. Easy to photograph. Lots of collectors. Little overlap in personnel... Oops. Mind wandering. Back on task.

Will be in touch after I turn my wheels and line up a few more things.


P.S. Share with friends through
which we'll update as folks join our effort and we move forward.

>Subject: Workshop
>Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2005 19:42:47 -0500
>From: "Raven, Peter"
>To: "John Pickering"
>I really enjoyed my brief visit, and meant what I said about support. Let
>me know the conclusions as soon as possible, and we'll go from there!
>All the best from Pat and me, and congratulations on your ongoing and very
>important enthusiasm,

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