Notes from Sam and others:
Dropping species out of the list by clicking on them in a grid
Put in a "drop" link next to names on guide list
Other way to integrate that is have a grid, put up thumbnails of everything in current list
Be able to click "off"
What's a way to encourage folks to use guide, to keep them from being frustrated, ways to make it easier?
More visual components to guides, people don't read the instructions

Sam and others:
Make it easier to understand characters in the guides, not just "explain" or using text, but rather several images that are examples.
Make it possible for people to keep the ability to go back and re-answer differently, untick or tick a different one, rather than when you simplify, it takes away the ability to change what you chose (and eliminates the old categories)
Eliminate the multiple examples to simplify visually
At every character, write: "go ahead and click more than one if you don't know"
Not just in one place
Sort all thousand Clarke co species
Sort by color
Then sort by size
Using "Our daily moth" to collect data on what mistakes people make, what their decision path is