Senior Research Scientist
Biological Resource Division/CLBRR
Agriculture Canada
Ottawa, Ontario K1A OC6
(613) 996-1665 ext. 7380


1957-1968 Research Scientist Institute of Entomology, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Prague
1969-1983 Research Scientist Canadian Civil Service with Agriculture, Canada
1983- Senior Research Scientist (RS-4) Biosystematics Research Division, Ottawa

1961 British Museum, London
1964 Smithsonian Institution, Washington
1965 Postdoctoral Fellowship, Canadian National Research Council
1968 Postdoctoral Fellowship, Canadian National Research Council
1969 Fellowship, University of California, Berkeley


I originally came from a background in biological control. The pressing needs, however, in the taxonomy of the Proctotrupoidea s.l. compelled me to devote my entire time to their systematics. My research spans the continuum between generic/ higher categories to revisionary work at the species level. I am currently involved as an external collaborator in major faunal surveys of Costa Rica (INBio) and Sulawesi (Natural History Museum, London). The design and testing of new collecting tools and techniques is an important interest. Finally, the enhancement and development of the Proctotrupoidea s.l. of the Canadian National Collections has been a major task for the past 24 years; I have assembled the world's largest and most complete collection of these wasps, with an estimated 300,000 specimens.
My current project (with Dr. J. L. Garcia, Universidad Central de Venezuela, Maracaj) is "Keys to genera of diapriine wasps (Proctotrupoidea: Diapriidae) of the Western Hemisphere". This includes keys, diagnoses and descriptions of some 60 genera. It is the first key ever constructed.


family from Australia and a key to world families (Hymenoptera: Proctotrupoidea s.l.). Aust. J. Zool. 33: 761-783.

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